Spirit: James
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 25, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am James. Humanity has such an insatiable hunger, a deep desire to know the curiosities of the mind, to be loved, to seek truth, to seek to be powerful often, and to know how to fortify themselves from the dangers of the world. So humanity is motivated by many desires, ambitions and fears creating around them a condition that we often call the human condition. In this endless pursuit within the material world, seeking understanding and knowledge, often humanity neglects to build a solid foundation within them that is spiritual.

Because of this, so much of what has been built in the world is vulnerable to great change because it has not been constructed with wisdom and spiritual sensitivity and acknowledgement of the needs of your world, your organic world. These things are inevitably out of sync and out of harmony with the Laws of God’s Creation. Because of these inexorable Laws that are always seeking to bring harmony to the universe, so conditions within your world are in flux. There is chaos in your world in regards to the spiritual condition of your world. It is dark. It lacks harmony.

The powerful condition that humanity has built because it is so vast in numbers and so powerful in its ability to broadcast many energies and thoughts that the world suffers. The harmony of the world suffers because humanity is reckless, ignorant and without a desire to seek deeper within themselves beyond the material mind and the intellect, towards the soul and the deeper sensitivities of the spirit.
You now find yourselves in great flux and change, conditions unanticipated, and at times quite challenging. Now is the time where you must open yourselves to all that is spiritual, all that is of God. To anchor yourselves in God, to be in harmony with God and God’s Laws of Love, to nurture love within yourselves, to seek God’s Love within your souls so that you may be strong and prepared for the great shifts and changes that are coming in the world for much will be rent asunder. Much will change to the point where they are unrecognisable.

Yet within these changes, these conditions that are coming, is a great opportunity for harmony in your world for the power of this Earth, your Mother Earth as you call her, is great. She will indeed enforce corrections upon this planet in order to heal and bring greater harmony to it. The Earth has a consciousness and the Earth has an awareness of all things within it and upon it. God has put consciousness in all things. Even a rock has a measure of consciousness.

So it is important to recognise that all about you is a different reality, a reality that is not as you think or perceive but very different indeed. If you make efforts by developing your own soul perceptions and soul wisdom, you may have a glimpse of this other reality, this true reality that it is beyond the human perceptions and goes far beyond the human perceptions.

In this way, as there are those of light in your world who continue to strive towards greater enlightenment and knowledge and who are willing to shift their perceptions beyond the mundane and the human condition, so these will be the leaders, these will be the teachers, these will be the agents of change in your world. This is what will be needed in times to come as the conditions that humanity has built, the reality that humanity has built comes crumbling down as the Earth changes and shifts in accordance to the mandate of survival, of continuation of life, of life striving towards harmony.

You cannot anticipate what is coming, beloved brothers and sisters, for there is much  that is coming that will astound you, sometimes delight you, at other times bring a sense of fear because you do not understand. But, if you are prepared spiritually, if you continue to seek out your relationship with your Creator, if you seek to develop your soul through receiving this great gift, this great boon from God which is the Divine Love, then all will come into perspective and all will seem logical and needed. There will be no fear. There will only be joy and anticipation of a new world that is emerging from the old as the conflagration of change sweeps over the world leaving all in ruin and ashes. There will emerge something fresh and powerful that will save humanity and all the world from utter chaos and destruction. Yes, there is much coming. Yes, to endure this transitional time, you must be strong and clear in your thinking, your doing, clear in your perceptions and your desires, clear in your spiritual efforts so that you may indeed see your way through what will appear to be a dense forest obscuring the way.

With vision of the soul, eyes to see, the way will be clear for God will guide you thus. God will light your way. God will guide you daily. God will see to it that you are safe and that those around you will be safe. As this change happens, so the new world that emerges will become clear to you. Your perceptions will change and shift in accordance to these different energies as you call them. There will be a great awakening for humanity, a new beginning, a beautiful unfolding of the potentials of each soul in ways that are often suppressed in your world at this time but will not be so in times to come.

I am not suggesting that heaven will be upon Earth for there is only Heaven within the spirit realms. But, there will be greater harmony and greater opportunities to foster harmony so that in time your world will indeed be the utopian ideals that often humanity aspires towards. Those who carry darkness, those who aspire for power, those who do not have love within their hearts, those who are only governed by fear and lust and material gain, will not have a place in this new world and will not survive these conditions of change for they will not have the skills, the perception, the understanding to survive this.

God is calling upon all the beautiful souls of your world to walk in harmony together, to seek to support one another in harmony, love, and humility and to know within the depths of their souls that what change is coming is a blessing and not a curse, that faith within is needed and must be nurtured and strong. The perceptions to see beyond the material perceptions need to be nurtured and strong. Your capacity to love needs to come to the forefront so that you will have deep compassion and be able to give to your brothers and sisters guided by God, guided by your own hearts, guided by the need to reach out to those who are reaching towards you so that you may walk in the world as a light, a strength, a beacon.

You live in very serious times, beloved brothers and sisters. Although upon a day such as this as you gaze out upon the landscape and the sun shines, your bellies are full, and you are comfortable and feel such love and harmony together, it is hard to recognise these words that I speak but I say to you that you must prepare. You must consider what is coming. As you look within your own selves, deep within yourselves, you know and feel that this is true and that you must indeed prepare yourselves and be in harmony with God.

May God bless you upon that journey. I am sorry to be so serious today but indeed your conversations and the conversations of your friends who are seeking clarity have brought my response to you, beloved souls. I hope that you will take these words and contemplate and bring greater change within and within your material existence.
God bless you, beloveds. I am James. My love is with you. God bless you.