Spirit: Keea Atta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 5, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

May God bless you beloved souls, I am Keea Atta Kem. God created this world in harmony. He created all that is within it and set His Breath of Life upon it. In the eons of time that this Earth has existed and the waves of animals and creations that have come, one upon another in this world until this present moment, were all directed by God and His Will, as this world evolves in love, in all its diversity and beauty and wonderment. Now humanity has come upon this world to change its balance, and rather than love rules this world, it is the condition of man upon it that ways it down, disturbs its harmony and does not bring peace. 

But someday in the future peace will reign again upon your world. Harmony will be with all that is here and all that exists. In this harmony, the creatures of God’s Creation will indeed be replenished and their numbers restored to that level of harmony that is required for all to coexist in the Light of God’s Touch. You will find yourselves in harmony as well, as you continue to grow and become strong in love and perception, with a deep desire to be in harmony with all. So you are evolving within your souls, that change that is happening because God has given you His Love and you have received it through prayer and desire to have this Essence within you. 

You are leading the evolution of the human species, and that evolution is spiritual. Those deep parts of you are changing, responding to this Breath that God has put upon you, His Love, His Essence bringing your true selves forward, transforming your soul and informing the spirit within your body in its powerful influence and direction. Even down to the very cells of your body are you being changed ever so subtly by the power of Love. In this way, you will lead the way towards greater understanding, a true perception of the beauty of your world, the beauty of God’s Creation, and an honoring of this Creation.

So you will find yourselves with a different vision and a different understanding of all that is in your material world. This understanding will activate different responses within you and different actions that you will take in your lives as a reflection of the Truth shining within your soul. In this way you will become an example to your brothers and sisters. In this way God will utilize your awakened soul and your beautiful gifts to help humanity see beyond the blindness of their own self-serving perceptions and thinking, to that of embracing the harmony of God’s Creation and the harmony and honoring of one another as their true brothers and sisters.

As this evolution takes place, as this change becomes more powerful within you, you will be led and guided and see for yourselves the journey that you must take as one of God’s Children, a part of the firmament of His Creation. You will see, beloved souls, you will know, you will feel, you will understand and you will have great love for all. This awakening must come to your world, for it is humanity that sleeps and cannot find its way as part of all that is on your world, and must do so in order to bring harmony back to what God has created. 

Continue to pray for this gift of Divine Love to awaken your soul, to truly understand who you are and what part you play in this beloved world, so that there is no confusion and that what you do will bring light and harmony, peace and joy. You will become part of all those that God has activated to bring change and healing to your world. May you see yourselves as agents of change, channels for healing, for truth, for love. For this is your higher self and this is what God wishes for all His children; all His beloved children to walk in the world as a manifestation of His Creation, and co-creating with God a better world, a world full of peace and harmony, a world that is of love, a world where all lives together in loving harmony. 

Thank you beloved souls, I am Keea Atta Kem. I am happy to speak to you today about God’s plan to bring the world back to harmony and light. God bless you. My love is with you all. God bless you beloved souls. God bless you.