SPIRIT: Seretta Kem
DATE: May 24, 2024
LOCATION:  Sechelt, BC

I am Seretta Kem. Great assistance is offered to each one of you everyday. Not only to you, but to your loved ones, to the many who are connected to you. For we do not sit idly by and watch the unfolding traumas and difficulties of your life without some attempt to intervene, to uplift and support you, beloved souls. As you continue to grow in the Father’s Love, so the possibility of our coming close grows and makes the avenue available where we may be used as healers and intervenors in your life. 

Indeed, your doctors and others deal with the material world and the technical aspects of intervention and healing for you all. Yet, beyond that layer of the physical are many more layers of the spiritual, the psychic and the metaphysical. These things may all be in play during a time of healing and intervention. It is important that you have around you high spirits and Celestial Angels to help coordinate and channel various blessings that may uplift and assist you in whatever situation you may find yourself in. 

I am close to many of you and with me are a band of healers, angels, who are quite willing and able to help you in the physical conditions that you carry, in the emotional conditions that you carry, in the spiritual conditions that you carry that are not in harmony with the laws of God and the Laws of Good Health and Harmony. So, I wish to remind you, as this dear and beautiful child of God has done so with her story, that there are many available at beck and call and can come and help as you pray and ask for this help and assistance. 

God blesses all of us. The flow of these blessings and energies are from God. We are merely the channels and portals of these energies in accordance with our gifts and abilities. God has made each beautiful soul unique in these abilities and the combination of gifts that may be utilised for the benefit of humanity. We are all too happy to assist you when you are encountering difficult procedures and difficult situations that may cause you distress and pain and that you feel vulnerable within these situations. Know that we will come to uphold you and uplift you. We will come to uphold and uplift those who are around you who are part of the team, the medical teams and others who are there to intervene on your behalf.

My beloved friends, know that God always has a solution, a plan, a way, an approach to dealing with those things that are not in harmony with life and with ease and joy. God seeks to eliminate your pain, to help you on the journey toward freedom from pain. To enhance joy, well-being and health, provided you do your part, beloved souls, in sustaining your own beautiful bodies, in sustaining your own well-being, in sustaining your soul. Then comes powerful interventions, powerful support to magnify your own efforts and the efforts of those who are around you to uphold you. Much can be given, beloved souls, on the wings of prayer, on the heels of desire, on all that you do to open up the Portals and blessings, Lattices of Light, conditions and radiance of God’s great Soul into your life. These things come as you are receptive, as you have great faith, and as you pray and desire for these blessings. They come in abundance and they will come to intervene and to uphold you.

God bless you on your journey. Pray for the great gift of God’s Love, the ultimate Healer, the ultimate Comforter. In this, all things come and all things shall bless you, uphold you and benefit you. God bless you. I am Seretta Kem. My love for you is great, my friends, great indeed. Beautiful souls seeking truth, seeking the blessings of God, and so they come to you in many ways. Through many instruments and intermediaries, these things come. God bless you. God bless you all.