Spirit:  Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date:  May 20, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am your teacher Augustine. Do not forget the vows that you have made, each one of you, towards this venture. That you have proclaimed yourselves as instruments and channels for God, that you have said that you would walk the Earth guided by God, that your goal is to awaken within your souls, to know God with every breath, to be in harmony and synchronicity with your Heavenly Father, that you will long for His Love with great efforts of prayer, with the desire to be in the Light.

In this great effort of yours, the manifestations of God, the power of His Love, the great Light that comes with His Touch upon your soul will draw in many who are lost, will lighten the darkness of your world, and assist in the great changes that are meant to come, that will dispel the heavy and inharmonious conditions created by mankind.

I know as you walk the Earth, my beloved brothers and sisters, that it is easy to forget these promises to God. It is easy to go about your day consumed by what is in front of you, consumed by your worries and cares. It is like most of humanity, that there is a desire for sleep, to not awaken but to slumber in our mental conditions of acquiescence, our worries, our lack of direction and inspiration. This is the human condition. But my beloved and beautiful brothers and sisters, laid before you is a great promise that God will uplift you, that God will change your soul that it may be in greater alignment with His Laws of Love and profound communion with His Great Soul as He pours His Essence within you.

My beloveds, it is not time to sleep. It is time to act and to be proactive in your own soul awakening. You cannot let the conditions of this world rule your minds and your actions. You must overcome those conditions which are so prevalent and powerful in every soul in your world, to walk in this light unencumbered by the conditions of darkness, to not have leaded feet but to rise up and be in the glory and love and joy of the conditions of God, the Love of God, the reality of God. For time is of the essence, my beloveds. The longer you sleep, the greater the peril for you, each of you. The longer you sleep, the less possibilities are available for God to use you and to bring interventions of Light to your world. It is a crucial time and we have told you so. Though all seems well on the surface, roiling underneath are tremendous conditions and energies that will bring change to your world.

I do not say this to engender fear within you, beloveds, but to warn you that all is not well. Though you sleep in the comfort of your own choosing, all is not well. It is important for you now to redouble your efforts to awaken, to be close to God, to allow God’s Touch and Love to empower you, bringing these blessings and gifts within you awakened, alive, and active within your being.

The power of God’s blessings of Love is bringing great change within you, within your souls. But the power of your desire to be stifled by the human condition, not necessarily by your conscious choice but by the patterns and conditions that you have carried all of your life and are being reinforced day by day through your desire and willingness to be embroiled in these conditions. When we ask you to awaken, we ask you to be aware, to grasp within you the power to change yourself, to release those conditions that hold you and keep you in your slumbers. So few are strong enough to be so diligent, so committed that they are not swept away by this condition of the world.

Each of you have been chosen, beloved souls, because within your soul you have chosen light. But this dichotomy of light and darkness, the humanness versus the enlightened soul is the great struggle of humanity and often the darkness wins. But I say to you, my beloved brothers and sisters, you have the power of God’s Love within you. You are surrounded by the angels of God’s Love. You have all the resources set before you. Still there are parts of you that persist and insist upon the tried and true and well-worn patterns of your mind.

I say to you, it is time to release this, to don the new clothing, the mantle of truth, to express the power of love within you in new ways, brightening your path, opening the way for many other openings that God may use you in creative and diverse ways, that what is meant to be enacted through each one of you, your purpose, your capacities to serve God may come to pass. For within your souls is a great yearning for this to be. For some of you, there is a sense of frustration, possibly feeling as if you are lost or ineffective or inadequate, even hopeless.

I say to you, beloveds, this is your mind insisting upon its say and its ways in the world, suppressing the soul, overshadowing the soul with insistent beliefs and patterns and desires. This is a struggle, beloveds. It is a struggle. Indeed, to move forward to any great degree, you must overcome these conditions within you. You must take seriously this struggle between light and dark. In time, you will walk triumphant in light but I say to you, the time is short and the struggle is great. The efforts required need your attentions and focus to step beyond the veil of the human condition into that gracious Light of God.

Are you preparing yourselves, beloved souls? Can you step forward and not allow the human condition to drag you back again and again despite the many blessings that are poured upon you, despite the truth that you know, despite the understanding of your souls? Yes, this time is a testing time. This time is an opportunity to strengthen yourselves, strengthen your resolve, strengthen your capacities as channels of love. For you will be needed, beloved souls. What will be required of you will be great and it will require great strength and tenacity and resolve and love.

Those conditions within you that are not of love, that do not love yourself nor do they love those around you, these places that you often hide from and do not acknowledge must come to the fore and be released. God is ever willing to take these things from you and replace them with joy and freedom and love and wisdom. It is for the asking, beloved souls. Have you not prepared yourselves for that time of light and purity and transformation that is the promise of God’s Love? You must walk in truth both within you and in your lives and be true to yourselves and true to the desires of your soul that seeks God, seeks to serve humanity, seeks to love in all ways and capacities that it is able.

Come to truly know your souls, beloveds. Come to truly be awake, to let go of those old patterns, old ways that within your mind serves you so well but knowing within your soul that it does not. There is no need for pain and anguish and confusion and doubt and a lack of connection with God and with one another. You need not judge and walk in a world that is of fear. Rather to be in that place of clarity and light, of love and peace that each moment that you are awake within your soul fully and released from these conditions and patterns of the world, the joy that you will feel will be immense. The relief that you will have will be overwhelming. The knowings that will come to you, the insights, the closeness to God will be such a strength, such a foundation for all that will come and is meant to come.

You have chosen this path, beloveds. We would not speak to you in this way unless you had not truly chosen this path. We ask you to step further upon it, to awaken more fully, that this lethargy that comes with the mind and a condition of thought that so overwhelms your conscious reality must be healed, transformed in Love. Awaken, my brothers and sisters. You are called to awaken. For who will bring the bell toll to humanity as the fires of darkness consume so much. You must awaken your brothers and sisters to the truth. You are needed. You are called.

All that that you wish to see manifest, the great blessings of God brought to Earth requires its servants and channels and beacons of light. For without the souls upon this Earth that are willing and open and clear channels for God to work through, the bell toll will remain silent. The truth will not be known and the darkness will continue to proliferate until there is great anguish and great suffering.

Do you wish to see all the creatures of this world extinguished and humanity in states of such deprivation, so lost from God that there is no hope? This is the future of humanity without it coming to a wakefulness, coming to truth, burying within it himself and herself witness to truth and witness to their own error. This is what you are called to do, each of you, beloved souls, to truly look, to truly know yourselves as you are. Yet within you is the great promise of love.

You must walk with faith, beloved souls, the faith that you are truly loved and that knowledge clear within you to set aside the error that exists within your minds and to walk in the truth of your own souls. Do not be fooled, beloveds, thinking that you are indeed walking truly in Light for parts of you are, indeed, and parts of you are not. It is your responsibility to look and see with clearer eyes what exists in your lives. For without your willingness to do so, to walk in light, to be strong enough to see, not with the pitiable anguish and feelings of inadequacy but with a faith that says “Father, I am in need of your Healing and Love. I am tired of being weighed down by the conditions of this world that continually misdirects my efforts and takes me down roads that are not of love. I wish to relinquish these conditions to you, to be healed by your Love. Father help me to see where I am in error and help me to be released from these shackles of untruth and unlove.”

We continue to make our efforts with you, beloved souls. We continue to walk with you in love, to help support you in your journey of wakefulness. But I say these things to you, beloveds, because your efforts need to be rekindled and the desires of your soul need to be acknowledged. God dearly wishes for each of you to be in the Light of Truth and Love.

We, as your servants, as ones who have dedicated themselves to your well-being and upliftment and education, as we continue to exert our influence in attempts to inspire and direct you towards the Light, we can see your souls, beloveds, what is of light and what is of darkness. Indeed, we have great compassion for you as you struggle in these conditions. Yet, we cannot do everything for you. We cannot change your struggle for you or influence your minds so much that you have lost the ability to make your own choices. This contravenes God’s Laws of Love. We can only direct your thoughts and understandings to that place where you are aware, where your consciousness opens to the truth and you come awake in the Truth.

So I speak directly to you, beloveds, with words that are not couched in phrases of love and encouragement, rather with urgency and with a deep desire for you to awaken in Truth. For the time comes, beloveds, when the shifting tides of the conditions of your world will strengthen. We do not wish to see you pulled away from your light, consumed by the darkness of this world. For without this alignment that is required within you between the mind and the soul, between truth and reality of God, you will not withstand the coming conditions that will be harsh and unrelenting and difficult. You must be strong and you must be steadfast and you must be with God. Every part within you must be with God.

In this way, you will not only withstand the coming winds of change, but you will be directed in the flow of God’s Will and bring light to this change. For with every shift and condition that is difficult and brings its change, there are doors of opportunity to bring light and enlightenment through the darkness. But, if you are not awake, beloveds, how can you awaken others? If you are not true to the truth that you know, how can you bring truth to others? You must stand tall in truth, stand tall in love, stand tall within your own being that emanates and speaks of truth.

I know we ask much of you, beloveds. I know this is not easy. Because of the conditions of your world, you struggle so. The currents of thought and darkness, mind and attitudes shift and work against you like currents of wind and tide. But you must be steadfast, beloveds. We all wait for your awakenings. We are there with you. Know this, beloveds. Know that we are there for you, that God urges you on. His Love continues to be available for you each and every moment of each and every day. Seek this gift. Seek God’s Hand upon you to help you to release these conditions that hold you from God.

We will continue in your our efforts and work together, to walk in the Light of God’s Love, to walk in the Light of Truth, to be His instruments and channels, to be in that realm of Grace. May God continue to bless you, beloved souls. May you continue to exercise your will toward greater light and understanding and truth, to be open to all that can be given, and to turn towards the light always. May your souls expand and awaken every part of you, every cell within your body, every thought within your mind, every energy within your spirit. All that you are may be claimed by God in His Love.

God bless you, beloveds. I am your teacher Augustine. I continue to speak to you of truth, to encourage you to live in truth. My love is with you always as the many angels of Heaven continue to pray for you and to make efforts on behalf of God to lighten your way and to guide you forth. God bless you. God bless you, beloveds. Augustine loves you. God bless you.