August 26th, 2001
Received by H.
Cuenca, Ecuador

My dear brother H…, it is true that yesterday I wanted to impress upon you something more than you finally received. You had this image of a river in your mind, but you could not interpret it, and so you did not mention it in the message.

Now, what I wanted to explain to you is that our souls are like a stream of water, searching its way to the Great Ocean of God. It is a natural law that the water eventually finds the shortest way to its destiny, but often in its course, obstacles block the way and the water’s course deviates and seemingly loses direction. Nevertheless, it will reach the ocean and it will be one with it. The water will gnaw on those obstacles and erode them, and little by little, will shorten its path. But it will also create new obstacles with the rubble it draws with it.

You can liken this image to the soul, which is hampered and fettered by beliefs, by the material mind which always tries to dominate it. But little by little, the soul will erode and remove those obstacles, and although new ones will appear, there will come the day when it asserts itself and finally finds God and its at-onement with Him. Our soul has the innate desire to find God and man cannot suppress this desire forever. In the seemingly eternal battle between soul and material mind, the soul will prove stronger.

During the day, you also received many impressions about awareness, but your day has been too loud and tense and so you could not digest those impressions as I would have liked you to do. But in spite of it, I want to go a little bit deeper on this topic. You have heard that the soul’s development increases its awareness, and with its awareness, the soul’s perceptions gain a wider space of activity. In time, they become keener and when the soul’s awareness through its selective perceptions has taken advantage of what its environment may offer, it experiences a sudden expansion and a new world of wonders and opportunities opens up.

This is the normal way of development, stimulated by the spirit’s or the mortal’s interest and inclination and guided by other spirits, who in their more advanced state lead their charge along the chosen path. But there is another possibility and this is that the Father Himself enlarges the soul’s awareness, as if He uncovers a hidden door, a pathway to a new universe. He did this once when He blessed us with the awareness of His Love, a Love which always existed, which always bathed us, but which mankind could not perceive. This is the so-called privilege of receiving His Soul’s Substance, because in order to receive It you must be aware of Its existence.

Jesus already communicated that God’s Love always flooded the universe of His creation, but it was not accessible for mankind after the first parents had slammed shut this door and the knowledge of the door’s existence disappeared. Now, after the Father’s renewed bestowal of this privilege, all men, deep inside their souls, know that this door exists, and it would be the task of the different churches to guide their members’ attention to this door, but instead, they have opened up other doors, leading to the world of the perfect man and distracting people’s attention from the Divine Pathway, which starts exactly at the mentioned door.

The reason why I have mentioned this is because there have been two questions which troubled you in the past. The first one was: “why do the messages state that God has a place of living, when His Love, which is His Soul’s Substance floods all the universe?” You could not and you still cannot understand this. Ann Rollins wrote that man does not live and move and have his being in God, but merely in the attributes of God. But His Divine Love is not strictly God’s attribute, It is His Own Substance and It is all around us.

The second question which disturbed you was the statement that spirits in the sixth sphere could not proceed further in their soul development and that this stationary state was the cause for their eventual or possible discontent. Their souls, in their structure, have reached whatever they are able to reach, and all they can do is to accumulate more knowledge, that is, to obtain an increase in quantity but not in quality. But you thought that, in some way or the other, something similar was happening in the Celestial Spheres. All souls which enter there have been completely and perfectly transformed previously in God’s Own Substance of Love. So what those souls can achieve is to accumulate ever more of this Substance, but this means, as in the first case, an increase in quantity but not in quality.

Now, just to answer the last part of the second question, one cannot compare Divine Love with knowledge. But let us proceed in order. It is true, God’s Substance floods the universe, but man does not live and move and have his being in God because while it is true that God is Love, He is not only Love, He is much more. His Substance of Love is only that part of His Divinity that He has offered us, but nobody said that He has offered us all. God’s Spirit floods the universe, like the spirit of life, about which we will speak more in detail in the future, and part of His Substance is all-present too, but not all of God is all-present in the universe.

Now, as to the second question, it is true that the inhabitants of the sixth sphere are restricted to accumulating knowledge and enjoying their happiness. This is great but indeed, their true progress has ended. In the Celestial Heavens things are a bit different. You are unable in your present condition to understand Divine Love and all the blessings this Substance gives us. But besides mentioning that Divine Love and discontent are totally opposed, and a soul filled with the Father’s Love will never suffer unhappiness but increases its happiness with each particle of Love it receives (an effect you cannot claim for knowledge,) I will only tell you that God’s Being implies much more, immensely more than you or I can conceive, so that even the most advanced spirits of the Celestial Heavens are incapable of sounding It.

I will tell you though that, as God has opened up a door to perceive and acquire part of His Divinity of Love, He can open up other doors to perceive and acquire other parts of His Divinity, which you cannot imagine in your wildest fantasies. These are things non-existent to your awareness, but still, they do exist. It is utterly impossible to explain more, but I will state that we will never be as God is, but progressively we will take on more of His Divinity in more facets than this one you know: His Marvelous Love. So remember, progress in the Celestial Heavens is eternal in quantity and in quality, but God’s Divine Love is so fulfilling and complete that you should not worry about other things to come, just strive and enjoy. There is no limit to the Father’s blessings.

Now to conclude this message, I wish to tell you a little bit more about my life. I was born in the town of Kerioth, a place in southern Judea, where my father was a prosperous merchant. I would not say that he was rich, but he had sufficient funds and the opportunity to provide a solid education for his children. I was not an ignorant man by the standards of our time. Like the little bird which feels a certain impulse to try its wings and finally leaves its parents’ nest, so I left the house of my father, a young man full of pride, idealism, nationalism and a strong desire to find truth, whatever this was. And I did not only find truth but I found the Truth, when I met the Master in the north, in Galilee, where I joined him and finally formed part of the inner group of his disciples.

You have read the opinion of some scholars that “Iscariot” is a corruption of “sicarius”, that is dagger-man, or assassin. They claim that Jesus had formed a highly political movement and that many radical elements had joined his ranks, including Simon the Zealot and Simon (Peter) bar Jonah. The Talmud mentions the “barjonim”, political extremists, but this word is a far later invention and bar Jonah simply means “son of Jonah” in Aramaic. Simon the Zealot was a zealot before he met Jesus, and I was an ardent nationalist too, like many of Jesus’ disciples, but Jesus’ movement was not a political movement as you understand the term nowadays. So you understand that the root of Iscariot is the name of the town of Kerioth.

I had found Truth, but Truth my brother, soulful Truth, always will conflict in one or other way with your material mind. Let it sink deep into your soul, embrace it humbly, and listen to it. Let yourself not be torn apart in this struggle between soul and material mind. Be yourself, be soul. Not doing this was the root of my infamous sin.

God bless you,