Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 07, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Children, beloved souls, I am your teacher Augustine. I come to encourage you to know your own souls. But, in the world that is so focused upon the mind, knowing your own soul is a great challenge. Yet, knowing your own soul is the great gifts and invitation that God has given to you, my beloved brothers and sisters. It is your souls that have drawn you together.

In the midst of your brothers and sisters in prayer, in the midst of your angel friends who surround you, in the light of God’s Touch that pours upon you, do you truly know this experience, my beloved and beautiful children? Do you truly know from that deep place that you are loved, that the power of God’s Love continues to touch your soul and awaken those deep parts within you, healing all that keeps you from God, bringing you into harmony with God and alignment and an understanding God’s laws, a wisdom that comes, that bubbles forth from the soul?

This is what we beseech you to do, to come to that place of deeper understanding and deeper knowing. Often when we come to speak to you, you may not hear us. You may not remember the words that we speak. You may not even recognize those words within your conscious mind. It is because when we draw you together in this way in these Circles of Light that your souls are more awake than you generally experience in your life. So it is your souls’ ears and eyes and knowings that absorb this experience in prayer, in your communal prayer to God beseeching God’s blessings upon each of you.

And so the mind, when it regains its full awareness, tends to push aside these experiences, tends to cover them over with rationality and not in as such, disbelief, but a lack of truly being aware of these experiences. Yet, your souls absorb every minute detail and moment in these prayers. Though they may seem a blank, a void, that you may not remember my words or the words of another angel who speaks, rest assured that your soul has received this blessing and these words, this wisdom and truth. You will carry it within you for all eternity. These truths and understanding will grow and be added to as you continue to discover God and uncover those hidden parts of yourself.

So many are frustrated, lose interest, are diverted and distracted from this pursuit because it does not stimulate the mind in ways that you are used to and have come to expect. Rather, it is the mind of the soul that is stimulated by this experience, these words, the inflow of God’s Love, all that is a part of your beautiful prayer together as you open up portals of light into your being, blessings from God, words from the angels, all of these things that uplift and help to shift your consciousness towards God and towards your own soul in communion with God.

As you do this over and over again treading the path between you and God, treading the path between your minds and your souls, so the consciousness of your soul, the awareness of your soul, will become more readily accessible to your mind. Your mind becomes accustomed to this new reality. In time it will be second nature to your experience in life.

Some are more sensitive to these conditions, energies, levels of consciousness. While others are firmly entrenched within the mind and find a difficult to shift from that very powerful place. Yet, as I say, within your soul, you are receiving these blessings. This Truth is being absorbed. The minds of your soul are absorbing this Truth and integrating this truth within your conscious self, the self of the soul.

So do not lose patience, beloveds. Do not be frustrated nor sense that you are inadequate or not receiving this blessing and these gifts for you are indeed with each prayer receiving much. You are laying the foundation of Truth within your soul. This is what you will carry with you through your life on this Earth and beyond. Each effort you make to be together in prayer, to be singly in prayer, to try to listen to God, to hear this subtle and sweet voice of your Creator, you will benefit within your soul.

It creates greater light. It gives deeper blessings. It open faculties yet to be acknowledged by your mind but indeed opening and coming alive with the blessings of the Father’s Love.

You are each been deeply gifted. None of you are excluded from this experience and gift. Have faith that you are indeed a part of something wonderful, a light that is pure, a truth that will bring you upon the Path Divine and eventual at-onement with God . Someday you will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, the Celestial Kingdom, and come to know with your brothers and sisters who dwell there, the great joy and wonderment that is the soul awakened with God’s Essence, that at-onment with Truth, Love, joy, peace, harmony and Light will be yours.

Each moment you pray, this gift is given, you inch closer and you are becoming a true child of God. Have faith in this, beloved souls. We who tutor you and assist you see this growing light within your souls. We continue to assist you and nurture you upon this path that will bring you to that place of which I speak. Be comforted by this and know your own souls. In this way, you will truly understand that which I speak of and truly understand God and all that God is and wishes to give to you in great benefit of your soul.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am your teacher Augustine. Now may we pray in silence and seek to be in harmony with God and receive his blessings. God bless you, beloveds. My love is with you.