Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 05, 2022
Location: Gibsons, BC

I come. I am Jesus, your friend and brother who is earnest to speak to those who have ears to listen, minds and souls to receive and integrate the words in which I speak and the truth in which I share. May all who are seeking truth discover the truth in what I share with you and that they may apply these lessons accordingly.

Today, I wish to speak about the gifts of the soul and the psychic abilities of the mind when combined to create a passageway of understanding and clear reception of those things received by the soul and in need of integration by the mind and the spirit mind. Each individual is gifted with many perceptions and abilities to understand spiritual things, although the depth of their perception and understanding varies greatly. How they are able to do so also varies in accordance with the unique make-up of each soul.

Yet, God has provided each individual with a way and means of perceiving spiritual truth and spiritual reality. This may come through visions. It may come through sight. It may come through the openings of the mind, both within the material, the spiritual, and the soul coming together in a unified fashion so that there is clarity and a true understanding of spiritual laws and truths through these avenues of mindful awareness. 

The brain has many abilities which are not well understood or utilized. It is said that in most cases the individual uses a small percentage of the brain’s capacities. Indeed, the brain has a great capacity to perceive in a physical way many things, to see the spirit world, to perceive the spiritual energies within all of life, and to be aware of their guides and angelic friends through these mindful perceptions which are perceived through different aspects of the spirit and material brain’s functions. These perceptions originate within the mind of the spirit body. Since every individual is made up of spirit and has a spirit body, then perceptions of this sort originate from the spirit mind, utilizing those gifts that are inherent within each individual, whether they inhabit the spirit world or the material world.

It takes some discipline and some effort to align the perceptions of the spirit mind with those of the material mind, but it is not as difficult as one might think. As long as the material mind is not full and cluttered with many thoughts and stimuli from the material world, then a clear channel can be established between these two levels of consciousness. This often happens in a state of meditation and prayer where these two aspects of the individual are more readily fused in a way that consciousness is free-flowing and open. A true state of meditation and openness comes with dedicated practice, discipline, and understanding of the ways and means this channel of perception may be opened. This too is an individual thing, although there are certain ways and practices that can be used that are universal in nature.

Having a prayer at the beginning of such a meditation helps to set the intention to the highest level possible and thereby opens the door to spirits and angels who are of a high caliber and great light. They come close and assist the individual in opening and understanding their psychic and spiritual gifts. This is not denied to anyone, for each individual has the capacity for this form of communication in one way or another. Some hear spirits clearly. Some see and hear clearly. Some feel and sense with their finely attuned gifts and intuition that allows them to take in information that is being transferred on a mental level and an emotional level.

These things are well-known to those individuals who are seeking spiritually for they are rewarded by way of a knowing that comes from the integration of these two minds activated and functioning so that they may indeed see, hear, feel and know those more subtle aspects of communication with a reality that is all around them, but for many is not known. If humanity could just slow their pace of thought and action to the point where there is time to sit and feel and open these finer attributes toward spirit communication and communication with nature and with God, then in this way, humanity can get its bearings in regard to the direction of life and the meaning of life. These things come at deeper levels of perception and knowing that is of the soul and of the mind. Whereas, when the three minds, the mind of the soul, the mind of the spirit, and the mind of the body, are in alignment together, it facilitates a powerful channel to the consciousness of the individual where they may perceive many things and receive many things from God, from spirits, from all the aspects and elements of God’s creation which are available to humanity in support, in the communication of truth, in the flow of love.

These things come with the individual’s desire and efforts to embrace these different levels of consciousness one by one, from the material mind to the spiritual mind to the mind of the soul. Integration of these things makes for a powerful individual experience  as they reach out to explore the subtleties and finer qualities of life. Nothing is frightening about this providing the individual has the right intentions and seeks the highest aspects of truth and love available to them. 

When one dabbles into the psychic and does so without a measure of discipline and standards, there may be some disturbing experiences in this way for there are many dark spirits close to the Earth plane who are also eager to make rapport and contact with a material being. They derive great benefit from this for many of these dark spirits, lower entities, can feed off of the energies of the individual and the experiences of the individual, thereby creating attachments and deep rapport that can be very difficult to be released from. 

Unfortunately, on the earthly plane, many have established such rapport unwillingly and without true knowledge of it. Rather, the expression of these conditions can be readily seen in the behaviors of the individual and their thoughts. Because of the Law of Attraction and the law of Rapport, there are ample opportunities for dark spirits to establish a connection with humanity. Many individuals have experienced this in some form or are experiencing it without even realizing that this exists within their consciousness and being. It takes some effort to be released from these conditions and be healed from them. But the power of prayer can certainly be instrumental in this healing of the individual.

The power of knowledge can help individuals understand those more subtle influences and energies that exist in the earthly plane, which is a dark plane and subject to many of these influences. Knowledge is power. Understanding the dynamics that are often hidden from the consciousness of the material mind can bring the individual to the realization that life is not just that of the material plane and the material existence but is much more complex and subtle.

The realization of these truths can help the individual come to understand the power that they have to control the influences that are around them and the actions that they may take that are in harmony with God’s Laws. They may also come to realize how they may progress spiritually and utilize the gifts that they have within them to guide their way and affirm their progress. When one begins their spiritual journey, that path may be meandering and include many different philosophies and ideas which will open up their consciousness and thought processes so that they are more receptive to those things of a spiritual nature. They may find their way into aspects of consciousness that open the door to awareness of spirits, awareness of the energetic conditions of everything in the material universe and the spiritual universe.

Of course, the individual cannot take in all of these aspects at once and often come to the realization of them in small efforts and experiences which build within them. They come to exercise what in the beginning is a feeble power of perception by focusing upon it, opening to it, and thereby empowering it. As time goes on, these perceptions open more clearly and are strengthened because of the individual’s focus . They come to see things, know things, and hear things that are not from the five senses, but rather from other senses that exist within both the material mind and the spirit mind. 

If they are on the path of soul awakening by the receptivity of God’s Love asked for daily, these perceptions and abilities to understand and open to the finer sensibilities that are inherent within the individual are enhanced greatly by the light that is building within the soul and the perceptions that are being awakened within the soul. Thus, an intricate and wonderful collaboration between each level of consciousness, each mind within the individual is developed in this way. A higher level of experience is assured because of the individual’s intention toward the light and for the highest gift of all which is God’s Essence flowing within the soul. It sets the tone and the stage for many experiences that may come to the individual.

 Deep insights and understanding of spiritual truth are ignited by the awakening of the soul which thereby opens up the faculties and gifts of the soul. With these faculties and gifts, the quality of the perception and the clarity of perception is great indeed. Their depth of knowing becomes profound. The joy of these perceptions and experiences with God and with the angels and the higher aspects of creation become overwhelming and ecstatic in nature. The individual wells up in joy, appreciation, insight, and knowing that cannot be obtained without the power of Divine Love activating these aspects of the soul.

Yes, the individual who integrates the faculties, abilities, and gifts of the material mind and the spirit mind may experience great and wondrous things and know many spiritual experiences and insights, but they are not able to truly know God for it is in the awakening of the soul perceptions that the true knowing of God is given. Those deep insights and knowings have a profound impact upon the individual as they bring truths and qualities of love that are deep and profound, setting one on the path toward at-onement with God. 

As the mind of the soul, the mind of the spirit and the mind of the material become integrated and easily so with the power of Divine Love igniting this integration, then the capacities and abilities of the individual to see beyond the superficial perceptions that come within the material world to that of the spirit world and the world of God, thereby opening up multi-dimensions of reality which are astounding, beautiful and nourishing to one’s spiritual journey. The power of the Love of God is immense in its capacity to transform the individual soul and awaken it to its potential. It is limitless, provided the individual seeks this gift with all intensity, sincerity and desire. The rewards of these efforts will come in the form of wondrous insights and experiences with God fostering such joy and upliftment that nothing within the material life’s experiences could possibly compare.

God is opening the door to these experiences, inviting His children to enter therein. With one stepping over the threshold into these realms of deep spiritual insight and understanding, their perceptions of the world and their perceptions of their participation in this world of yours are changed irrevocably with the experience of Love awakening all that is within them. One may be content with the magnificent experiences of the psychic and the spiritual mind, but to step beyond this into something far greater will bring true fulfillment. Not just the fulfillment of one’s curiosity and desire for experiences that are powerful and palpable, but when insights of the soul are opened, the capacity for deep fulfillment and joy goes beyond anything that is of a material nature, which both the spirit mind and the material mind are of this nature. The soul mind is of a different nature altogether for it reflects the nature of God. It has perceptive qualities, which are similar to that of the Creator. Although one cannot compare the opening of a soul and its development and transformation to the capacities of God, there are abilities and gifts which reflect to a degree that which God possesses. Therefore, the capacity to communicate and understand God, truly seeing God, are inherent within the soul awakened in Divine Love. That capacity to truly perceive and understand God may not come readily. It comes with the transformation of the soul to such a degree that these perceptive faculties are opened fully. Although they can and will expand as time and eternity progress forward.

 I wish to assure every soul that there are many experiences and insights open to them and that the experience of these things is an incremental thing as in all things that are of God’s creation because with the law of progress all aspects and elements of God’s universe are progressing toward greater harmony. The individual soul created by God has within it’s potential much more than any other creation of God and has a great capacity to understand and be aware of His creation. God has made it possible for each individual who seeks truth, who seeks to experience truth and know the truth, to have within them the capacity to do so. Whether they are intellectually astute or not, whether they are rich or poor, whether they have a fully formed body or one that is not, no matter their situation or condition in a material sense, they have within them the capacity to see beyond the superficial, that which is of the five sense and the linear material mind toward that which is of the spirit and the spirit mind. 

Many fear these capacities and many have experienced them to some degree, and this has shaken them and confronted them because they do not understand their origin or how they could possibly have such an experience. Since your world is predicated upon fear and caution, fostering deep biases of perception, often those who experience things out of the ordinary and are of a psychic or spiritual origin tend to detach themselves from this experience and feel fearful when they are having such an experience. 

It is time for ignorance of these things to be washed away from the consciousness of man. It is time to embrace the deeper qualities that the individual possesses. It is time to awaken to those things that are true of man but are not accepted readily by man. It is time for societies, countries, and cultures to embrace that which is not merely of the material substance and what they believe is true to that which is of a higher truth and more ethereal quality. For in embracing these qualities, humanity may perceive on a deeper level many truths, truths that will bring them much benefit and will set them on a course of higher understanding, learning, experience, and perception of the quality of life that God has given them. It will open up the consciousness of man in such a way that they may truly grow in appreciation and love for all that God has created. They will come to know that this life that they lead on the material plane is only one step of many levels of experience, the great journey of life that has begun with a material body, and has the potential for eternal growth and evolution toward all that which is of harmony, grace, and love, all that which is of God.

There is so much for humanity to discover. There is so much awaiting humanity. God has a plan to awaken His children to these things. God has implanted within each individual the capacity to see and feel and perceive the truths and the reality that God has created. God means for each individual to come to these realizations, qualities and ways that are unique to each individual.

 Each soul has perceptions. Each individual within their levels of consciousness may perceive clearly and powerfully many truths and many aspects of the reality of God’s creation. It is for them to go beyond their limited ways of perceiving and thinking of their life’s experiences to incorporate and include these finer sensibilities which exist within everyone. 

In this way, they may progress through their life’s experiences with deeper knowledge, and greater harmony, going beyond that place of ignorance and fear, that somnambulant state that so many are within to a place of wakefulness and seeing beyond the mere material sight. A knowing which is beyond the mere material way of knowing, feeling beyond the limited vocabulary of the emotions that are common in human experience today. 

Would you be satisfied with any music that is so simply composed that it lacks much rhythm or depth or would you more readily embrace something melodious, beautiful and more complex? Well, within each individual is a great symphony of perception, feelings, and knowing. Yet so many play only a few notes of what is possible. They must come to a true understanding so to embrace that which is fully more of themselves, acknowledging that they are gifted and the music they may play is beautiful and reflects the great gifts of life that God has given them.

Why remain asleep? Why utilize so little of yourself in a life that offers you so much more? If you only open your eyes and see beyond the limitations of a blinkered mind and consciousness, there are many gifts, many creative capacities, many ways of perception, viewpoints, and experiences that can be added to the individual provided they are willing to take a step forward into the unknown realms, both within themselves and around them.

Seeking the blessing of God to open these faculties, to awaken them fully with His Love is the greatest and highest pursuit any individual may take. In this, all these things of which I speak become available to that individual in time. As they grow in Love within their souls, so the process of transformation and integration is ignited and progresses forward in accordance with the Law. So much will be made available to that individual who is willing, who is strong enough, and brave enough to walk beyond the limitations of a mind encumbered by restrictive thoughts, deep fears, and anxieties that are not truly a part of the path which God has designated for them.

 These things are of human invention and are a part of the human condition. It is time for humanity to see beyond these conventions and restrictions, moving into the realms of light and possibility that God provides for each individual if they are only willing to step beyond themselves and these old and difficult struggles of the mind. Help is available to each individual who wishes to venture beyond these things that are so dark, which keeps them from true joy and true experience.

The capacities of all the levels of consciousness within the individual are great, varied, and deep. They need nurturing. Humanity has made a great effort to nurture the material mind in a certain direction and has neglected, even within the material mind, those aspects of perception that are available to them. Their psychic abilities live within the material mind. Their spiritual perceptions live within the spirit mind. Their soul perceptions live within the soul mind. When all of these things come together, the individual is profoundly changed in it’s capacity to perceive, its understanding of life.

There is so much available to each individual. God has a cornucopia of blessings waiting for each individual that will ignite these things and assist the individual in bringing their potential to fullness, ripeness, and beauty. So much awaits you, beloved souls. Seek your spiritual selves. Seek your soulful selves. Put aside your concerns, your doubts, your fears, all that which holds you back from your true self, and find the freedom, the expansion, and the joy that comes with awakening, of discovering your true selves and all that that entails for it contains much more than I could possibly explain to you or show you. These capacities that you possess are unique to your particular creation, your nature, and what God has given to you. Thus, the flower that you are is unique in God’s garden. 

May you grow and bloom, beloveds, truly expressing who you are in all your wonderment, all your beauty, all your complexity and be free of that which humanity says is reality but is an illusion, a deception, and does not have truth within it. It is merely a truth that you have adopted because you were taught and shown this way. You must come to know that within those deeper aspects of yourself is a longing and a desire to go beyond this pathetic truth and experience of life that is man-made for it cheats you of so much, so much more that you can experience in life, no matter how meager it is in the material sense. It can give to you a resplendent and beautiful knowing, feeling, and being that is the life that God wishes for you.

Seek for love. The Love of God is the highest of all loves. It is the greatest of all gifts and will open the door to all that I speak of, all that is available to you, for when you are in alignment with God, the gifts that God has for you are readily received and you are able to embrace them. Seek for the awakened soul. As you awaken the mind within that soul, your consciousness will grow and flower into something with such beauty that you cannot describe its complexity and uniqueness. These things lie dormant within you but can come alive with your efforts, prayers, desires, and willingness to step forward and be that beautiful soul that you are meant to be.

Beloveds, it is a crucial time in your world. It is a time that requires the awakening of humanity and the utilization of all the potentials of humanity to re-establish a world that is in far greater harmony with what God has created, with a life that is meant to be and experienced fully. May you come to recognize your true selves and see beyond that limited place in your material mind that so many are stuck within and cannot move beyond. Pray for your redemption, your freedom, your liberation. Pray for all that God can give to you to uplift and heal you, moving you beyond your limitations to that which has no limitations. These things can come but you must have faith in yourself. You must trust in yourself and trust in God and what God can give to you.

In this way, greatness can come to you. A greatness that is so very different from that which you perceive as powerful and wonderful in the material sense but one which encompasses all that is in harmony with God, that is humble yet powerful, is loving and beautiful, and is truly a reflection of who you are and what you are capable of. I offer you the road to this truth, the way to this awakening. May you come to accept my invitation for it is not just me who invites you, beloveds, it is God who invites all His children to partake of the fruits of His Soul, the beauty of His Soul, and the blessings of His Soul. To each of you, it can be given with a mere prayer and desire, of shifting, however small, your consciousness to that of something higher and greater and more nourishing. 

Seek and you shall find, beloveds. Knock and the door shall open to you. It awaits you and will wait for you. May you pray for these gifts at this very moment and seek their blessings from God. God bless you, beloveds. I am your friend, your teacher, your brother. I am with you, shall always be with you, beloved souls, those who seek for the highest, those who seek to nurture their true selves, those who are dissatisfied with mundane material life and wish to move further, going beyond these limitations. I continue to pray for you, beloveds. I seek to uplift you. I seek to show you the way. May you know the way and seek God’s way of Love. God bless you. My love is with you. God bless you.