Spirit: Copernicus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 7, 2023
Location: Sechelt, B.C.

Your Mother Earth is certainly in need of prayers. I am Copernicus and I have been studying the cycles and rhythms of the planets, not only while I inhabited the Earth but for all this time that I inhabited the world of spirit and now the Celestial Kingdom. I wish I had better news for you, my beloved brothers and sisters, regarding the health of your Earthly plane. But indeed, the Earth has a fever. It is warming rapidly and all the systems and aspects of the Earth’s existence created by God to bring harmony and life are now being disrupted. It has a virus, I am loath to say, and that virus is humanity. Humanity is going against, curtailing and inhibiting the natural rhythms and cycles of the Earth. The pressure of humanity upon the Earthly plane is great because the numbers are great and the manifestations of humanity are great, enough to influence your Earth in this unfortunate way. So, your Mother Earth struggles.

Indeed, Mother Earth is a powerful entity, a beautiful creation of God. Yet, its power and capacities to neutralize the conditions that humanity has set forth upon your planet are limited. For indeed, the laws that govern the rhythms of Earth, the cycles of Earth need to be obeyed and are in a delicate balance when all is in harmony. The Earth is vulnerable in this way. The Earth has suffered because humanity does not look upon its actions and its expressions upon the Earth. 

I once ventured forth the theory that the Earth was round and it revolved around the sun. I had great ridicule and skepticism from those in power, those around me. Eventually I was put to death for my beliefs ( although the history books dispute this claim). Such is the power of the minds of men, unable to truly look at the truth, unable to understand the responsibility and power that God has given them. Rather than look at the truth, it is easier to snuff out the life of another who confronts them. Well in this example, you may see that humanity is doing the same to Mother Earth, rather than look at the signs and signals from your beloved mother. Instead, you willingly or unwillingly, continue to snuff out the life of her being. So it is, this dark side of humanity continues to exert its force upon God’s creation. 

On the other hand, you,  my beloved brothers and sisters, seek to reinforce creation, to bring greater light and harmony to the world. Your prayers and desires are admirable. Yet you, along with all of humanity, are caught up in such a momentous flow of human endeavour, that it is indeed, difficult to reverse the momentum of this flow and action. Yet you must continue to pray and have faith and in your prayers and in God’s guidance for you. For as you have been told many times, the momentum will be reversed, the darkness will dissipate and the changes that are necessary will take place. This is Divine intervention, God’s mercy upon all of you and upon His beautiful creation which is Mother Earth. So, as you pray for this healing to be accomplished and you are in alignment with God’s Will, God will utilize you in many ways, often subtle and unseen, but yet powerful and necessary in order to help reverse this momentum of darkness and disharmony.

My beloved friends, every individual who prays for Mother Earth, prays for healing and harmony within and on this planet, brings a powerful antidote to the ebb and flow of human endeavor which is contrary to God’s laws. As you continue to build the light within you, seeking the great gift of God’s Love, as you continue to use wisdom in your everyday affairs in order to contradict the darkness in all ways and on all levels. As you continue to seek to be a loving light in the world, as you seek to be God’s instruments in the world, so all of these things contribute to the healing of your planet. Indeed, your Mother Earth sends forth gratitude and a response that is positive and beneficial to each of you as you continue to pray.

My beloved friends, these are serious times, indeed. Yet they are also joyous times. For our Heavenly Father, the Creator of all has set His gaze upon the Earth in such a way that many blessings will flow and come to each of you and to this Earth as a whole. This can only intensify as God’s plan for the salvation, not only for humanity, but for Mother Earth, will continue to be realised. Walk in faith, my friends. Seek out the guidance of God. Seek to grow in His love, that great healing power, transformative gift that is given and available to each individual. 

Help your brothers and sisters to realise how important it is to set their gaze upon their own healing and the healing of your Earth. These things go hand in hand. For as you are a light, so you bring light to all you meet and to this planet. So, you must grow in light. So, you must align yourself with the Source of all light, that you may become powerful channels, healing instruments for humanity and for the Earth. Expressing great compassion, wisdom and truth as you walk upon this Earth of yours. Continue to seek to be God’s channels of light, my friends. 

Continue to seek out truth. Continue to be strong in faith. May peace and joy be your experience on this Earth, that love may reign supreme within you and all around you. For this is how the Earth is meant to be and how humanity is meant to live. 

So, you become the forerunners of a new age, an age of enlightenment, of love, of harmony, of peace. May God bless you, my friends. I am Copernicus. My love for you is great. I have great admiration for your desires and intentions to be an instrument to bring peace and harmony to all that is. May God bless you, my friends. My love is with you. God bless you.