Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 30, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

May God bless you with His Love, beloved souls. I am Jesus. I come. I come to speak to you today and respond to our dear brother who has commented that I have a great distaste of coming to the Earth plane during these times of Christian religious celebrations which seem to say that I am not merely the son of God but God Himself incarnate in the flesh. As you well know, this is error. I spoke of these things one hundred years ago through our beloved brother James because in those times gone by, many individuals celebrated these times with great fervor and belief that I was indeed part of the tri-union of God’s manifestation. 

But, times are different, my friends, as times now indicate that many are not so fervent about these beliefs. Many may continue to celebrate these special times of the year but often the meaning has been lost or has shifted to something that is more material in nature rather than spiritual in doctrine. Because of this and because of the conditions in the Earth plane, there is not a great deal of thought condition upon your Earth plane that reinforces this error. So I am free to move about upon your plane almost as an anonymous individual for the numbers of people who believe in orthodox Christianity are dwindling day by day. Their influence is losing its power in the consciousness of your way of life at this time. 

In some ways, it makes it easier for us in the Celestial Kingdom to come to you on the Earth plane because these thought forms and projections are not causing barriers of error and thought which make for difficulties with whom we wish to influence and who are drawing in the blessings of God. In other ways, those times gone by were more innocent. Those who had and were in greater alignment with the truth of love, were more attuned to God and have brought greater light to the world.

It is as it always has been in the world, a mixture of light and darkness, of receptive conditions and barriers. This is why you are needed, my friends. This is why it is important to seek the Love of God into your souls, to be fervent in your prayers, and to release all barriers and thoughts that are not of truth and may perpetrate error. As you awaken in your souls and are close to God, so you become a great beam of light in the world, beaming this light wherever you go. This is the ideal condition for us to work with you. Be assured that we do indeed work with you given the opportunity to do so, given your desire that we may do so, given your prayers and your efforts to be with God so that you may open these great Portals of Light upon you and that those powers flowing from God, flowing from the great resources of Heaven may indeed operate through your beings and open up many possibilities for blessings for your brothers and sisters.

I know it is difficult for you to truly understand this and to come to that place of clarity. For many of you, it is an act of faith, an expression of the desire within your soul to be God’s channels of light and love. This truly is all that is required though you may be blessed with glimpses and insights into what may flow through your beautiful instrumentality and the gifts that you possess within you. I know this is very satisfying to your mindful curiosity to be assured through your own experiences that God is indeed working through you. God will open those avenues of insight and understanding and clarity as you continue to grow in this great blessing of God’s Love.

God wishes to give to you all that you desire to be spiritually attuned, that your gifts may be opened and active, clear and powerful, and that all may be informed with love. When you are walking upon your path in this world, seeking to be that clear channel of love, seeking to be in alignment with God’s Will, so you truly understand that which I am speaking of and teaching you. You must come to know and to focus upon this great Truth of Love for it is the Truth of this Love that opens all doors to understanding, all doors of service, and all doors of love for humanity.

Each day you step forward incrementally towards this perfect understanding, this beautiful and clear and bright expression of your souls. In this way, you become truly my brother and my sister upon this path. I may come closer to you in a way that you will know and feel and your souls may be joyous in this communion together for you have come to God and asked to be awakened. So you shall be in your prayers and your efforts to know God and to know all that is in harmony with God.

In this way you will open the doors to our presence. You will open the doors that we may work together in unison, in harmony with the great power and activation of God’s blessings upon humanity. Each of you have this great potential. Each of you will express this potential in unique ways, in beautiful ways. So, my beloved brothers and sisters, you are all needed upon this great path of service, upon this great flow of truth and awakening of humanity. 

The power is within your reach to change the world, for you have within you such great and deep potentials that when the Father’s Love activates your faculties and gifts, you will be astounded at what may flow through you, what you may come to know and express in the world. The true beauty of your soul may indeed flower forth for all to see and all to benefit from. You will know a joy beyond joy. You will know the great peace that passes all understanding. You will know your own transformed self, seeing that you are and have become something new and wondrous and incredible in its being. 

You will join us in the Celestial Heavens far beyond the worries and cares of this world into the ecstatic joy of heavenly existence, beyond even that of the spirit world to something that is new and wondrous and beyond the scope of your recognition at this time. We all journey together, beloved souls, beyond the limitations of the mind and the body and the spirit to the infinite possibilities of the soul awakening to God’s Touch ever more fully. Through the course of all eternity, we will be together, beloveds. We will be together in this wondrous, miraculous place that is the Celestial Kingdom. 

I urge you to seek further to the awakening of your souls, to speak to God with all your heart and all your feelings and all your thoughts which express that deep desire within you to be healed, transformed, and awakened. So it will be in accordance to your desires, beloved souls. So it will be because you have chosen the Divine Path. So it will be because all of God’s children who seek Him out and seek for His Love will forever be blessed and shown the way to greater light.

My love is with you, beloved souls. I lead you forward. Armies of angels beckon you to further light and growth within your soul and pray for this gift for each one of you. Doors open for you, beloveds. Light pours forth for the benefit of your soul. May you come to truly know this, to understand with deep eyes and minds of your soulful self, taking you beyond this world that you live in into wondrous journeys of truth as you flow towards God in loving communion awakened. Awake, my beloveds, awake to the great journey of the soul. There you will find the joy, the answers that you seek, all that is of light and goodness is yours in a single breath of beseeching God for His Love.

God bless you, beloveds. I am with you. You know this. I will never leave. You are blessed in light. Carry this wherever you go and many will feel a touch of comfort from you. God bless you. God bless you, beloveds. I am your brother and friend. I am Jesus. God bless you.