Spirit: James
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 02, 2021
Location: Gibsons, BC, Canada

God bless you, beloveds, I am James. To live a life filled with purpose is to live a rich and bountiful life. When that purpose and sense of purpose comes from the soul and the desires of the soul to fulfill that which God has placed within it, an expression that is purposeful and powerful, then the joy that comes with this expression is great and fulfillment is the outcome of such a life. 

Each of you within your souls has the knowledge of its purpose. Generally, one lives a life and finds their own true self and experiences all that life has to give to them. This indeed is in conjunction with God’s purpose for your existence, but there are often tasks and expressions within the soul that are unique to that individual and a reflection of its purpose. When this is discovered, there is a sense of joy and recognition of truly knowing that their walk in life has a deep meaning, a purposeful outcome that God has designated for that individual soul. 

Indeed, as you grow in the Father’s Love, as your faculties awaken, as a sense of your true self comes to be, so this individual purpose will be evident. It may come in many ways. It may indeed come to you in a subtle way, but it also may be revelatory, or it may not come in a conscious way at all but be expressed through your soul in such a reflexive way that there is no true recognition of it. 

Yet in your life, given that you desire to do God’s Will and to be a channel of love in the world, you will come to know this purpose within you, and it will bring you a great blessing, a great blessing of understanding and expression. In this expression will come God’s Touch, His Love pouring over you, as God recognizes that you have adopted and accepted your particular purpose which God has gifted you with. 

I urge you to pray that whatever purpose God has for you may be fulfilled. Indeed, that purpose relies upon those gifts that God has instilled within your soul and relies upon the awakening of those gifts with God’s Touch upon you. Much comes with prayer and with faith, as you trust in God so you will be guided towards the expression of your purpose. It is that great gift that God has given to the world, that which is instilled within your soul, will surely be ignited and expressed in great light and beauty and love.

So, I beseech you, children of God, express that which is deep within you, allow God to work through you, release all barriers to this expression and allow love to inform all that you do and all that you are. In this way, that deep gift of life instilled with purpose will be expressed and many others in your world will benefit from this expression. 

May God bless you beloved souls, I am James. I’m happy to be with you tonight to pray with you and to speak to you. Precious souls of God, precious and of light, so you join God in the great purposeful flow of His plan for the salvation of humanity. May you find your place and realize your gifts and purpose fulfilled, in the flow of your life and the beauty of your expression in the light of your being, close to your Creator, blessed deeply by His Love. God bless you, beloved souls, I am James and I love each and every one of you. God bless you.