Spirit : Jesus
Medium : Al Fike
Date : June 29th 2021
Location : Gibsons, B.C.

The grace of God be upon you, beloved souls. I am your brother, Jesus. I come with your prayers and your desires for the blessings for this world, for your loved ones, for all who are within your orbit of light. I come because you are within the orbit of my light, and my brothers and sisters whom I love and care for. I am with you, beloved souls, I am with you, in light and love, in grace and peace. My prayers are that the Father’s Love may continue to infill your soul, transforming you with every breath, every moment of your lives, to be in that blessed grace of God, in that beloved touch of God, uplifting, healing and transforming. Those who pray with me are truly my brothers and sisters. Those who pray for the truth of God’s Love will be the active agents of change in the world. Each of you will find your way upon this path of service to bring grace and truth to the world as you demonstrate this truth and touch many souls, for God will use you, beloved souls. God will use your gifts, your light, your unique person to reach souls who are seeking and yearning for truth. And the wave of God’s Will and blessings upon you and through you will intensify as you grow in this Love. You will be His instruments. You must put aside all doubt, you must put aside those parts of you that wish to be in control of this flow of God’s blessings upon others. Rather, you are required to release that condition within your mind and walk in the grace of faith, in the humility and light which comes with the soul awakening. In this way you will know what you must do, what your particular purpose and path will be. In this way nothing will impede you for the greatest impediment that each of you face in your world are those conditions and erroneous beliefs within your mind that are not in harmony with the truth of your soul and your relationship with your Heavenly Father. Release those things, beloved souls, that are of fear, of pretention, of desire for recognition, or fear of recognition.

All those things that are of the human condition must be released within you and with this dissolving of conditions that are not in harmony, so you will find your way upon the path and you will be God’s instruments, clear and powerful, beautiful and graceful. Pray for this to be, beloved souls, for it is important that your intention is clear and your desires are to be of service in these times of great change and great challenge for humanity. Each of you have come to that place of knowing your true efforts and intention, and that which you have committed yourselves to upon this path God has placed before you. With this must come joy and peace, with this love flows readily. With this you are in that great light of God’s Touch, and that will be expressed in many ways, through your gifts, through all that you are so light will shine through and the beauty of your souls will be expressed with great light, truth, love and wisdom. In this way, you are my disciples.

Consider this, beloved souls, not the disciples of the Jesus that has been fabricated over the years and erroneously thought to be the true Jesus, for this is not the case. The true Jesus stands before you, beloveds. The true Jesus is an instrument and channel of Love as God’s true child. And as you gaze upon the truth, as you are in alignment with God so you are my brothers and sisters who will be my disciples, who will bring this truth forward in the world. And in this, many of the blessings and so-called miracles, that have been that manifest through me when I walked the earth shall also manifest through you, beloved souls. And this will be how your brothers and sisters will recognize you and will know that you carry the power of truth, that what you speak and do will demonstrate the truth of God. These things did not manifest through me because I intended it to be or planned it to be so. I walked in the world, guided by God. I listened, I prayed and listened to His promptings and Will. I had great faith in my Heavenly Father. I was His true instrument. I had the great advantage of a purified soul when I walked the earth. 

Yet I tell you, even when you are not in this pure state, you may truly be His instruments and through the clarity of those aspects of your soul that are now transformed, and those things that continue to be transformed, so you will be those instruments, so your gifts will shine through. With great faith they will be powerful demonstrations and blessings to your brothers and sisters. It is your acceptance, your desire to do so as a channel of light and love and blessings for God that these things will manifest. It is in accordance to your willingness, your innocence, your desire, your light, that these things shall be so. Consider this, my beautiful brothers and sisters, consider what you may do, not with the inclinations of your mind and the desires that come with this, but with the beauty of your souls and what may flow in this beauty as your souls grow in the Father’s Love, His precious touch upon each of you. Together we walk in this light, together we are in alignment with this truth, and together we shall serve God to bring humanity to this truth and to help awaken the many souls to their true potentials, their true selves in the Love of God. 

May God bless you, beloveds. I am with you in light, love, truth, peace. All that is required for you to walk upon this earth as lights, disciples of truth and love, God’s true instruments, is given in abundance, beloveds, given in abundance, awakening you with every day, uplifting you with light, seeking to transform you with the great essence of God within you. Walk with me and know that I walk with you. We are together in this light. God bless you. God bless you. I am your brother and your friend and I am with you always, beloved souls. In the peace of God’s Touch, together we pray at this moment. Father, touch my brothers and my sisters in Your grace, Your Love, flowing deep within and healing all that which is not of light, opening all that which is your blessing upon them and your gifts to them, that your love may flow freely, abundantly and openly with each of these precious children. Father, rain down Your Light upon them, Your healing, Your blessings, Your presence in this great and sacred gift of Light. Thank you, Father. And thank you, beloveds, my love is with you, always. God bless you.