Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 24, 2020
Location: Gibson, BC

It is your teacher Augustine. I wish to assure you that your son will heal. There are no structural problems with his leg, merely strains and tears that are painful and require him to rest and to have faith that all will be well in time.

I wish to address an important subject for you both and for many others and that is how one may apply one’s soul wisdom in regards to their relationship with others, especially in terms of work together of the spiritual nature. As one grows in their soul perceptions and feelings, one gains insights into those whom they are working with and feel close to in love, having some relationship within the world. 

Often, because of these perceptions, there is a sense of the vulnerabilities and imbalances within the individual. Ideally, with all there would be a harmonious alignment between the mind and the emotions and the soul, that they would conduct themselves in harmony with the laws of God and the Laws of Love. For many of you, there is a naïve hope that all of these things are manifest within the individual which you are engaging with in many different ways. But alas, the human condition continues to thrive within you all to some degree or another, thus this alignment is skewed and the perceptions and motivations, feelings and judgments that come with this misalignment become more evident as you come to know an individual and their actions, who they are in the world, and so it is with yourselves. 

To have expectations of purity within those whom you love and whom you work with is not possible. There is a degree of purity and harmony and alignment but not fully so even though as the Divine Love works in the soul, so these things are coming closer to this intended purity and expression. As one’s sensitivities, perceptions are heightened by the Divine Love, so the veil is removed, the eyes are opened, and the perceptions are keen thereby giving one an opening to the hearts, souls, and minds of others, their motivations, their thoughts, their intentions.

This at times can be shocking, disillusioning, and hurtful. But one must remember that progression continues with each individual soul and that within their soul is a deep desire to progress, to be purified, and to walk in the light. Do not allow your perceptions to turn into judgment, to turn into a distancing from those whom you wish to engage with and are guided to do so. Rather, these perceptions give one wisdom, strength, a sort of tenacity and desire to go beyond that which you see with faith so that which can be will manifest in good time as God continues to work with you all. 

Every individual on your Earth plane has many flaws, many things which are not in harmony with love within their hearts and minds. This is the human condition and this is what challenges you all. Because of your own condition, the level of your own perceptions, the experiences in life that have created in you certain biases and blind spots, as you say, so that often you may see certain aspects of the individual but not others. 

As the error within you clears away, slowly but surely these things are revealed within yourself and within others. Yet, God does not judge anyone. God does not withdraw from anyone nor deny anyone the blessings and love and upliftment that He wishes to give to all His children of the world.

Since God is all purity and love, His Soul shines forth with such goodness and grace, there is no obstruction laid before Him other than that which you lay for yourselves. So, I urge you all to set aside your judgments. Even when you see a situation clearly and you can see the error of another, those parts of them that are not fully awakened in Love, have faith that they are upon a journey of awakening as are you. Give your brothers and sisters love but also be wise in your relationships. That which you may do in love, do not waste your time with those who seek to receive yet are not receiving but bring forth for attention and your ministrations.

With each of you, there is now a capacity to understand what I say with this statement, that there are times when you must turn away, not in judgment but in the wisdom that allows you to understand that now is not the time for your efforts to bring love and truth to another, that you must wait at times. Yet, your love for that individual must continue and be sustained in prayer and in that desire that God may touch their soul, that God may uplift them and bring them to greater light.

There are times when you encounter an individual who is very much in the darkness and you feel compelled to reach out, to love, to minister to that individual. It is the soul that brings such wisdom, such understanding of when to reach out and when to be in that somewhat neutral position of which I speak. Each day is a test. Each individual you meet will be upon that line that expresses a desire to be with you, to connect as you call it, and those who wish to withdraw. This is, again, the way of the world.

It is for you to discern between the need and guidance to reach forward and to pull back. It is a very subtle and complicated matter when dealing with human relationships and conditions. When judgment is removed from the equation, it becomes purely a soulful sense, an understanding of how to proceed at any given time in your daily life. It is not that we in spirit are telling you to do this and to do that. No my beloveds, it is the flow of God’s influence upon you and the responses within your soul of this holy relationship with God guiding you as to how you may conduct yourselves in the world, guiding you as to who God wishes you to strengthen the bond of love, to minister and uplift, to bring truth, even to bring physical sustenance to that individual.

You know and feel your way upon that path of service. As you continue to open yourself in loving ways to your brothers and sisters, so you begin to understand the Will of God and the opportunities that God places before you.

Remember that there are dark forces in the world who will try to obstruct and will try to deflect and distract you from your ministry. When these forces are in play, this is where the soul’s acuity and perception is important and will inform you as to the dynamics of the present. The power of soul perception will be your great motivator and will be that which informs your daily interactions. As you grow in the Love of God, so you will grow in your abilities and gifts and capacities for service to bring greater light to the world.

As I have said, the greatest obstruction to this is judgment and fear. These two combined create a great roadblock to God’s Will in your life. As you put aside fear, as you put aside a mindful desire to label and categorize and judge another, instead embracing, understanding the power of love to heal and break down the human condition, then you come to see the world from different eyes. You come to understand that God’s Will and plan for the salvation of mankind requires your love, your actions in love, your wisdom manifest and enhancing the flow of love through you.

This dance of service can often be perplexing to the mind but I say to you, as your souls grow, as perceptions and wisdom and knowings grow within, so this dance will become a beautiful reflection of your soul working in alignment with God for the salvation of humanity. As you grow in this Love, as your souls continue to slough off those conditions that are not in harmony with love, as your minds become attuned to your souls and all is working towards the outflowing and outpouring of light and love in the world, as you become powerful channels of these blessings, so all will come into alignment. Your hearts, your minds, your souls, all these things within you will come into greater alignment. With this comes a deep compassion for your brothers and sisters, a deep understanding and realisation how humanity is caught in such a treacherous net of conditions, desires, dark motivations, fears, and error.

The price one pays for soul awakening is to see beyond the veneer of the world into the true conditions of humanity. This requires great strength, great faith, and a soul imbued with the capacity to love, to forgive, and to come forth as God’s instruments in greater harmony. 

May you all find your way in this challenging time and these glorious times of soul awakening. Know that you are still human in many ways but indeed, you begin to mature and come to that place of greater wisdom, understanding the responsibility that comes with knowing truth, to live it, to be this truth in all ways in your life. This is how you build a great future for yourselves, not only on this plane but within the planes of spirit determining that which will come as a great gift and reward for your efforts, for your strength and integrity and love and expressions of light.

May God bless you, beloved souls. I am your teacher Augustine and I have conveyed a somewhat complex message to help guide you as you open yourselves to many, many souls that are coming,so to understand through the eyes of your soul, the wisdom of your soul, the actions that you need to take that are in harmony with God’s Will, that the unfolding of your future will unfold in greater light, greater harmony, and greater service for the good of all. God bless you, beloveds. God bless you.