Spirit: Francis of Assisi
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 3, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Beloved souls, I am Francis. I pray for you all, all the children of your world, all the creatures of your world, all that God has created in your world that they may be released from the yoke of the conditions of darkness in your world so that harmony may come once again to your world and bring peace and bring Light. That all creatures, all of humanity may live in a world of peace and joy and harmony. For this is God’s Will, my beloved friends. God did not create a world of disharmony. God created a world that was perfect in its wonderment and complexity, beauty and vitality. God has invited His children to live in this world in a way that harmony may come and be expressed in every way, amongst every soul, amongst every creature.

It is the power of the human condition and all the choices made by the human condition that has a great bearing upon the vitality of your world and the conditions in which you live. So indeed, you carry a great power, beloved souls. You and all your brothers and sisters carry a great power that may bring destruction and disharmony or may bring harmony and all that is of Light. It is your choice and it starts with your thoughts and then is expressed through your actions.

Your souls must come into alignment with God, my beloved, beloved friends. Your souls are very powerful, but without the inflow of the Great Love of God, you are weak. You are not able to bring Light and harmony as you can and will. So indeed, your prayers to receive the great Love of God are the most important prayers. For it is when you dedicate your soul in prayer, your desires, your longings to God to be within the flow of His Love, to receive the great benediction of His Love, then this transformational gift and power will indeed bring to you what you require to be an active agent in the world of yours and to bring harmony and peace to your world.

Each of you have great potential, great power within you that is emerging slowly as this gift of Love awakens you. God continues to nurture you all and send His Love to all souls of your world in hopes that you will change and become the beautiful creatures that you were created to be. This is dependent upon your choices and your efforts to seek this gift of Love to awaken all the potentials within your soul. Can you imagine a world that is dictated by love that is informed in every way and influenced in powerful ways by Love?

This is the next level of evolution for humanity, to seek out the great potentials of the soul and understand that these things are awakened with love. Then all the strife and disharmony, all that is happening in your world that brings great pain and sadness to many, will be transformed and brought back into balance and harmony. This is my prayer, beloved souls, that all might be as it must be, as God has planned it to be, and that all will unfold and awaken and be transformed by the power of love.

May God bless you, beloved souls, with this great power, with this gentle breath of God, with all that God’s Love is. May it come to your souls and awaken all the beautiful potentials and gifts within you. You are meant to be creatures of Light, creatures of God and this can be and shall be as you continue to grow in this wonderful flow of the Father’s Love.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am Francis. My love is with you, my prayers are with and I walk with you often. God bless you. God bless you, beloveds.