Spirit: Keea Atta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 26, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

God bless you beloved souls, I am Keea Atta Kem. I lived on the Earth long before the Master Jesus came to bring his Truth to the world. I lived in ancient times, times of Ramses the second. I was one of his daughters, one of many daughters of the pharaoh. Yet even in my time, the challenges of the human condition continued to bring many dilemmas and situations to each soul as they walked there. The human race has walked the world for a very long time and has created many conditions in the world. For generation after generation these conditions continued to grow and mount upon themselves, many errors and challenges created by humanity and all these things that are expressed by mortals that are not in harmony with God’s Laws of Love.

So the darkness in the world continues to hold so many in its thrall. The darkness in the world is re-created day after day by the thoughts and conditions of humanity, those unwilling to look within themselves and see what is needed to nourish their souls, to be an example of souls of light, souls of loving kindness, souls that respect one another and honor one another in love. This is your challenge as well, my friends, to walk in the world as an agent of God’s Love, to be in the Light always, to put aside your judgments and reticence, to put aside all those things that are not of God, not of His Love.

My brave and beautiful friends, each of you has put in a great effort to walk in the world in Light, to seek the Truth of God’s Love and carry this within your soul. As you do so, as this Love grows within your souls, so it is important and necessary for you to express this Truth in everything you do and every thought that you have; that you embrace all in love and be a channel of love in the world, to break that chain that is a great shackle of humanity that struggles in ignorance and error; to strive for the highest, to be the most beautiful soul that you can be, to know your own soul in all its beauty and Light, to be the example for many and all those around you. Humanity hungers for release from these shackles of error and darkness, and yet within their minds they have no concept of what it is that their souls are hungering for, entrapped in attitudes and ideas, mindful conceptions and concerns, material demands and desires of the flesh that continue to hold them in place against the light. Have compassion for all your brothers and sisters, for they suffer greatly in these conditions that have accumulated over thousands upon thousands of years.

Even in my time it was dark upon the world, and now the darkness is even greater, the lack of love continues to deprive the children of this world of yours, what is their heritage. God did not create the world that there not be love, that there be darkness and suffering. God created the world for light and joy and love, that the true expression of your souls and yourselves be that beautiful reflection of your souls, that very essence of yourself that is a reflection of God. You must share this Truth with those who will listen. You must continue in your prayers and efforts to receive this gift of the Fathers Love, to be truly in the flow and goodness and joy that is His Love, to be the best that you can be in a world that tries to draw you away from Light.

You are brave souls, strong and beautiful souls who seek to be in alignment with God, in alignment with the Truth of His Love. Because of your bravery, your persistence, your desire, your efforts in prayer, each of you continues to have an angel by your side dedicated to you because of your dedications to God. You will continue to know this strength and protection and Light that is God’s gift to you and God’s gift to that angel that accompanies you in your life. You will know the comfort of Light, the comfort of Love, upliftment in the power of God’s Touch upon you, and this joy that is within your soul will blossom forth and fill your whole being with the sense and expansion of Light and Love that will reflect upon all that you do and all that you are in the world.

You are blessed, my beautiful sisters and brothers. You are blessed in the Love of God and that blessing will only grow as you continue to yearn and long for this Gift that comes in ever greater measure, day by day. It is a very foundation of your life. It is the Fountainhead of all nourishment of the soul. It is the Gift that God has given humanity. May you come to give all that you can and all that you are to your brethren in hopes that they may see the power of love for themselves and come to know the gift of God’s Love for their souls.

God bless you beloved souls, I am Keea Atta Kem. My love for you is great. I continue to oversee your prayers together and pray with you, as do many from my side of life. God bless you beloved souls. May God keep you always in this Light and Love. We are with you, God is with you, our love is with you. God bless you. God bless you.