Spirit: Brother Mandus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 09, 2022
Location: Blackpool, UK

May God be with you, my friends. I am Mandus, and I come to thank you for your efforts and concerns in regard to the place in which I did my work and ministry. I have gratitude for all your prayers and for the dear souls that have gone to pray in the sanctuary. I have gratitude for you, my friends, who knew me and knew my vision and my work, and that you continue to pray for the fulfillment of that great flow of Love from God as it continues to be manifest in the world.

The healing touch of God is so important and so needed in your world. I did not fully appreciate or understand this when I walked the Earth, but now I understand more fully and ascribe to the journey of the soul towards at-onement with God through His Love.

So nothing would make me happier than to see those who understand this journey to be in a leadership role in this place. Needless to say, there are very contrary forces which continue to deny this opportunity and possibility.

Yet, do not give up hope, my friends, but continue to pray for this. Continue to ask God to bless this place, even though on the surface, the understanding and the mindful iterations of the message that is given in this place are not in harmony or in alignment with the true message of God’s Love. I say that God still continues to dwell within this place. His Blessings continue to flow for those who are receptive and who seek it. This is why I urge you to continue to pray, to fuel the light, even though you see so clearly the antithesis of light, the contrariness of this place. 

How it is a contradiction in terms, but with prayer and the power of prayer this may be corrected, and will be at some point.  So I urge you to continue, to seek to be a channel of love for those who are working within this centre. To not judge, but to know that God’s work be done and shall be done.

I walked in faith. I began with so very little other than faith. It brought me to many places. It brought about the realization of this beautiful centre of light. So faith can carry you far, provided you allow God to work through you, you allow light to be around you, and disallow the tendency to judge and to condemn, for this would be an easy thing to do, considering how you have been maltreated over the years.

I say to you that the higher road is that of love, is that of being in God’s Grace and having faith in God’s Plan and Will. 

My friends, know that we in spirit, that I personally, continue to support you, to pray for you and to pray for a resolution to this dilemma. So it will come about I know, in my heart of hearts I know, that God’s Will will be done.

The journey continues towards being God’s servants in the world, being in the true flow of His Will, being those loving beautiful souls that you are, and the work that you accomplish is a good work. It reaches many more than you can imagine, especially those in my side of life. So many are benefiting from this work and your prayers.  Whether you do so in this humble place or do so in the WHC, it is the prayer and intention that is important, it is not the location, but it is the intention to serve God, to be a light, to be a channel of love.

I urge you on. I urge us all on. As we continue to fulfill the blessings and guidance that God gives to us, each one, as we seek our way through life, so we will find the opportunities that God puts before us to be His servants, to heal, to bring peace and comfort and love. These things matter in the world. They are so needed in the world. And you know the ways and means to be that individual that will bring through the blessings of God.

Have faith in yourself. Have faith that your abilities and capacities to help heal those who come along your path. Allow God to work through you. Allow God to touch others, to be that true servant of God, and in this way, many will be touched.  

You just touched a dear soul, who was in need of comfort and acknowledgement and love. Is this not God’s Work? And will you not continue to touch others who are seeking and longing and do not truly understand the path to God? Will you not show them the way, encourage them to step further into light?  Not in a way that you are the one with power and the one to be acknowledged. No, with humility and grace, my friends, humility and grace. That all are equal in God’s eyes, all are loved equally, and all are created uniquely. Acknowledge this, my friends. Acknowledge the uniqueness and the equality, and in this way, humility must come and is expressed.

May God bless you on your journeys, and again I thank you for the efforts you have made in prayer, and I encourage you to continue. For this is an important part of your service, to help sustain the light in this place. Do not worry about the mental machinations of those who wander the halls. They are not the instruments of God. Rather, they are the instruments of their own egos. Instead, pray for the many spirits who work in this place to help bless others in this place. And for the few that are there who are lights and will continue to serve God in their humble and simple ways, and in this way, God’s Will will be done.  And in this way, you will have fulfilled your part in this.

And I thank you again, and again and again, for all that you do and the beautiful souls that you are. Know that I am with you as part of that great retinue of spirits and the angels who continue to work to bring greater light to the world, to humanity.  

My work is not complete nor is yours, there is so much more to do, and may we find our way upon the path that God has designated, upon the journey of light, of awakening, of soulful love. May God bless you my friends, I am your brother, Mandus, and I am with you. God bless you.