Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 18, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloveds, it is Matthew. I have been with you with your conversation, listening to your thoughts and ideas pertaining to the differences of the soul mind and the material mind. You are each blessed, as is every soul, blessed with these faculties that are capable of much more than what humanity has yet discovered and recognized as a truth in your culture and society. There are those who have ventured into the realms of possibility and faculties inherent in the mind. These faculties may assist each soul in understanding God’s creation and the many layers of truth within God’s creation. But these faculties of the mind cannot penetrate the mysteries of God, the nature of God. To truly know God, one must have an awakened soul. Once a soul is awakened with the Divine Essence, the faculties needed to communicate, to understand, to see within these mystery of mysteries comes to you.

Remember, beloved souls, that the material world is the world of the mind. It is constantly influencing your thoughts and your mind. You live within this great and powerful current of the mental faculties and paradigms which humanity has created over millennia. This is a form of truth but it is not without its tarnishment from the biases and attitudes that are of the mind and have been impregnated into your mind through your life experiences. To be able to discern between truth and error through the mind is a very long and arduous process. With the Divine Love awakening the soul, this discernment comes as a Gift of Love from God, awakening the capacities of the soul to not only discern God, but to discern God’s creation and all that is.

So in the pursuit of the Divine Love, awakening the soul, will bring all answers to all questions, will bring all Truth to you in time. It requires diligence and patience, beloved souls. It requires your efforts and your focus in prayer, in contemplation, in listening to God, in listening to your own soul. It is for you to decide where your focus is.

I know that you have concerns regarding your ability to communicate with your brothers and sisters the Truth. I tell you, my beloveds, with a sincere soul, an awakened soul aligned with mind, you will have the vocabulary and the ability to communicate deeply with your brothers and sisters. You will be able to discern their perspectives and thoughts. You will be able to see through the maze of the human condition and the human thought condition to a place of clarity. In this way you may bring the simple truth. In this way you will bring love to everything that you speak of and do. In this way, those who are receptive within their soul will hear you. This is an important factor, beloved souls, that you reach the souls of others. Not necessarily the minds, for the mind is a malleable and changeable thing. Truth does not settle in the mind. Truth settles in the soul. Your focus, my beloveds, is to bring Truth to the soul of mankind and do so with conviction, clarity, love and simplicity.

There is no need to feel competitive with those individuals who are very articulate and very focused within the capacity of the mind to relate words and concepts that are complex. This is not your path beloved souls. Your path is to reach souls, to do so with simplicity, with dignity, with the power of love and the Grace of God surrounding you.

Though I do not wish to thwart your efforts and desires to learn, this is always a valuable thing, but do not confuse the mental learnings with the understandings of the soul. They are two very different things. The perspective of the soul does not align with the mental faculties of the mind inasmuch as in God’s Truths and the presence and understanding of God in your lives. These things are separate and these things you must learn to separate. In learning and discerning of these things, you will be able to add your understanding to your words, to what you teach, and what you give in your efforts to reach humanity. Yes, there is much to learn but the main focus of learning is of the soul, of the faculties of soul awakening. So that these perceptions of Truth, the understandings of Truth will flow readily through your mind, the material mind so that your speech and who you are in the world, will be a reflection of the Truth of your soul.

May God bless you on that journey, beloveds. You are continuing to walk upon the Path and understand the Truth. God continues to bless you upon that path and provide you with what you require to learn and grow in the Truth of God’s Love. That gift and this blessing is always available to you, beloveds. It is matter if your efforts and opening to them. Know that we are with you in these efforts. We have a deep desire that you will understand the Truth through the faculties of your soul. God continues to bless you and provide what is required to do so.

May God bless you deeply, beloved souls. May His Love continue to pour within. May you continue to awaken within. This awakening will blossom into your mind and infuse your mind with Truth and Love and understanding and clarity, strengthening all of you beloveds, all of you and bringing into alignment all that is of Truth.

God bless you, I am your friend and helper Matthew. My love is with you, I am with you often, my beloveds. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak. Bless you in your prayers, beloveds, bless you in your prayers. God bless you.