Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 30, 2017
Location: Gibsons, BC

It is your teacher, Augustine. Do you feel the peace in this room? Are you aware of God’s Presence? Do you know the touch of His Love within your souls? Can you feel the effects of this Love upon your souls and your being? For when a soul is touched by God, there is a response of joy, excitement, and peace all at the same time. For the soul recognizes its Creator. The soul desires connection with God. Your minds may run free with many ideas, explanations about the nature of life, the nature of your being. But, my beloveds, when your souls are touched by God in this way, there is no need for complex explanations. It is a touch of Truth, an understanding that comes not from your minds but your souls. You begin a journey, a journey of awakening. A spark has lit a flame within you. That spark is Love. That flame is that part of you, your soul, awakening, coming alive.

So many find this a simple explanation and this beautiful Touch unsatisfying to their minds, who seek more complex understandings. So they put this experience aside and focus upon that which gratifies the mind. This is your choice, my beloveds. Any of you may have the experience of receiving Divine Love yet do not feel as if they wish to pursue this, because in many cases the first experience of receiving this gift is somewhat mild. It does not stimulate the imagination or the desire in a conscious way. But I tell you, beloved souls, if you persist, if you continue to draw God into your soul, it will become a fiery passion within you, a deep desire, a longing that will bring not only joy, but deep understanding and wisdom that only the soul is capable of having, receiving, and understanding. Yes, it is a different path than the path of the mind which so many pursue in this world. But I tell you, this path to God is sure and swift compared to many. All souls will come to God in time, in their own way. All souls will find purification, perfection, harmony within. All of those capabilities, capacities, gifts will come to fruition.

Yet within the soul that is touched by God with Divine Love, something more is given. Greater capacities and gifts are blessed upon these souls. They cease to become human, they become Divine angels. A soul redeemed in Love is a soul transformed by God. A soul purified in natural ways and means and thinking is still a human soul. This is an important distinction, my beloveds. To understand that what you are asking for when you pray for Divine Love is to be transformed and made into something new and beautiful and wondrous, something more than what you are, something glorious that has the capacity to become at one with God. This is a distinction, my beloved, for a spirit to be purified in all ways and to reach harmony within its natural capacities is still a spirit. But a soul that has been transformed in Divine Love is not merely a spirit but a being that reflects more the Divine than the human or the spirit. Many have trouble understanding this. For many of you in this world it is difficult to understand even who you are as a spirit, who you are as a human being.

To understand who you are as a soul is a more subtle process. In this search of understanding, often one becomes distracted, follows various paths of discovery and interests. Many of these paths are derived from the mind. The soul when aligned with this Truth of Divine Love seeks but one thing, to know God through this Love, to be with God in this Love, to thrive in the Light of this Love. The simplicity of this is elusive to many. The simplicity of this is its power and beauty, for every soul has the capacity to understand this simple Truth. We do not wish to complicate, we do not wish to bring about rules and restrictions, to channel your understanding in a certain way. No, my beloveds, we merely wish to encourage you to establish your relationship with God, your Creator, your Heavenly Father, the Source of all Love. In this relationship which you forge with your desires, your prayers, your ability to open to this gift of Love, you will find all that you seek to nurture your spirit, to fulfill the curiosity of your minds, to satisfy the thirst of your souls. The simple way, the simple way brings the powerful transformation, the glorious awakening that shall fulfill you in every way, beloved souls.

So we continue to invite you to open yourselves to this holy Touch from God and have faith that it will lead you to the answers that you seek, the awarenesses that you long for, the joy that you all desire in your lives. God is waiting to give to you all that you require. He will send His angels to you to help you. He will guide you. He will protect you. He will educate you, all through the longings of your soul, all through your willingness to be open and trust in God. Many of you have been touched by this Love. Many of you have an intuitive understanding of this wonderful Truth. I would encourage you to continue in your pursuits. For those of which this information is new, I would suggest you try to understand what we are speaking of, take some time to pray, ask God to open your soul to the inflowing of His Love. Ask God to show you, bring a manifestation of this Truth within your heart and your consciousness. God will surely answer your prayers and bring you to this awareness. Each soul is worthy. God loves each soul equally. Each soul was created to be with God, to be within this relationship of Love. No matter what you have done in your life, what condition, what thought, what deed, there is the great forgiveness, the wondrous healing, the balm and peace that comes with His Touch. All is well within this Light and relationship with God and your soul.

Beloved souls, you have come together to seek this Light and you have received it to some degree. Continue in these efforts, support one another in Love, walk this Path Divine. We will walk beside you. We will nurture and protect and guide. God insures every soul who has a true desire for this blessing will be given the opportunities to receive, will be blessed in many ways. It comes with a simple desire. So much comes when you are open and willing, humble and innocent.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am Augustine, your teacher, and I love you. I love you dearly. God bless you.