Spirit: Joseph
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 13, 2020
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Beloved souls, I am Joseph. I come to tell you that those of you who are sincere in your prayers and efforts to reach the Heavenly Father to receive the gift of His Love, have at your disposal and support the entire Celestial Kingdom. We make great efforts to uplift you, to bring you into light, to protect you, to guide and encourage you and to bring inspiration to you. Many things we can do to support you, things that otherwise could not be of great benefit to you but come from this relationship between ourselves and your beautiful souls. Come to know this. Come to know how deeply you are loved and cared for, how much that God’s Love for each one of you and your acknowledgement of this Love and this blessing brings to you great benefits of light, of peace, of healing, many blessings that otherwise would not be in your lives. 

So you walk in this Earth plane which is fraught with darkness and error, conditions that are contrary to harmony and love. Yet, you have aligned yourself with such  powerful resources in your lives by your souls opening to the great gift of God’s Love and your efforts to align yourself with God. The definition of angels of God, those who reside within the Celestial Kingdom, are those who have had their souls transformed by the Father’s Love.In this transformation comes a deep connection with God, a deep knowing of the Will of God. 

So, in this relationship that we have with God, we may be guided and directed to come and support all of you who are in alignment with His Truth. The chain of love, the flow of support and upliftment, the blessings that come, not only from God and His Holy Spirit but from the angels, all are directed towards those of you who are receptive to these blessings. 

They will intensify as your souls grow, as you become in greater alignment with God, so these blessings will grow, the upliftment will be felt directly and palpably. The Love will envelop you and you will feel Its warmth, the peace that comes in this blessing, and your soul will begin to awaken and feel safe in its expression. For a soul is a sensitive thing. The soul has its vulnerabilities here on your Earth plane and requires protection and nourishment and love. Your soul is like a newborn child, innocent, yearning for that which the soul yearns for. Its natural habitat is in alignment with God. So we come to envelop you, to assist you in your efforts, to awaken your souls and to do so bravely and with confidence. With faith that God will indeed guide you and show you the way to this awakening, that His Love that continues to pour upon you will strengthen a soul, will bring insight and wisdom to a soul, will uplift and bring great Light to a soul. 

You are all enwrapped by God. You are all deeply loved. You are all in this great Circle of Light and protection. So allow your souls to open, to flower in this environment of love. Have faith that God will guide you and protect you, that His angels are forever by your side. Thus, your journey will be straight and direct in the awakening of your soul and the forging of this deep bond with God, in your awareness and understanding of the Truths of God and your relationship with we in the Celestial Heavens. 

You have found a powerful road of light, one that is directly linked with God. All that is required is that you walk upon this road with each day making efforts in prayer and supplication to God, to grow in your faith, your humility, and in the Grace of God, finding the joy of God, knowing the strength of God and the Truth of God, and all else will follow. All else will seem easy and fluid and beautiful as your journey in life comes ever closer to your Creator.

You are deeply blessed, beloved souls. Acknowledge this blessing. Allow yourselves to be awakened, to feel deeply your own soul, to know this sweet and innocent yet vulnerable place within you that feels so very much, that knows so very much, as it is nourished by God. You will find your way,  and we will accompany you upon that journey. Our love is with you. God’s Love is with you. All that is love is with you.

Align yourself with this. Seek the harmony that comes with this and be the child of God that you truly are. God bless you, beloveds. I am Joseph and I walk with you on your journey. God bless you.