Spirit: Abdullah Latif
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 14, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

May God’s Great Love continue to enter into your souls, my friends. My name is Abdul Latif. I have spoken through this instrument before. For those who do not know me, I was a philosopher and mathematician in the ancient world, the Arabian world of long ago. I continue on my journey towards truth, my journey towards God, and my efforts to bring internal and external harmony to myself, and I am an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom. 

I wish to speak of how you are all making an effort to break down the darkness in your world. For, I’m saddened to say that there is a great lattice of darkness in your world. This lattice is brittle but strong, has been in place for eons of time, created by man and his actions. Now you pray for something different to replace that lattice of darkness with a Lattice of Light, that as you continue to forge your connections with one another, forge these strands of light together, weaving together this great Lattice, so it neutralizes this dark form and helps to heal the world.

Indeed there have always been places of light here and there in the world, certainly individuals who are in alignment with God and in deep prayer with God, but this has not been the majority. Humanity is generally within a place of ignorance with some light and some darkness within them, with some love and some dark emotions. This combination which you call the human condition, has proliferated in the world for many, many centuries. Yet there have always been those who are pure of heart and there are always, within each individual, inclinations and efforts to reach for light, to express love, to be in harmony with God’s Laws. 

But humanity has not learned how to harness these Laws of Love and Light to make consistent this condition of light within them and around them. So, light and darkness flow about your world as easily as the clouds and the sunlight, emerging here and there. But as you grow and as you contribute to this great Lattice of Light, so you overlay what is there and what is not meant to be with a condition, a light, an energy, that may neutralize this great darkened condition. I urge you my friends to continue to pray for the Lattice of Light. Continue to pray for the Portals of Light. Continue to pray for the awakening of your soul. For your soul is a generator of light and can help to infuse the Lattice and Portals, as you pray and are strengthened in light and love. 

As God’s Great Essence continues to pour within you, so It pours through you and pours in many different directions, helping to neutralize the darkness. You must not underestimate the importance of what you do and your commitment together as a great force for light, a great generator of light. As you come together as you do, time and time again, with a deep desire for truth, a deep desire to awaken your soul and to know God, to be in alignment with light and truth and love, you neutralize so much in these efforts. My deep desire, as it is with my fellow angels, is that many will gather together in this way. Many Circles of Light around the world awakening, neutralizing the darkness, making holes in this dark fabric and allowing for the fabric of Light to replace it, which will, in turn, allow God to enter into this world more fully with His blessings upon each of you and upon the world.

It is a formidable task, my friends. One that requires a deep dedication and faith, great effort and love; love for humanity, love for your brothers and sisters, love for your own true self – your soul and love for God. These things are what will open the possibilities of healing for your world. Love is the great generator of light, the great healer, the great transformer of souls. May this be your experience in life, your experience in prayer and your experience with God, that His Love may transform all within you and all about you into light. This gift is given with no strings attached, no restrictions whatsoever. It is given freely, abundantly, and it is available to each one of you at every moment of your lives, provided you open yourself to it.

May you do so often, drinking in these Living Waters which will refresh your soul and awaken all that is of light within you. May God bless you my friends. I am Abdul Latif. I am glad to come to speak to you today on an important subject. To neutralize darkness in the world, you must pray and come together as a formidable force for light, and do so with unity, with love, with acknowledgement of truth, and a deep connection with your Creator. God bless you beloved souls, God bless you deeply. We are all with you in prayer. God bless you.