Spirit: Sashaquaha
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 4, 2022
Location: Gibsons, BC

May the Great White Spirit bless you all. I am Sashaquaha one who you do not know but is also an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom one of many millions who are part of this Kingdom but are not well known by you but who continues to add their prayers and light to your efforts to be of Light. 

May you truly honour our Mother Earth. May you put your hands within the soil of her beautiful skin and feel the outpourings of her love and energies to you. The miracle of life is everywhere. It is in the pure waters. It is in the soil, in the air. All the elements of Earth are a part of your mother and she gives abundantly to all. When you smell the flowers drifting in the wind, when you drink the pure waters, when you see the miracle of life emerging from the soil, when you see a beautiful tree that is resplendent in life and beauty, when you see one another as part of all of these things and acknowledge to God that He has created something magnificent and that you are a part of all that is; may your souls sing in the joy and the wonderment that is your life upon a world so full of splendours and creations of God. 

May your day be an acknowledgement of all of these gifts and all that is truly created by God. My beloved friends, when you receive the Love of God and it transforms your soul and brings to you the insights and vision and appreciation of all that God has created do not neglect to thank God for all that is. When you hear the bees that are buzzing around you busily helping God to bring the fruits and blessings of His Creation. When you see a bird flying above singing its beautiful song, when you are nourished by those things of the Earth and this plenitude brings to you strength and health, all of these things are a gift from God. Indeed, the mother that is the Earth gives with love and gives abundantly. 

All of God’s Creation is designed to be in harmony, to express love and to show the beauty and wonderment and complexity that is God’s Handiwork in the Universe. May your eyes see this and know this. Your heart swell with appreciation and love, acknowledgement of the beauty of God’s Creation. May you gaze upon one another and recognize that God has created each and every one of your brothers and sisters unique and filled with wonders. We are all a part of this beautiful, unfolding of God’s Creation. May we see ourselves in harmony with all that is and acknowledge that God may guide us and show us the way to be in harmony for His Love teaches us what is good and what is part, truly part of His Universe. 

May we walk upon that path of harmony and goodness and love. As you do so, the world will respond in love and give to you what you need to be in the brightness and beauty and strength and health that is meant to be. God loves you and loves everything that is in Creation. May you see and feel and acknowledge His Love that is present and allow this Love to enter you and become an eternal part of your beautiful soul.

I am Sashaquha and I am happy to be in this beautiful prayer for Mother Earth for I too love my mother and walk as her servant as I do God’s service to bring harmony to your world and to bring harmony to the universe as God’s servant in love.

May the Great White Spirit, our Creator embrace you in His Love and Light, bringing vitality to all that you are and joy to your hearts. Beautiful souls, creatures of God we are together in joy and acknowledgement of God’s beautiful gift of life.

God bless you my beautiful friends and keep you in His Light. My love, my love is with you all, my brothers and sisters upon the world. God bless you.