Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 28, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

God bless you beloved souls, I am Jesus. I have come once again to speak of things of the soul to help uplift, inspire and teach you of this journey towards at-onement with God. As you receive the gift of Divine Love, His Essence, so the soul awakens and becomes a true partner in your life and that you may experience things of a spiritual nature from the true perceptions of your soul and experiences which come with a soul awakened. 

I wish to speak of those things of the awakened soul and how that may be accomplished and what indeed are the components of a soul awakened in this way. The soul is the very center of life within your being. Without a soul, you would not exist in the material plane for it is the soul that was created by God and ignited into life in that place of soul existence which pre-exists before one is incarnated into the flesh. The very essence of who you are is embedded within your soul and being which has been ignited by your soul’s incarnation into the fleshy body.

The soul then begins its journey of individuation, of coming into its own identity and capacities of expression. These expressions are readily understood on the physical level as the body is animated and is expressed as the newly formed child grows and comes into its true abilities upon your earthly plane. These things have been discussed in previous lessons so I will not go into detail in this regard.

The great mystery to many is understanding what the soul truly is. What are the components of a soul? What are the abilities and capacities of the soul? You are eager to dissect and to understand these things. Yet, a soul does not have any physical components. A soul is pure energy but a sort of energy that cannot be broken down into components nor can it be divided or categorized or understood by the material mind in such a way that your scientists would be satisfied with an explanation as to what a soul is. Thus, our dilemma in teaching you, beloved and beautiful children of the Earth, is how may we truly describe the soul when there are no accurate words to accurately describe these aspects of soul.

Yet, we must do so in order to assure you that the soul does exist and that the soul is indeed that vital part of your existence. So, we speak of the faculties of the soul. These faculties vary within each soul, yet there are various components or aspects of the soul which are universal. The soul has a capacity to communicate with God for the soul is a reflection of God’s Soul. It is made of the same materials and has within it the ability to be in a rapport with God’s Soul and recognize this connection which often comes in prayer. For most, the foremost perception of the soul is that of knowing God.

When a soul is awakened, when a soul yearns for God, in which that feeling and desire to be with God is expressed to God, then the response from God is in satisfying this desire for connection by joining God’s Consciousness with your own, within your soul. This happens frequently for those who are engaged in prayer, who have great faith in God, and are often blessed with a knowing, an understanding that this connection is real and palpable to the individual for they have allowed their soul’s consciousness to come forth into their material consciousness and what comes is a palpable response to prayer. 

The soul has feelings, those higher feelings and expressions of feeling which come with love, with a sense of gratitude, of joy, and the sort of strength that comes in knowing and truly understanding from that place of soul consciousness. These higher emotions which include one’s longings in prayer are a powerful catalyst for the individual’s motivations in life. Their capacity to love is an expression of the soul. Whether that love be of the natural kind, the reflexive expression of the individual towards another no matter the relationship, then there is a sense within the soul that it is fulfilling its purpose in life which is to love, to truly love another. Whether that be a partner, a child, a parent, or another in friendship, with all the myriads of ways in which love may be expressed, it originates from the soul. This is why those upon the Earth have a great deal of trouble defining love for they do not know their own soul and cannot discern the source of this love. Yet, when other faculties of the soul are opened, it is easy to see that well-spring of love which comes from the soul. 

The soul can grow and be purified through mindful actions and disciplines, through the choices that one makes in life, through the many experiences that one has in life. Or the opposite may be true, that the soul becomes contaminated, encrusted with dark matter and those memories of experiences of life that come in this dark world. But rest assured that the soul has the great capacity of memory, that all things that have happened in one’s life have been registered within that place and becomes a living reality within the soul. The soul is a repository of memory.

The experiences of life are not lost upon one’s transition into the spirit world. Rather, they are more fully alive as one experiences their new life within spirit. The soul has spiritual capacities. Your gifts of healing, of vision, of knowing from that very deep level, a truth, a warning, a sense of another, are all aspects of a soul’s capacity to perceive and to translate and transmit that experience to your conscious self. 

The soul has within it a sort of antenna, an ability to receive information that is not of a material nature. This experience of receiving does not come in a linear form that can be analyzed by the intellect and categorized by the material mind. Rather, it is a sense, a capacity to understand in a sort of three-dimensional way information and expressions that are both of the material and spiritual nature which are embedded in your material life and the energetic conditions that surround your world. 

This antenna is highly sensitive but is rarely acknowledged by the mind even though the awareness and interaction which comes with a soul engaged in life, is very active and continuous within this level of soul consciousness. Yet, few know how to engage their material consciousness with their soulful consciousness so they are aware of such things. The soul also transits thoughts, energies, conditions which are expressions of the soul. These contributions drift within the great energetic fields and currents within your earthly life. This antenna is both a receiver and a transmitter of information, information that can also be given by another soul who resides in the spirit world, to your soul.

As you can see, there are a great many dynamics and flow of information and energies that are a part of soul’s experience of life, both in the material plane and within the spirit planes. It is complex indeed and difficult to give in detail what this means to your soul’s consciousness but I tell you there is much going on below the surface of a material consciousness that many are not aware of and yet, can have a great bearing upon one’s capacities to choose certain directions in life and expressions in daily life. 

This dynamic part of you is not asleep inasmuch as it is not acknowledged nor is its abilities to communicate well-understood by most who dwell within the material plane. When other faculties of the soul are awakened, then these deeper and more refined aspects of communication, of sending and receiving information are then integrated into a more clearly defined conscious self in which these abilities are clarified and have more power to inform the individual.

There are many gifts of the soul which may be expressed when the soul is at a higher state of light and consciousness. When the soul is activated in some way by the acknowledgment of the surface consciousness of the individual so that they may go deeper within themselves and explore the various avenues of expression that the soul has within it, then there may be expressed many aspects of one’s gifts and faculties into one’s conscious selfexpression.

One may see the soul as a plant which has a great seed pod filled with many seeds within it, layer up layer of seeds waiting to be expressed. So it is that the soul has embedded within it many potentials, possibilities of expression which cannot be realized until the soul matures and there is an opening for the expression of these various gifts into the world. If that soul is not mature, has not grown in light, these things cannot possibly be expressed to any great degree for the environment for that expression, or shall we say germination of the individual seed, is not present.

The soul is a repository for many potentials, gifts, capacities to be expressed as the soul grows and expands in light. That expression may come through the natural growing and purifying of the soul in relationship with a spiritual path that encourages its expansion in light and purification. This is what we are often fond of calling the natural love path. Upon this path, many of the soul’s capacities can be realized and expressed and is often done so within the higher planes of spirit. It is not so easily accomplished upon the Earth plane which has within it many contaminates and energetic conditions which inhibit the soul. But indeed, it is possible and has been demonstrated through many individuals in your earthly plane, individuals that you tend to admire as gifted spiritually. 

Often these individuals take to a life of teaching and demonstrating spiritual gifts and capacities which may be categorized as metaphysical. Spiritual teachings may come forth that in many ways are a hybrid of the soul’s understanding of certain things married with the mind’s insistence upon categorizing and defining various spiritual manifestations of the soul. Thus, you have many avenues of religious teachings and spiritual practices that are available to you in your present earthly life. 

These things continue to have great sway upon many individuals who are seeking truth. Within their minds, primarily, are definitions and understandings of truth that are acceptable to the intellect. Along with this intellectual acceptance may come a sense of rightness. That rightness is the soul responding to the mind’s journey towards truth. Yet, that sense of rightness may be a mere reflection of the soul’s understanding of truth. It is not clear because the mind continues to formulate and extrapolate upon truth in its own way. Thus, the truth becomes a solid thing within the mind of the individual but is not necessarily complete.

It may not reflect truth at all but rather it becomes an erroneous interpretation of a truth. Yet, the soul may signal to the mind that they are on the right track towards truth. This is often the case with the individual seeker. Within their journey of accumulating truth and the understanding of it, they will have often a great collection of truth and error within their minds which they truly believe is pure and credible. Indeed, pure truth is rarely found upon your Earth plane. It requires a great deal of spiritual purifying and soulful awakening so the truth may be understood fully within the soul so that perception and understanding may be transferred to the mind with clarity, with wisdom and understanding.

A soul that is limited to the natural love journey has a great many hurdles to overcome in order to truly understand what it may understand in the way of truth, in the way of the reality of God’s Creation, in the way of the individual’s expression in life. Yet, many are diligently engaged within this journey and have come to various conclusions, understandings and experiences within it. They have formulated within their minds a great body of understanding which they call truth, but in many respects is merely the reflection of the individual’s experiences married with definitions which they have garnered through their life’s journey and spiritual experiences.

Truth upon your earthly plane is difficult to obtain and though expressed in many, many ways, is not a true understanding in which the soul has given to the mind the great gift of a truth, a clear and unadulterated perception of truth. Yet, we speak of the journey of the Divine Love and what that may bring to one’s understanding of the soul.

We will pause for a moment as this instrument needs a break and we will continue momentarily. 

So, we will continue. Indeed, the limitations of the body often make it difficult for we in spirit to communicate as we might more fully and completely within the delivery of these lessons. We must use the limitations of the mind, body and soul but there is often the possibility to bring forth messages of deep import and complexity. 

I will continue with my dissertation on the gifts of the soul and the abilities of the soul to express itself within the material plane. We will now talk about ability of the soul imbued with Divine Love and what differences this would make for the expression of the soul and the gifts of the soul expressed and enhanced by the gift of Divine Love. Indeed, there is a great difference between a soul which expresses itself in all its natural capacities and abilities as compared with a soul that has been transformed with the Divine Love of God, the Essence of God for with the gift of Divine Love within the soul. With this gift  the Divine  attributes of God to some degree are infused within the capacities of the soul thereby making it a true reflection of the Divine. 

This may only be accomplished through the transformative qualities of the Divine Love, the Energies of God infused within the soul. Though the soul in its natural state is a reflection of Divine attributes and capacities, they are not fully realized without the infusion of the Essence of God. It is the fuel that activates the mechanism that is the soul. Though God has given life to every soul, this is a different sort of life, a different sort of expression which activates many other things within the soul that cannot be activated otherwise.

All the gifts that are laid within the soul, these seeds that I have spoken of, have a destiny to be awakened and expressed within that individual. Unfortunately, this is not so within the soul of those who walk the journey of the natural love. Yes, many things are indeed awakened and many capacities and abilities come to life given a journey of the purification of the soul and opening up channels of consciousness towards that soul within the individual. It is a laborious journey indeed, one that culminates within the sixth sphere of spirit where the natural man is pure and has come to realize, at least to some degree, the capacities of their soul purified and able to be expressed in its pure form.

Yes, there are many steps forward that can be taken once the great gift of Divine Love is infused within the soul to the point where the soul is transformed, purified, and awakened by the gift of this Love. To describe in detail what it is that constitutes an awakened soul is a formidable task for I must use these material instruments, that of the mind of the medium and the language of the material world to describe something that is far beyond your material world.

So I am hobbled in my desire to speak of these things clearly to you, to do so in a way that you may understand it clearly for unfortunately you do not have the capacity at this time to understand  what it is that is truly within your soul, these beautiful potential seeds of light that are awaiting life and expression. But I must say to you that when your soul is fully activated and transformed, the way in which you will see life, experience life, travel and journey through life, will be completely different from what you are experiencing at this present time. 

There are none upon this Earth plane who are truly at that place of experiencing life through an activated soul with all its perceptions and abilities to know life and to know itself and express itself in all its unique forms. You may indeed come to a place of soul perception. You may indeed express gifts of healing and be a channel for love and a truly beautiful soul upon this earthly plane. Many of you journey upon this path and express these things to a degree, but you are not yet fully awakened. Until that transformation takes place and that tipping point happens within your consciousness where many awakenings, revelations, understandings, perceptions that are all built and predicated upon the power of God’s Love, cascading into its true soul expression, then you may only dimly understand the words of which I speak to a limited degree.

But, I tell you, what you know of yourself and your soul is only the tip of the iceberg for there is much yet to be discovered, a very long life of discovery, of awakening and understanding the capacities of your soul. Some of you will come to deep experiences of the soul and have that eureka moment of discovery that will bring great joy to you and help you to see that even with this limited experience, how great and wondrous and voluminous is this experience of just one seed of many that has come to life.

Yet, there are many, many more seeds that will need your attention and prayers and God’s blessings upon them. But when one comes to a realization, an understanding, an awakening to their soulful capacities, it behooves that individual to express these gifts and this capacity in whatever way and form can be accomplished upon the material plane. As this great gift of awakening has been given to you so that you may continue to carry on as God’s servants in the world, that you may use what you know and understand and what has truly come awake within you in ways that uplift and bless humanity. 

As you walk upon your life’s journey, know that you will be upheld and uplifted by your angels friends, by God’s Touch upon you, and that what may come to life within you will know greater life and expression. So we urge you to continue to pray to receive the Divine Love of God, to awaken these beautiful seeds and potentials within you so that you may truly know that which I speak of, that you may truly understand the wonderment that is your soul, what God has created, this living creature that is truly you and longs for awakening and expression and is a magnificent creation of God.

This part of you longs for life, full and true life. You will know and express wondrous gifts, gifts that when in alignment with God will bring what may be described as miracles but are not truly. Rather, they are the utmost and highest expression of your true self, your soul in alignment with God so that your channel of service, of blessings, of understanding, of truth may be clear and powerful, wide in scope, wondrous in its capacities to be expressed through you as God’s individuated Creation.

You are primarily a soul upon a journey of awakening. You will find yourself within this journey and know your true self in all its splendour as you awaken in God’s Love. That knowing comes as the soul awakens for it is a true and wondrous capacity within  to know truth as God feeds that soul which is you with truth. So, this truth comes alive within you and truth becomes a powerful part of you. It will be unshakeable and a powerful motivator for all that you do. 

Truth upon truth will collect within you like a string of pearls which you may access and know and utilize as God’s channels in the world. As you align your soul with your mind, so these truths will come through you, expressed in all their beauty and power, helping others to understand themselves and their true capacities of soul expression. So much will come in the stead of your soul awakened with Love. As this happens, step by step, you will be more receptive to understanding my words and the words of your angel friends who come to speak of truth and what is truth.

Much comes to those who are true and sincere in their spiritual journey and do not clutter their minds with the many frivolous detail which humanity wishes to place within their consciousness in order to describe truth. You will come to understand truth in a different way. Indeed, the challenge will be to express that truth to another. But indeed, you will carry the mantel of a truth with you. Others will sense your knowing and understanding, the power of this, the wonderment and grace that comes with a soul that has found the Truth of God and the expression of all God’s great Truths and Creation.

It is an infinite journey, beloved souls, one taken with the first step, a step that will not end, moving ever forward, going ever deeper within, expanding in Love, knowing all the beautiful seeds that God has implanted within you, seeing them come to life one by one and embracing with great joy and happiness what God has given you. What gifts lie within you, what truth may come in your experiences with God as His Love continues to build within you, its flow strengthening and coming to you in great waves, empowering the great transformation that must come.

You will be deeply blessed, beloveds, and you are. You will come to understand how deeply you are blessed. You will come to know God and will see God as your great protector, guide, your Heavenly Father or Mother, your beautiful and perfect friend who will come to you always and embrace you within His loving arms. In this way, great unfolding of deep revelations, of joy, of who you truly are will unfold upon this infinite journey towards at-onement with God.

May God bless you, beloved souls. I wish that I could share more about the capacities and aspects of the soul within you. But indeed, there will be a time where I might communicate with you in a way that you will truly understand and absorb that which I have to share. There will come a time in the future where I will speak directly to you all without the need of utilizing this form of communication. In that time, that opening of revelations, I will speak freely and will share freely with you all. 

May God bless you, beloved souls. May we all come to greater revelations for there is no limit to them and to be in greater alignment with God. So, the journey towards joy, true and wondrous joy, continues. May God bless you, beloveds. I am with you, your brother and friend Jesus. God bless you.