Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 30, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Blessings to you beloved souls, I am Seretta Kem. My gift is the gift of healing, amongst other things that I do with mortals for their benefit. I lived in what you call Egypt, several thousand years ago and have studied the art of healing for all of this time. I wish to tell you that through all of my studies I have come to realize that the ways of healing, the channels of healing, the art of healing is so diverse and complex, that to this day I do not know all of these avenues and perspectives. At this moment there are several powerful healers with you all and yes, you were not isolated one from the other, but at this time you are all together, bathing in this light of healing, this touch of peace, this uplifting glow of energies brought to you by us who are servants of God.

It is difficult for mortals to be fully attuned to the healing energies of the universe because of the disparate conditions of your world, the darkness, the thought energies, the lack of love and lack of understanding. So little penetrates these conditions, this darkness, and reaches humanity. This was never meant to be the lot of humanity. Rather, in God’s plan for his children, you would all be immersed in harmonious energies and light, colors and blessings that would sustain you through your life. In fact, your human life is meant to be much longer than it is, and if these energies were to be more prolific in your world, you would indeed experience great vitality and health and happiness. This is meant for each soul upon your world and yet, because of the meddling of humans, the expression of free will, the thoughts and actions of humanity, these beautiful conditions that are meant for each one of you have been circumvented. Yet we continue, many spirits and Celestial angels continue to make efforts to reach you all, and we are happy when you come together in prayer and a desire to reach up into Light.

For you benefit greatly from this, and those who are connected to you, who are with you in your mind, in your hearts, may also benefit from the flow of these blessings and energies. You perform a valuable service for your brothers and sisters on Earth, and we can only hope that more, many more, will make efforts such as these and have faith that the universal energies created by God are for everyone. God does not preclude any soul, for God loves every soul. It is that each soul must choose and does choose by their own actions and thoughts. So, you have chosen to reach for the Light and I encourage you to do so each and every day. And if in your prayers you ask for God’s blessings, for the blessing of the Divine Love, for the blessing of healing, the blessing of teaching and Truth, the upliftment of all that is in your life, then these prayers will be answered, one way or another, and will come as a response to the power of your own faith and desire to receive.

Know the gifts that God has to give to you. Each of you are worthy, each of you may receive many, many blessings, and each of you have the potential to be a channel of Love and healing and Light in the world. God desires to enlist you all in this great effort to heal the world. May you come to know this within your hearts and minds and souls, that this is your destiny. This is how you may serve humanity. This is how you may come into alignment with God and the Divine intentions for your world.

So much can be given. So much is given. Yet, so much is unacknowledged nor seen and understood by humanity. It is time for humanity to awaken to Truth, to their own true selves and potentials, to the necessity of change in this world that will bring greater harmony and life to your world. Approach each day with the intention of doing something better, of Light, in greater harmony, and learning and growing in Truth and Love. Be an agent of Light, beloved souls. Seek to be that agent. Though you may doubt that you have the capacity and the gifts to do so, I say to each one of you, you are all gifted and you all have great potential, but you must make effort to expedite and develop these gifts so to seek for the highest, to be an instrument for the greatest good of humanity. These intentions and desires, if they are true within you, will bring the many blessings of which I speak, and the many gifts of healing will be yours, and the great flow of healing will be a blessing through each one of you.

Seek for Truth, for Divine expression and intention in your life, and the great blessings of God will flood over you and flood into your lives in great abundance. It all awaits your desire, your intention and your decision. May you come to know that deep desire within your souls and be blessed with true understanding and clarity and strength and compassion and love. These are the things of God. These are the things of your higher self. These are the aspects of your soul which yearn to be realized and opened.

May the Love of God awaken you all. Thank you for listening to me, beloved souls. As I have spoken, so you have been blessed by many angels who are working and assisting each one of you. God bless you. My love is with you. God bless you.