Spirit: John the Beloved
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 2, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Beloved souls, I am John. I come to entreat you to continue to pray for the Father’s Love with ever more intensity and desire, that your prayers directed towards God informed by the longings of your soul are the most important act that you can perform in a day. For this not only informs your daily condition in Light, but will contribute to the Light that you will carry forward into the world of spirit and bring you to a place of Light and joy in this world when your time comes. 

It is time now, my beloved and beautiful friends, to prepare your souls for the coming tides of change. The conditions in the world that are indeed escalating towards great change. Who will be a rock in the storms to come? Who will speak the Truth when all about you is confusion and fear? Who will be a Light when the world continues to be shattered by the darkness of the human condition? The great efforts that we make from our realms of the Celestial Kingdom is not just for your benefit, beloved souls, though most certainly we are happy and eager to uplift you and to educate you and inspire you and to join you in your prayers and your efforts to reach God. But we also have great concern for all your brothers and sisters, for all those in your world that continue to slide ever more into the abyss of darkness where love does not reign supreme where it must and is intended to be. 

Yes, there are a great many responsibilities laid upon you, beloved souls, those of you who have come to know this Truth, those of you who realize that the world is in deep need of change and awakening. You cannot sit idly by, while all about you is a great need for love, to be a channel of love, to be a speaker of Truth, to do God’s Will in your world. Walk with God, beloved souls, and God will guide you where He intends for you to be at any given moment and will utilize your gifts, your Light, what Truth that you know, what power that you carry in your Light, what may flow through you from God to many other souls. 

I know for many of you it is easier to remain within your comfortable place of Light and peace. There are times when indeed you must go to that place for nourishment, for prayer, for upliftment. But I say to you, beloved children, there are very few in the world who are willing to step forward and be God’s instruments. Even those who do indeed step forward with some inclination and idea of what is needed is often in the grip of mindful distortions and ego-driven desires. This weakens their effectiveness in the world as an instrument of change. So we encourage you, beloved brothers and sisters, to continue to pray and to be open to Truth, to examine yourselves so that you may change your thoughts and your condition so that there will be a greater purity of your instrumentality. 

Beloved souls, God is in great need of you and many more like yourselves who have an earnest longing, a drawing to Truth, a seeking of Light and Truth and Love. In this effort that you make for yourselves, you bring with you, as your soul awakens and strengthens in Love, a great potential to influence and teach and heal and uplift your brothers and sisters. In this desire and this willingness to walk upon this path of love and service, God will indeed guide your footsteps, protect your being, and inform your conscious self of what is required, what God desires of you. 

There is much work to do, beloved souls, and our intention is to continue to teach and uphold and assist in your strengthening that you may glean with great clarity the Truth, through these experiences and prayers reaching for God. May God bless you on your journeys, beloveds. May you come to know the great potentials of your souls. May you come to see the purpose that lay within each soul that is meant to help humanity, that is a blessing from God, that is your true self. Your souls are eager and your souls have great desire to be awakened and expressed in God’s Love. May you continue to do so and be in the great flow of His Will and Love and Light. May God bless you, beloveds. I am John and my love is with you. God bless you.