Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 30, 2023
Location: Sechelt, B.C.

Blessings of love to you and may His love be with you, my beloved brothers and sisters. I come. I am Jesus. I come to pray with you. For you pray for the highest of all gifts, the greatest of all blessings and your souls seek this in earnestness, longing for atonement with God. And so, this gift in time will make it possible for you to know this atonement, to know God as you have never known God, to be with God in ways and glories of light and revelation and upliftment, that will be profound and powerful.

It is time for all of you upon the Earthly plane who are seeking this great gift of love to coalesce into one body, to be one family. In this way you will empower the work that is to come. In this way, you will neutralize all differences and misunderstandings. For when you walk in love, when you embrace your brothers and sisters, no matter their culture, perspective and life experience, you will become a testimony to the power of God’s love to transform and to bring harmony amongst you. If you can do this, my beloved brothers and sisters, if you can embrace those who are somewhat reticent but still have had the experience that you have had with the Divine Love entering into their souls as you have had, then this becomes the binding agent that brings you together, making you similar because you have both experienced the great gift of God’s touch.

God’s plan is to unite all His children in light, to bring the healing touch, the peace, spiritual understanding and wisdom to each soul upon your world. And we all will play our part, will we not, to help break down the barriers, to help bring greater harmony to the world. Yet if you cannot do this among yourselves, then how can you do it among humanity as a whole?  You must, my beloveds, release all biases and prejudices, all fears and judgements and be with your brothers and sisters in the harmony of love which is acceptance, which is that which makes strong and abiding connections of love between you. In this way, as love flows, then barriers shall topple and dissipate. In this way, as you walk in the world accepting your brothers and sisters, even though they may be of a different idea and perspective, they are still your brothers and sisters. My hope is that you would treat them with respect, love and acceptance. 

The time approaches when we will all be together as one body in one place and that time will be a time of great blessings, deep and powerful, profound blessings for each one. For the power of God’s love that shall be there, will be formidable and will touch every soul who attends and in this touch you will be changed. In this touch you will all be unified in the glory and light of love. I shall be there with you and many angels shall also accompany you as you pray together, as you are together. And, as you are together, I wish for each of you to make a declaration of love  towards your brothers and sisters, to make clear that you are truly a part of them and they a part of you, thereby creating a oneness and power of unity that shall bring blessings forth. Though each of you are unique, as God created each soul unique, yet the experiences that God may have for each one of you can be universal in its scope, indeed touching the consciousness of each one in such a way that understanding and the dawning of knowing, realizing that you are all equal in the eyes of God and all equally loved by God will be yours. Therefore, you are God’s children and therefore, you are God’s family of love. 

I wish for you to know this now. I wish for you to build upon this theme in your minds and in your efforts so that you will truly come together without discord, without differences but with the acknowledgment and appreciation of the uniqueness and beauty of each soul whom you are with and those souls that are in your thoughts. Those of you who cannot attend this great gathering, when you sit in prayer with us, you will be touched accordingly. Indeed, God will bring such a powerful blessing, it will radiate from this group and touch many souls in the world and you, my beloved brothers and sisters, who have the blessing of the opportunity to come together,  will be a part of something extraordinary and magnificent. A part of something that has never come to the Earthly plane in such power and glory and light. Not since I walked the Earth and demonstrated the transfiguration upon the mount has the power that will come, be so great.

My beloveds, I bring you this insight and understanding of the importance of your gathering so that those of you who are of two minds and ambivalent, may, I suggest,  make great effort to come and join in this blessing of God’s touch upon you all. It will be given in such abundance, such glory that you will return to your homes changed and empowered and enlightened in love. 

May God bless you, beloved souls. Each prayer has the potential to change each of you, each prayer given with sincerity and impetus and longing can bring miracles of transformation. May your prayers be powerful, beloved souls. May you come to know the great light of God in all its glory and wonderment. May you come to be blessed in all that is meant to be for each one of you. For that which is meant to be is without limit, without constriction, without bias. It is meant for every soul, so that every one of God’s children may be blessed in this way and uplifted in love. I come to pray with you, to assure you that each is worthy. Each is loved. Each shall be blessed. God bless you. I am your brother, your friend, Master of the Celestial Kingdom. I am Jesus and I love you.