Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 12, 2023
Location: Sechelt, B.C.

May the blessings of God’s Love continue to flow into your souls, beloved students. I am your teacher, Augustine. May you continue to open yourselves to the guidance and directions of God, His Will manifesting in your life. May you put aside any conditions of regret or reluctance or suppression of guidance as given. 

For I know you battle with your human condition, those things within you that resist the Will of God manifesting through you. Your minds continue to create obstructions and rationalizations so that you may not step forward in some way, that you may find that the guidance given is not the guidance you wish to receive. The tension between the desires of the soul to step forward as God’s instruments are in many ways contrary to your ideas of what that may be and the tension that continues to form between the soul and the mind as a result of these different conditions of thought and desire. Beloved students, the time grows short because in the time that is coming very soon indeed, you will be asked to step beyond that place of comfort and ease and to take those risks that will expose you to the world. For how else can the truth be given, beloved students, but through the efforts of your expression of it in the world?

God is creating and formulating a great plan for the salvation of humanity and you, within your souls, continue to subscribe to this plan. To be willing to serve in whatever way is asked of you. Yet, this conflict continues to obscure the direct and powerful guidance of God in certain ways. For there are times when you are clear and your expressions and compliance of God’s Will is manifest through you and there are times when you are reluctant and you step back thinking that you wmay be criticised or dishonoured, or that within your mind you lack the congruity between the two centres of consciousness that exist within you. Each day brings its particular tests and situations, it’s  challenges, difficulties and ambivalence. 

So, you must grow stronger within your soul in order to teach the truth, to stand up and be counted, to bring the message of love to humanity. This is not accomplished in the way of your mind and the forcefulness of your mind stepping forward and being forceful in your delivery. Rather, it is in the way of your soul gentle but clear, being loving and respectful of those whom you speak to. This is only one aspect of what is coming soon into your lives. This one challenge that often becomes apparent to your conscious self, with ambivalence and difficulties so strong, which for some of you  seems insurmountable. You concern yourself with your reputation in the world, how others will see you. Yet, so many, many years ago, Jesus strode upon the world speaking this truth which was in many ways contrary to the truth of the time.He paid the price of this and yet he persisted. Did he shy away from the opportunities that God gave him to be His instrument? No. He continued to stride forward, to be that bright and beautiful example of truth in the world. Unfortunately that truth was lost not long after he was taken from this Earth. Indeed, there were those who conspired to obscure the truth that Jesus gave. I was one of those who conspired in this way. When I came to realise the situation of what I had helped to produce and to manifest and to discredit Jesus in some ways, then indeed my feelings of remorse were great, very great indeed. 

So I come to you now, my friends, my beautiful students, with the intention of righting the wrongs, of bringing the truth, of helping you to bring the truth. Many, many years of effort I have made to help bring the truth to humanity and, as you might imagine, I am not the only one. There are many others who may tell their story of remorse, of the error that they proliferated in the world. They did so with somewhat pure intentions, yet, they brought error rather than truth despite these intentions. So, we have labored long, beloved students. We continue to forge ahead in the world to try to influence humanity, to bring their consciousness to the truth of love. And you, beloved souls, have come to accept this truth as your truth, come to enact this truth as your expression and understanding of it. 

Now we ask something more of you, beloved souls, to be that instrument for God, to bring the truth to humanity.  I ask you, did our beloved Master Jesus walk upon the Earth with the intention of expressing certain truths that were convenient and would bring acceptance from those around him? Or did he give the whole truth with great love, humility, grace and expression, not concerning himself with what others would think? For even his family were reluctant to accept what he had to say, what he spoke of, the expression of the teachings of love that God guided him to give to humanity and that he experienced himself.

In some respects, this was a difficult life for our beloved brother. Yet, in other respects he was well blessed. God was with him. The angels were with him. He was well supported in his mission and his teachings. Thus, he chose to commit himself wholeheartedly to this mission given by God. If he had not, beloved souls, would we know of this truth? Would the gates of heaven be open and the possibility of receiving the Father’s Love be given? How joyous we all are that our beloved brother was strong enough and dedicated enough to teach these truths. For the world would have suffered more if he had not laid himself forward to the will of God and allowed himself to be guided thusly. And so you too, beloved souls, have been asked to step forward. You, too, have been given the truth of God’s Love. You, too, are upon the path of service, bringing to others this great message of love, to teach, to heal, to comfort, to love. 

Now it is evident that a good portion of you, whether willingly or not, restrict your capacity to be a channel of love for others in the way that you are guided, a channel of truth for others in the way that you know. We do not condemn you for this. For you are human still. Yet,  we implore you to walk the Divine Path as best you are able. To commit yourselves fully to the guidance and plan that God has given to you. Not to find ways and means of withholding, allowing your biases and fears to hold you from your efforts of stepping forward. For I do not wish for you to experience the regrets that I had when I passed into the spirit world and to spend many, many years trying to rectify these wrongs. For indeed, in the spirit world, it is far easier to see the plan laid out and the opportunities given while living on Earth. Indeed, hindsight is always clear. 

You have your angel friends guiding you. You have much given to you and within your soul there is a clarity. Often problems arise because you must bring the soul consciousness and the material mind consciousness together, so to make sense of your guidance. It is important to have discernment, to realise what may be a reflection of your mind’s biases and fears and what is true guidance. As you continue onward upon this path and more guidance flows in, more information given, more support added to your journey, more love flowing into you, then the discernment grows. As you make your choices, the wisdom of the soul will take precedence over the biases of the mind.

So, you are at a crucial juncture, beloved students. For change is rapidly coming, not only within your personal life but in the world. These things that we have talked about so often, the changes of the Earth, the dismantling of the human condition and the healing of the hearts of humanity is coming very rapidly. It is like a tsunami cresting over your heads, ready to wash through the world. Are you secure beloved souls, or do you still entertain your doubts and the biases of your mind that bring a certain conservatism and reluctance to your actions? 

Beloved souls, it is time to release these things. For the great washing over humanity is coming. It is at your doorstep and when the flood overtly submerses you all in these conditions, are you strong enough to stand up and be counted as God’s instruments? Are you able to put aside that which would hold you back from speaking the truth? For each of you understands why these conditions are coming, why they are strengthening and happening in your world. It is not a secret. It is not a mystery. It is the result of the human condition forcing the world, your Earth, to respond in the many ways that it does to cleanse itself. God, in His mercy, is giving each of you and those who will listen and who are receptive, the opportunity to step into the light of truth, the light of love, to be that glowing and beautiful light in the world.

You have prayed for this and your soul longs for this. You have accepted this with certain restrictions and biases that place parameters as to how this transformation within may take place and be expressed through you. These biases and conditions will be washed away, beloved souls. When this happens, will you be vulnerable or will you be strengthened? It depends upon how attached you are to these impediments within you. It depends whether you allow yourself to be freed by the power and wonderment of the Touch of God’s Hand upon you, His Love transforming you. 

Time will tell, beloved souls but the time is upon you to make a conscious choice to walk upon the path of love with humility and grace, to express and be that example of how God’s instruments are intended to help save humanity from the chaos of its own making and to help bring peace to the world. It is for you to choose. I advise you not to concern yourself with small and petty things when you come to gather together, but to see the bigger picture of how this gathering is not just for those who attend, but it is for the world to witness. It is for the world to see the power of love manifest. It is for the world to accept what you will witness and be a part of.

Put aside the barriers, the restrictions, the biases, the prejudices, the fears and the misunderstandings. Come together in love. Come together because this is God’s Will and part of God’s plan. You will be contained within a mighty light, a beautiful blessing upon you all. This gift from God that shall change you, beloved souls, change your attitudes, change your perceptions and change your priorities. So, I urge you to be open, fully open to the Will of God, to the blessings of God, all that God wishes to give you. 

For now comes the time to uncloister yourselves and walk in the light of day as God’s instruments, fearless and with great faith. That you may humbly walk as His instruments of light and love and truth. Be that child of God, beloved souls, unfettered by those conditions that hold you from this. You are given the blessings that come in great abundance. It is yours to absorb. Iit is also given so that you may walk upright, fearless and as God’s mighty channels of love and light. Think of your beloved brother and how his efforts changed the world and think of yourselves as part of the change that must come now, changing the world forevermore. You will be mightily blessed and rewarded and given much latitude in what you might do to manifest the truth in your world. 

God bless you, beloved students. I am your teacher, Augustine. I speak to you earnestly. I speak to you because you need to step beyond the human condition and its restrictions and be freed by the love of God. God bless you. Your teacher Augustine loves you and shall be by your side always. God bless you.