Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 10, 2022
Location: Gibsons, BC

I have come to speak to you and those upon the earthly plane regarding spiritual truths and truths of the soul and its relationship with the Creator. The Creator is the Source of All Love. The Creator has made for the beginnings of all life. Through the operations of His laws, life exists in a flow of harmony and direction. 

The Law of Progress has an important part to play in the outcomes not only of human endeavour but the functioning of all elements of the universe. So many in your world do not understand that there is direction and purpose to their lives. They cannot see the bigger picture of life and what life has brought to the individual in terms of their progression and experience, not only in the material plane but also in the spirit world. So many continue to be blinded by the deeper aspects of life and misunderstand its purpose. I have spoken much of these misunderstandings and misdirections of humanity.

Yet, God’s purpose for all things in His created universe is to enable the impetus and motion toward harmony, greater harmony. This is what I wish to speak of today. How may one recognize harmony in their lives, in their actions, in their thoughts? Harmony also encompasses love, for love is harmony and harmony is love. Both operate in tandem in order to support a well-functioning universe. Love permeates all of God’s universe and is a vital element of it. With love comes harmony and a sense of upliftment and well-being.

The expression of harmony in your own life is indicated by a sense of well-being, a sense that all is flowing well and in the direction that it is meant to be. With this sense of upliftment and an intuitive sense that they are on the right track, moving in the direction that God intends, synchronized by the Laws of Creation and the Laws of Love, then harmony must come from these things. Harmony is a reflection of the actions, thoughts, deeds and motivations of the individual in concert with the Laws of Love and the Laws of Creation. Thus, there are fewer impediments and barriers to the individual’s spiritual progress as they continue to live a life that reflects harmony. They sense that what they are experiencing for the moment has a quality of goodness and rightness that cannot be mistaken for anything other than this. There is a surety to the individual’s actions and thoughts when they are in harmony with God’s Will. With greater harmony come the rewards of God’s Touch and blessings upon the individual which then increases the sense of inner harmony and brings to them greater.

When harmony is present, then so is light and so is joy and so are many things that reflect the well-being of the individual. Not well-being that originates primarily from the mind but well-being that glows within the soul and reflects out into the mind. That sense of well-being is deep and filled with joy. The flow of life then is a reflection of alignment with God’s laws and Will and becomes a beautiful outpouring of harmonious energies, blessings, and love that originates from God and connects with the individual, flowing through that individual abundantly.

With this dynamic in place, the individual comes into greater harmony with God’s Will for they know it intuitively and instinctively from that deeper part of themselves. Although you upon the Earth plane are within the conditions of this plane which often contradict the Laws of Harmony, with this alignment of the soul to God, then harmony must ensue as a result of the connection made and the blessings that are given. Other than your imposition and power in regard to free will, there is nothing that can impede harmony within your life. Every soul is entitled to make their choices and decisions regarding their actions in life. Yet, when the faculties of the soul are opened and there is a deep sense of direction and purpose as a result of this alignment between your soul and God’s Soul, then there is more likelihood of harmony than that which is not harmonious.

You are all human and because of your humanity, you will make mistakes and contradict the Law of Harmony as a result. Yet, these choices are easily corrected when one goes to God in prayer and God gives you the information and insights that you need to correct these situations, thus having the opportunity to strengthen harmony in your life. God does not wish to hold His children back and create conditions that are disharmonious. Rather, God’s intention is always for harmony and peace. Unfortunately, many individuals do not seek the counsel of God. Rather, they seek their own counsel or the counsel of others who have a similar disposition of thought. Therefore, the likelihood of harmony is greatly decreased because of the condition and thought processes of the individual informing them of their actions in ways that are often contradictory to God’s laws. 

This world is rife with disharmony and pain. There are many aspects of life lived upon the material plane that are contradictory and disregard the Will of God and the Laws of God. This I have spoken of many times and it is self-evident if one is to venture forth into the world and see for themselves the amount of disharmony that exists within it. It is evident in the demeanour of your brothers and sisters. It is evident in what they project in thought and their spiritual condition and light within their souls. They are not in harmony with God for they know not how to be in harmony with God, not because this information is withheld from the individual but because the predominant forces and mindful inclinations are contrary to God’s laws and are readily followed by the individual.

Many do not know what harmony feels like, how it is manifested, and how one might bring harmony into their own life. Of course, many feel a fleeting sense of harmony where all is in alignment and there is a sense of well-being, expansion, and joy as a result.  Unfortunately, these situations are few and far between for most upon this earthly plane. The great work that we do upon your plane as we venture forth from the Celestial Heavens is to help engender greater harmony in the world. How this may be done is a very complex matter for we are interacting with the mass of humanity exercising their free will, projecting their thoughts and actions upon the world, and in many cases, disrupting harmony rather than bringing harmony to the world.

We cannot possibly neutralize all of these conditions at any given time. We are not empowered to shift the will of man toward something that is in harmony with God nor is God capable of doing so for the Law of Free Will stands always and ever more in the flow of human existence. Thus, we may at times come close to an individual and help inspire that individual toward more harmonious thoughts and actions but we cannot control that individual for we contradict the laws by doing so. Because we are angels of the Celestial Heavens, we have gained entry into such a place because we are in harmony with all the laws that govern love and God’s creation. Through our personal acts of free will and desire, we choose to enact God’s Will in the world in such a way that there is a measure of harmony within it. That measure is small compared to the power of humanities actions in the world. Yet, we persist and God persists in His efforts to guide His angels and bright spirits and individuals upon the Earth toward greater light.

God’s intention is to create a harmonious condition within the world so that each soul who is born upon it will have the opportunity to seek harmony and know consciously what that is. At present, few are consciously aware or feel a sense of harmony. They cannot feel it. They do not know it. They only feel and know that which is coming to them from their five senses, that which is of their mental processes, and that which is of the myriad of outside influences which have their effect upon the demeanour and well-being of the individual.

This is a very dynamic situation where light and darkness, pain and joy, fulfillment and happiness, good choices and bad choices are all mixed within the flow of the individual’s life experience. Unfortunately, most discern readily the difference between these conditions other than that which is intensely painful or intensely joyful. Thus, they move in a river of many elements and aspects of life that they feel they have no control over, that harmony comes unbidden and leaves swiftly. It is of such a dynamic flow that one often feels that all of these elements of life are fleeting and difficult to comprehend. 

We urge humanity to seek within themselves, for within themselves will come the answers to those questions of how one may gain control of their lives in such a way to create greater harmony. I have spent much time speaking of how one might come to know their souls and their spirit, thereby moving beyond the powerful imposition of the material mind and go towards those places that are of great subtlety but of great power and truth. Once the individual has overcome the impediments of the mind and come to know the beauty of their own spirit and souls, then they may enter upon a path toward greater harmony and truth.

As I have said often, it is their choice. We cannot do these things for the individual. No other can do these things for the individual. But the individual is empowered to do this for themselves. Whether they believe this or not or understand the great potential within them, they must overcome their reticence, their disbelief, and their feelings of helplessness. They must empower themselves to look beyond the veil of those mental conditions and barriers to their own spirituality, their own deeper selves. Without a choice made, there cannot be control or at the very least imposing the desire within the individual’s consciousness to move beyond this frame of mind.

The need to exercise choice marks the beginning of the journey towards greater light and harmony. It opens the door toward action and effort. When one becomes aware of their inner desires, not that which originates from the mind but that which originates from the soul and the spirit, they open themselves to the greater possibilities on the journey toward light which brings greater harmony. That journey may be done in one of two ways, one which perfects all of the capacities and birthrights of the individual when they incarnate into the world or they may empower the soul through prayer for God’s Love which awakens and transforms it. Whatever journey or path that the individual chooses, and with the former, that path may take a great multiplicity of avenues and approaches, there is then the opportunity and the possibility to create greater harmony within the individual. 

When one is purified from inharmonious conditions, thoughts and energies that bring darkness and pain to the individual, then light must manifest as a result. This is the law. When light grows within the individual, there is a release of darkness bringing greater harmony. It is not absolute harmony but a measure of harmony.. Yet indeed, there is an awakening of deeper aspects of the individual to such an extent that it empowers them to make greater choice and deeper efforts to bring light into them and around them.

The Law of Attraction ensures that bright spirits may come close, even angels of the Celestial Heaven. God indeed acts to bring greater light by pouring His blessings upon the individual. Whether they pray for this consciously or not, their actions and deeds draw blessings to them for every step that changes the conditions of the world from darkness to light, from disharmony to harmony, begins with one individual, their choices exercised and expressed accordingly. All is dependent upon the choice of one unique soul in your world. When that choice is exercised many times over, not only in the individual’s life but within the lives of many individuals, then light grows within the world. It pushes back those dark conditions that are so prevalent and is a step toward greater harmony.

So, the individual must choose for themselves. It is important that they are given the opportunity to understand that there is a choice and that they are ways in which harmony may come to that individual. As I have said, there are many avenues toward this. The avenue which I speak of and wish to share and teach to the people of the Earth is that of the redemptive qualities of God’s Essence flowing into the individual’s soul by active prayer and desire to receive it. That is a choice. It is an action that will bring many blessings and results and it is most assuredly a way to achieve greater harmony in one’s life.

God has given each individual great latitude and great blessings with a life lived upon the earthly plane. Through their endeavours and choices, they may create light and harmony. They will feel and know the joy and do so at will. But they must understand the path toward these things. It does not come with greater intellectualization and analysis of the mind. It comes with the understanding of their true nature and make-up which is of their soul and spirit, such vital parts of themselves which are often roundly neglected and misunderstood.

When I come to your world, I feel great sadness for my brothers and sisters. How lost are many in your world? Yet, within each one is a cry for relief and release from those conditions of darkness. Yet, these cries are often ignored,  buried deep within the individual, muffled by the domination of the material mind, material ambitions and all that humanity has made of this world which in many respects is a contradiction to God’s intentions for it.

A deep sense of disharmony exists within most individuals. Yet, they are reluctant to act upon this and find solutions for it. They cannot see beyond that blinkered perspective of the mind nor do they wish to pursue awareness of the deep pain that exists within them and the crying out of their souls for healing and relief which would bring greater harmony to the individual. They are lost within the quagmire of the human condition and they continue to be bogged down in such heaviness and lack of joy.

God’s intention for the world is to bring harmony. God’s intention for each individual is that harmony may come to them.  God continues through His efforts and His plan to open the avenues and doors to harmony and truth, bringing greater light to this world, bringing greater peace to the hearts of all, and ensuring that each soul may come to recognize and know the way toward greater light and harmony. 

We too are engaged in these endeavours and are a part of God’s plan to bring this forward, to teach His children how to truly live in harmony, how to truly be His children in harmony with His Laws of Love and Creation. It cannot come through disobedience to the laws, or through apathy and acquiescence to the human condition. It must come with the assertion of each soul, each individual to seek truth, to seek deep within themselves that which they need to understand and realize. That which exists within them and lives within them.

The individual who possesses a sort of integration that involves the soul, the spirit, and the mind will know great wisdom, light, and harmony within them. Because of the very nature of your human existence, often the mind may contradict these things and bring some disharmony to the individual. As the individual learns to discipline their thoughts,  choose light, and in harmony with the true nature of their souls awakening in Love, burning bright with its light, they will truly live a life of harmony and peace. Even though all around them may be darkness, chaos, and challenging conditions, within their heart beats the truth of harmony, the light of love, and the expression of joy.

So much comes to the individual who may find their way along this path, overcoming the great impediments of the mind that restricts their movements toward greater light and harmony. Much in the way of resources, support, and love may flow to the individual whose intentions are to draw these things to them. Much will open to that individual, gifts awakening, truths flowing into them, harmony being expressed through them and living within them in a conscious way. 

There is a deep need for harmony within your world. As harmony grows within your world, so the law is fulfilled and the direction toward greater harmony is clear and evident. In this, much joy will come. Much sense of rightness, goodness, peace, and true knowing will ensue with the awakening of each individual upon this world seeking greater harmony in their lives. So, God is focusing upon His children of Earth, a great effort to impress upon them the need to look beyond their superficial selves, to see beyond that place of the mind, and to truly acknowledge what exists beyond it.

For many, the journey may not begin as a harmonious one for acknowledging the pain within is not an easy task nor is it comfortable. As the individual persists and seeks to overcome all that which is not in harmony within them, they will come to know a lightness of being, a great sense of joy and freedom from the heaviness that has been their lot for a good deal of their lives. In this way, harmony will be expressed with the light and joy that comes. They will find peace and come to find truth upon their singular journey toward all that which is of truth.

Light will grow. The knowledge of how one may live a life in harmony with God’s laws will come. Truth will emerge in a conscious way within the individual. All these things will empower the individual to make the choice toward harmony. So much is given by God and by all the forces of good to help the individual find their place in the harmony of God’s creation and intention for them. Harmony must come to the world, harmony is destined to be a part of your world. Aspects of harmony already exist within your world, mostly within the natural order of things, but even that is being disrupted by the will of man.

It is time for man to shift their consciousness, their desires, and their ambitions toward something that will create greater harmony in the world. If they do not willingly come to that conclusion and desire for truth, so they will be given the opportunity through ways and means of Earth changes and the shifting of Earth conditions that will force the opening of their eyes and the awakening toward their true selves. This will become a traumatic situation for so many who willingly keep their eyes closed and shut themselves off from any awareness other than that which is of the superficial mind. Times are coming where this will not be possible and the world will open to the true conditions which exist and the true need for greater change and harmony in the world.

May humanity find its way willingly toward greater harmony. May humanity find freedom from the dark impediments of the human condition and know the joy which reflects harmony. So much awaits humanity. So much can be possible given the human desire to make it so. Each individual holds the key to their own happiness, harmony, and joy but they must exercise their will toward these things and come to understand how that may be so. May God impress upon them a desire to do so. May you who know of the key and unlock the door for yourselves, sharing this understanding in ways and means that others may follow and understand without a great reluctance and misinterpretation of your motives. There is so much needed now to help awaken humanity, so much that will come in days and weeks and months and years ahead.

May you be receptive to all that God has to offer you which will bring harmony to you. May you be at peace, beloved souls, and may the world find peace and harmony in times to come. God bless you. I am your brother and friend, Jesus, and I come in love, concern, and a desire to help teach humanity toward greater light and harmony. I come because I love you. I come because you are in need of love. May God bless you, beloved souls. May God truly bless you with His Love.