Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 29, 2022
Location: Gibsons BC

I come. I am Jesus. I come once again to speak, to share, to enlighten, and to uplift my brothers and sisters upon the Earth plane. I wish to speak of how God’s plan and the beautiful blessings and energies that He is pouring upon the Earth will open the gifts of many upon your Earth plane. God’s plan includes the utilization of your gifts and abilities, many of which you do not know of nor understand, so that they may be utilized for your survival and well-being upon the earthly plane.

The gifts that you carry are many and varied. Certainly, there are gifts that are more pronounced and more powerful within an individual than other individuals, the gifts of healing, perception, wisdom, discernment, the capacity to love and have great compassion for others, visions and revelations, and the capacity for the mind to accept and experience Divine Love and God’s Presence. Though these things originate from the soul, it is the mind’s capacity to open the awareness and faculties within the mind that your personal relationship with God may become a conscious one.

Though, as the great Love of God continues to grow within your soul, this capacity of  mind opens and strengthens. To some degree, it is present in every individual. These gifts will become a powerful asset to your ministries and your ability to navigate the changing conditions of the world. The ability to manifest and materialize those things that you require will become more common place in this time of great energetic shifts and shifting consciousness of the world. Therefore some of you will have the ability to manifest food, warmth, and those things that your body requires to be sustained. Although I must stress that what you will require in this new condition, this shifting awakening of the world, will be far less than what you believe you require at this time living in this material plane and vibration.

You will find yourselves with different priorities and desires as the very nature of your body shifts and recalibrates with the new conditions that are building within this world. Though you may miss those material comforts and things that entertain and distract you, know that in their stead will come gifts of communication, of perception, of revelation and vision, of wisdom and knowings of the soul that will certainly keep your consciousness occupied and enthralled with the new ways of the new world.

Do not fret, my beloved brothers and sisters, for those of you who are earnestly preparing for this new world and are praying diligently to be in alignment with it, will find themselves in a new consciousness, a new way of being and a life that reflects more the harmonious alignment with God’s Laws and God’s Will. Beloved souls, you will be very engaged in life as God will need you to be His channels of love and truth and light,  teaching others of these ways, showing them the way to these new faculties, this new level of consciousness, both within the soul and the mind.

These ways are not necessarily predicated upon those who walk the Divine Path because those who are firmly entrenched upon what we know is the natural love path will also have the abilities and capacities to open to these gifts and blessings. Although, the intensity of which will be determined by the purity of the light within their soul and being. For those of you who walk upon the Divine Path, you have a leg up, as you say, in this regard for the Love of God is continuously purifying your soul, making way for its great transformation. 

This is not the case for those who do not subscribe to the way of Divine Love. Yet, God needs all His children, all those instruments and light-bringers in the world to help facilitate and support the great changes that are coming. Your capacity to heal and to sustain your body will be enhanced by these energies . Your ability to intuit and to perceive the Will of God will be strengthened and deepened by these blessings. The wisdom of your soul will merge and join with your mindful consciousness, making way for much information and guidance that will come in these times. Yes, you will know a deep peace and joy as you see the unfolding of God’s plan before your eyes and come to understand the power of God’s Touch manifest in the world. 

Indeed, what you may call miracles will manifest. The barrier between your physical world and the world of spirit will be greatly reduced. Those with even a smattering of psychic gifts will be able to perceive more clearly and communicate more deeply with those of the spirit world. Those of us of the Celestial Kingdom and the high spirits and your stellar friends will manifest upon the world, teaching, showing the way. But we will require your assistance in this regard. Thus, you have prayed for and diligently worked toward what you call Direct Voice, for the uninhibited voice and presence of our spirit, our souls on this Earth plane speaking plainly and powerfully to all.

The world that is coming will be a world of wonders. A world with many aspects of spiritual manifestation, communication, soulful faculties and expressions that are not common now, yet will be commonplace then. The communication between you and communication between you and us will not be so difficult. Rarely will we use an instrument as we do today. Rather, we will speak directly. You will come to know us as if we are one of your brothers and sisters manifest on the Earth. This closeness, this familiarity will be commonplace among you. 

It will be possible because what you call the vibration of your earthly plane will shift and be transformed by God’s Touch. It is not that your Earth will disappear into another dimension. Rather, it will be less solid, heavy, and demanding upon your physical being and you will find that you will walk with less effort. You will express yourself with greater ease. You will find the burdens of a material world less cumbersome and weighing upon you. Rather, a sense of freedom and buoyancy will be your experience of the earthly plane.

Indeed, all your worries about surviving in a physically dense environment and atmosphere are not particularly relevant to what is to come. Rather, you will find that your needs will be different. Your physical needs will be less demanding. You will find that which you need within the natural world readily available to you after the changes have taken place and the transition is complete. 

The great concern and challenge are within the state of transition that you all must endure and experience as this new way and new world is birthed. As with all of God’s creations, it requires a process and a timing. It will not come instantaneously but will come gradually over a number of years. In this way, God is carefully orchestrating the great changes that are coming so that your physicality, physical body and physical world, is not overly stressed as a result of dramatic and traumatic change. 

You will find your way through the maze of a world that is in many ways unstable during this process. You will be shown the way through. You will be protected and guided. When there is a need for intervention on your behalf and by your own being, then that guidance will come and that manifestation will be given.

Yes, the difficulties lie within that time where all is transforming and changing before your eyes. What you have grown to rely upon, how you have come to live, and the needs of such a burgeoning population of humanity, which rely upon trade and interconnected commerce, etc, will no longer be available to such a population and density as it is today in your world.

As I have previously indicated, the physical world is in conflict with humanity. The pressure that humanity has put upon it cannot be endured for much longer. Therefore, waves of disease, of weather and crop failures will manifest in many parts of the world. The harshness of these changes is very disconcerting and unfortunate. Yet, all the resources of heaven and Earth will be laid upon you during these crises. Humanity will work diligently to overcome them. Yet, in many ways, the approaches and perceptions that humanity has today to deal with material crises are and will be inadequate to address the scale of these changes and manifestations, what you may consider the cleansing of the Earth. Although, this is not God’s intention, for He wishes to uphold and support every soul upon this planet. 

Yet, so many reject His support and Love. In this rejection, they are making themselves very vulnerable to the forces that are in play at this time and will intensify in the future. We have talked of these things. We have burdened you with the knowledge of them, not with the intention of creating fear, anguish and pain within you, rather, than to arm you with knowledge and to encourage you to use your gifts and abilities to prepare and to work toward a solution in your own personal lives that will ensure your survival and well-being.

Thus, we have encouraged you to pray and to open your souls to God accordingly. To seek for the development of your gifts for these gifts will be the key to your well-being in the future. They will help clear the air of confusion and fear that will be all about you. You will have a strength and a sense of peace that others will rely upon. They will come to you for guidance and you will willingly provide this as God’s channels. In time, we will manifest, making our presence known to you, helping to uplift, inspire and support those who are eager to find their way out of the coming dilemmas. 

The potentials of your soul and mind are just beginning to emerge and be consciously realized. With your own efforts to grow in God’s Love and to be in harmony with your physical and mental combined with our efforts and God’s Touch and blessings upon the Earth, you are assured a wondrous and powerful journey toward your own transformation and awakening. You have the key that has opened the door. You have found your way to the highest of truths. You will continue to exercise the expression of these truths in your life.

I urge you not to fret over details, beloved brothers and sisters. Those material things that you consider a priority are not necessarily so. Indeed, you must consider material necessities and those things that bring your body comfort and sustenance. But I urge you not to be obsessive and overly concerned in these aspects of life. As you grow in the Father’s Love, as you continue to awaken in this Love, the steps that you must take to furnish the need for preparation will come in their own good time. You will not be diverted nor denied that which you will need. 

Many of you are very precious to God and to us as instruments of light. Do you not think that we will make every effort to ensure that you will live in the world in such a way that you are strong and vital and can move through the world as God’s instruments? How this will be accomplished is yet beyond the ken of your mental faculties. Yet, I assure you that a plan is in place. You must know that we see beyond the present and anticipate the future. We know to a degree the events that will take place. We know of those who are very vulnerable. We are attempting to find solutions to this so that you may all be safe and strong and vital in the world.

May your gifts grow, beloved souls, both the faculties and gifts of the soul and that of the mind so that you may live in a new world that encourages and upholds such new consciousness and new ways of being. That love will certainly be the currency of your world to come, and that love may be reflected in all that you are, all the gifts, all of your abilities and capacities may be awakened in love, refined in love, and expressed beautifully in love.

Find your way to God, beloved souls. Find your way to the opening and awakening of your souls, to your Creator, that He may send His Holy Spirit to convey His Essence into your souls. The power of this Love gathered within you to such a degree that it becomes a bright light within will empower many other aspects of your being. It is already changing you and healing you and opening the way for many things to come forward so that God may utilize these blessings, these gifts, seeds of light within your soul so they may open and flourish and be used in accordance to His Will and plan.

Walk in the world trusting in God’s plan. Have humility that you may hear and come into alignment with the Will of God, the guidance of God. Each of you has the gift to be able to know God. It lies within your souls as it does with all of humanity. Yet, you are that which ignites the awakening of the world because you possess the key to this awakening. Do not downplay your gifts and abilities, beloved souls, but come to God with your questions, what intrigues you, what you wish to know. Come to God in prayer and ask of these things. Ask God to show you. Ask God to ignite the great gifts of your soul, to purify all that which is inhibiting this, to help you to change your attitudes and those patterns of the mind which overshadow the subtlety and beauty of your soul. Make efforts to live within your soul, those deep perceptions and experiences which come with a soul open to God in all earnestness and all desire and all humility. 

Awakening does not come overnight. Gifts do not emerge instantaneously in many respects. But indeed, as the environment for these openings comes into greater alignment, greater harmony, so they will emerge. Like the birthing of any new thing, they are delicate and vulnerable but in time will grow with strength and power. In order to nurture these things within you, you must have faith that they exist and must have the desire to witness, experience, and accept that which is deep within you.

There is no need for comparison, one to another, for there is no comparison, beloved souls. You are unique in your gifts, who you are as a beautiful flower in God’s garden, a wondrous gift to the world. Be joyful with the acknowledgment of who you are and what you may become. As God continues to change and transform you with His Love, so your perceptions, your gifts opening, the way in which you are in the world will change accordingly. With a new world will come a new and refreshed being, that being which you are meant to be and will be in an environment of light and harmony and love.

So much will change, beloved souls. So much will be transformed. So much will grow in light and love and harmony. So little of your old self and the old world will remain. You will be a changed individual. This is something to rejoice in, to long for, to accept and be in alignment with, for how else can the world change if there are not those who are the harbingers of change? There are not those who see with the eyes of their soul and know with the wisdom of their soul and love with the love of their soul in a world that is bereft of such things?

Be at peace, beloved souls, and know that you will find your way, that you will express your gifts in all their glory, and you will walk in the light guided, protected, and blessed and many will benefit from your efforts, your prayers, and the manifestations of your gifts. God is empowering you, beloved souls, those of you who are sensitive and can feel the difference, acknowledge that there is great change afoot, and much coming and  manifesting at this moment. 

May the depth of your perceptions continue to assist you in this awakening and acknowledgment of deep change and transformation. May your mind not obstruct this but gladly embrace that which is of a new world, a new beginning, the birthing of new soul transformed in love. It is your destinies, beloved souls, and the destinies of many more, many who have no inkling, no idea of what is coming and what lies ahead for them. Many will be surprised as new gifts and frontiers of consciousness open within them. Many will seek answers. It is for you, beloved souls, to respond in love. 

The world is changing as are you. The world is changing into something beautiful, nurturing, and in greater harmony. You are changing in the same way. The power of God’s Touch brings harmony to all. The power of His Love awakens the slumbering soul. What can hold you back, beloved souls? How are you restricted by that which is of God and light? The only restrictions that you carry are those you carry within your own self, your own stubborn patterns of thought, your own insecurities and fears. These things are not of God and require to be dissolved in love.

 I encourage you to pray for this, to accept a new mind, a new consciousness, a new way that is of the soul, that this be the predominant expression of your being so that you may fall into love with God and embrace all that God is, all that you can perceive, all that is truly powerful and real and wondrous, awe-struck by the dimensions, breadth, and depth of God’s Being and Love. This mighty Force in the universe, this great conscious Soul that has within it a knowing of you and a great love for you. You will come to know this in time. This awareness will grow with each day. In this awareness of God, will come what you require to truly inspire and uplift your brothers and sisters. They will respond, finding great relief in your touch and your words and those manifestations of your gifts. You will be a being of light, lighting the world, lighting the darkness, and bringing hope to many. 

May God bless you, beloved souls. I am your brother and friend, Jesus, and I continue to be with you upon your journeys of life, service, and love. I am with you for you are truly my brothers and sisters. You understand what it is to journey toward at-onement to God and we shall journey together, beloveds, always together. God bless you. God bless you all.