Spirit: Orion
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 1, 2023
Location: Sechelt, B.C.

God bless you, my friends, I am Orion. I come once again to speak, to inspire, to educate. It is such a blessing that there are those who come together in this Circle of Light so consistently with great dedication. So I honor you, my friends, for the lights that you are and the great intentions that you carry and the beautiful gifts that are within you.

We speak of shifting consciousness. Indeed, much of what I say relates to this act of moving beyond the mundane conditions and consciousnesses that is of your everyday life to that of the soul consciousness, that consciousness that endures beyond this earthly plane, that consciousness that carries many secrets, many unrecognized potentials, many future experiences for each of you as you continue to reach out to the great Creator. These experiences cannot be without your intentions to put effort upon changing consciousness, growing awareness within your soul. So we urge you to be disciplined, to make efforts to pray, to shift your thinking toward that of the soul so that you may open the channel between soul consciousness and material consciousness. 

 I know that each day you each make an effort to do so. You contemplate what soul consciousness truly is and try to attune yourselves to this awareness, and there are times when you are quite successful. Some of you have had experiences that are profound, deep and rich that indicate and prove to yourself that indeed, another consciousness resides within you. This is God telling you that “I am here with you, that I have many wonders to share with you, I have love for you, and we have this personal relationship which will grow and expand for all eternity.” So as you grow in love, the expansion of this consciousness will take place.

In many regards, the speed at which this consciousness may emerge within you in such a way that it is readily accessible is determined by your focus and your desires, as well as your prayers. It is important that you realize the mechanics, that  shifts in awareness can certainly happen and will happen in time, but they may more readily happen if you allow it, accept it and desire it, if you take the time daily and come to that place of openness, of clearing your mind of the material concerns, of raising your awareness to the consciousness of God. Ironically, to do so you must go deep within yourself. For many of you, it is difficult to do so because the world has its demands, it pulls you away from those deeper aspects that reside within you. Many of you have deep concerns in your life, deep questions, some fears, some doubts. You are human. Yet, we carry you forward. Indeed, it takes a small army to carry you forward, my friends, but we are eager to do so and we will make every effort to help you shift your consciousness toward those higher elements and aspects of your being, toward God, towards the truth.

It does not just take prayer, beloved souls, it requires mental discipline. It requires true honesty and authenticity regarding these desires. To go deep, you must wish to do so, for to plummet into the depths of your soul requires deep yearning and desire. You cannot just wish for this for yourself. It is a struggle for those of you upon the earthly plane because it is so very contrary to the reality that humanity has built and the reality which you subscribe to. In many ways, to go to the soul is denying the reality of man and embracing the reality of God. You may say that you wish to do so, but in order to truly do so you must release those attachments and addictions to the material way of life and consciousness that rules you on a daily basis. 

I am not suggesting that you would turn your back to this life that has been created by your efforts and by humanity’s efforts. Rather, you must be able to switch gears, so to speak, and come to that reality of God more readily and descend deeply within the consciousness of the soul. It is difficult to begin with, that journey from material consciousness to that of soul. There are many impediments upon the way. Each of you must confront and acknowledge these impediments and ask for assistance to release them and bypass them so that you may go ever deeper within your soul consciousness. 

It takes effort and discipline to put aside the mindful things and go to that place which I encourage you to go. When one is in that place of soul consciousness communing with the Creator of all, understanding the depth and breadth of your own capacities, to be aware, to be a part of, to consciously recognize that place deep within you, then your true development begins, my beloved friends. When you can do so consistently and there is no need for someone like myself to speak through an instrument such as this, where you will receive your own guidance readily, the awareness will come in waves, and that awareness will be deep and have many facets to it. You will come to know God in such a deep way that that personal relationship will sustain you through any condition and situation in your life. You will hold a strength within you, a wisdom, compassion and love that will make you a formidable instrument of light in the world.

These things are coming in increments as you grow in God’s Love. That awareness is often just beyond your fingertips.et indeed, with more that you are in prayer, the more you contemplate the barriers before you, the more you desire to go beyond those things that are routine and easy to nurture so that you may move into new ground, new awarenesses, new aspects of yourself, then truly you are following the path which has been ascribed to you for so long. It is not an easy journey, my friends, when you begin in this way, to trample down the barriers, seeking enlightenment of the soul, but oh, the rewards! The rewards are beyond your imaginings. You will see beyond the veil of human condition and illusion to the reality of God’s Creation and life as you’ve never known life and live as you’ve never lived. 

Thus, you will be that example, bright and shining in the world, and you will come to God in all His glory and beauty and light. You will be vulnerable to God and yet, know His acceptance, that unconditional love that beams forth in such abundance. You will find yourself in the bliss of communion. You will be free from the burdens of this world, if just for a moment, but those moments will stretch out and join one another into a condition and being a great light and joy that is your destiny and your birthright. It awaits you. It awaits you, my friends. 

May you come to the place readily, openly, and intently. God loves you so and so do we, my beloved friends, and wish for you this experience to know this place, to be alive within it and to be truly upon that path to at-onement with the Creator of all. 

May God bless you my friends. I am Orion. My love is with you. I encourage you and will always do so. For the path is lit, it is merely the effort to walk forward that is required. God bless you. God bless you.