Spirit: Josephus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: December 06, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Blessings be upon you, my beloved friends. Yes, it is Josephus and indeed I was a philosopher in times of old of the Jewish tradition. I am now an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom. I thank this instrument for allowing me to speak and I thank you all for allowing me to speak to you today.

What you call a mind is really many layers of consciousness. The mind is that conscious layer that is more readily accessed than many other aspects of your being. In your deeply material world, so frenetic in nature, so busy, so full of thoughts, you believe that your mind and consciousness are merely that which rides upon the surface of your being, this conscious response to stimuli, to your five senses, bringing into your mind, your material mind, the organs of your brain, all of this information which you collect diligently, which your brain is well-suited to organise into various streams of consciousness. 

This is certainly a valid experience in every soul’s life upon this planet. It is often the only experience that a soul upon this world has to establish a foundation of reality, to see the world in such a way that brings a level of consciousness, an understanding married with emotions, physical responses, and ideas. 

So, this picture that comes together with the stream of stimuli and responses within makes for what you describe as valid understanding of the world. Your truth is derived from those things within your experience of life. Yet, for many, their experience of life, all the aspects of your being coming together to form your consciousness is very limited. It is merely the tip of the iceberg for there is so much more in the deeper realms of experience, of consciousness that are ignored and not seen as being valid. For the mind is set within its parameters and ideas and narrow views which come with limited experiences.

Yet, deep within every individual is another mind, another place where the reality of the physical world and the consciousness of the mind, of the material mind, is transformed and awakened into something much deeper. But indeed, one must delve through the layers of consciousness in order to come to that place. Even the energy centers of your body produce in you a sort of consciousness. The chakras, as you call them, interact with the physical body and the spirit body creating within this level of consciousness certain responses and certain perceptions of the world which stream into the brain, the mind, often categorised and distorted by your material view of the world. 

So these vital aspects of your being are rarely understood or recognised by the individual. As I have said, your busy lives keep you upon your surface consciousness, the very shallowness of it informs your experience in life in a way robs you of many, many other experiences which you call spirituality. There are some, as I am sure there are many within this gathering, who are interested in exploring these different levels of consciousness, of spirituality. Indeed, once they discover the many aspects of the energy centers of the body and the spiritual body, they are content to focus their explorations on such and will experience many different and varying aspects manifest through these energy centers and the combination of them which creates a powerful awakening within the consciousness of the individual.

Yet, there is much more my friends. There is very much more. But, in your material world, to understand and access these different levels of consciousness is inhibited by the thought conditions that are all around you and within your mind, the biases, the various centers of understanding that you have well-tended within your minds which operate to help you cope with the material world and with one another and bring a certain comfort and safety to your individual lives. 

When one settles into those well-worn routines of thought, those ideas which one believes represents a great sphere of truth, one is not motivated to go beyond this collection of ideas, this paradigm of thinking. The mind blocks out those other levels of experience which goes deeper and deeper within the individual, for the individual is blessed and imbued with many levels of consciousness, many levels of what you call mind. That exploration can be a lifelong journey, a journey that not only ends in your material life but will continue on in the spirit spheres, the spirit experiences. 

Yet here upon the material plane, you have a great opportunity to go very deep within yourselves, to understand that you are truly made up of wondrous aspects and elements that are not yet explored or understood within you, these great potentials of consciousness which may come forth as you continue to unblock the biases of your minds and go deeper within yourselves.

Few are focused enough, strong enough, inclined, and inspired to go deeper. Yet, there are those who make these journeys. There are those who are highly gifted and are able to break through those barriers of mind into deeper realms of consciousness and experience. Many of these individuals take time to teach many of you of their experiences and have in their own way an explanation as to what these experiences are and what these levels of consciousness are made of. 

But remember, my friends, that when one returns to this, what I would call superficial consciousness of the material mind, often these experiences are highly interpreted. They are made to fit into the biases of that individual, their language of understanding so that the true experience is lost in the explanation. This is most unfortunate but it is the truth that each individual must make their own journey to truly understand and formulate their own understanding of these experiences. Each of you may do so, my friends. Each of you has the capacity to delve into the realms of consciousness layer by layer, aspect by aspect that is within you. You are made up of astounding potentials and possibilities of consciousness and experience of spirituality if you will.

Now I will come to soul consciousness. Soul consciousness is very deep within every individual. The soul is the true self. The soul is that part of you that harbours many levels of consciousness. It is the part of you that carries on and is never destroyed but continually evolves and changes as the individual experiences life, not only life here, but life in spirit. As your light grows, as the consciousness of the soul expands and is awakened, then many layers that are hidden within the soul come alive. 

The consciousness of the soul is awakened by what we call the Divine Love, the Essence of God, for God is the Great Over-soul. God is and contains levels and layers of consciousness far beyond what the human mind nor the human soul may comprehend fully for God is God. God is an emanation of many energies, many aspects of itself which flow to humanity and help ignite levels of consciousness within humanity.

This inspiration, if you will, opens the doors to human consciousness. The highest energy that God emanates towards humanity is His own Essence, the Energy of His Soul given to humanity provided humanity seeks to open itself to this gift for God does not force upon any individual the gift of His Essence. It must be received by the willing soul so that within them, within your soul, there is an opening, a crack within the soul that is often so layered by the human condition, the thought condition, the energies around the soul so that it makes for an almost impenetrable barrier to God. 

That barrier is cracked open by prayer. Prayer is merely asking God for a connection, to have a relationship soul-to-soul between yourselves and God. Both are consciousness, are they not? Though your consciousness compared to God is like comparing the luminosity of your moon compared to the sun, but indeed, the sun does shine down, does it not? And so does the consciousness of God shine down upon each one of you. This is felt and known and described as His Love, for Love is the very Essence of God’s consciousness. Love can be and is capable of being the very essence of your own consciousness provided you are awakened by it, provided you are infused by this consciousness of Love, this energy of Love that is God’s very Essence.

In this way, the very aspects and consciousness of the soul which are different from the consciousness of the material mind and even if the spirit mind is awakened. Ideally and in time, these various consciousness come into alignment, one nested within the other so that there is a fusing of consciousness within you. This fusing is called enlightenment but this enlightenment is not just of the fusing of the material mind and of the spirit, for many teachers in your world have talked of this form of enlightenment which is beautiful in its own way when it is pure and expressed in alignment and harmony with the various laws and aspects of your creation. 

Indeed many have pursued this form of enlightenment but I speak of another enlightenment, another form, that of the consciousness of the soul awakening. In this awakening comes the fusion of those other aspects of your being which are also awakened by the power of God’s Love, this Holy Essence that transforms and awakens the soul but also transforms and awakens the mind so that these things in time are integrated, one within the other. Such an integration brings about soul consciousness. The highest of all consciousness is soul consciousness. As I say, this is the very essence of who you are. So as your essence is soul, so you become a soul awakened. With awakening comes various aspects and layers of consciousness coming alive and expressing itself within you and through you.

This is what we come to teach, beloved souls. We in the Celestial spheres way up beyond your material world, come a great distance and make a great effort to seek to awaken you to the possibilities of your own self bringing into consciousness all the aspects of who you are. As you grow and develop in these ways, so you will come to express yourself in deep and profound ways. Those gifts that you long for, many of you here who are so interested in the gifts of sight and healing, of truth, of speaking, and inspiring others and many, many other things that may be demonstrated through any individual provided they are awakened and conscious to their own self and to God. For when God places His Love within you, God awakens you with this great gift of Love so you create a bond together, a great channel of light between you where God may utilise you as His channels of love and light, of blessings for many, many souls.

Beloved Jesus who walked the Earth demonstrated this gift. He was an awakened soul. He understood and utilised the Laws of Love which made possible the transformation of his soul by this gift of Divine Love that increasingly flows within as you pray for this gift to be received. Jesus demonstrated the possibilities and potentials of a soul awakened in Love. His consciousness was deep. There is little to describe how he saw the world, perceived the world, and moved in the world for what is written in these modern days is merely a shadow, a distortion of who and what he was, but I assure you that he is your example. He is the one who walked the Earth and made a profound effect and influence upon your world. This continues to this day. So you may also walk the world with profound effect being a channel of God as Jesus was a channel of God and God’s intentions and blessings for humanity.

I believe I will stop now for I know you have limited time, but I hope that my talk has enlightened you as to the pursuit of the mind and of the soul for these things have within them many aspects and layers of consciousness that may be awakened and known by you in your lifetime. I urge you all to sit down in earnest prayer. Whatever that prayer may be, whatever words you may use or not use, but put forth your yearnings to God and ask for this blessing of the Divine Love for what you are asking for my friends, in this gift is the awakening of the many layers of your consciousness. All of this awakening, all of these layers when infused with Love, the great Essence of God, comes together in harmony and peace, fulfillment and joy for is this not what you truly desire my friends? 

Think not of the consciousness of the human condition as your benchmark for life. Think of the possibilities of the consciousness of your soul and how that may be realised and awakened. If you do so, I will assure you that the angels from the Celestial Heavens will come and assist you in this journey of awakening. Much will be given to a soul who is eager and earnest to pursue the journey of conscious awakening, of knowing the truth, the truth within and the truth without. All will come with this blessing of Love.

I thank you, my friends. May God bless you upon your journeys. I may come again to speak of other things of the soul. Blessings to you all, blessings and light. God bless you. I am Josephus. My love is with you.