Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 19, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

…souls, I am your teacher Augustine. Yes, the world does continue to challenge you, beloved souls. This human condition that is so powerful in your world continues to put its barriers and difficulties in your lives, and yet you have come in prayer, you have come to your Heavenly Father to receive the gifts of healing and upliftment and Love. And so it is that God will Touch each soul who comes in humility, in earnestness, in desire to be blessed and uplifted, to be healed and comforted by His Hand. All great and wondrous blessings are available to each soul upon your world, and yet so few turn to the Source of all that is good and of light, of love and beauty. So few understand that God wishes to give to every soul the gifts of His Blessings, His Love, to counteract the conditions of your world, the struggles of your bodies, of your minds, of your physical situations, the material world that is so unpredictable and challenging.

It is faith that will carry you through. It is your faith in God, your faith in His Love, your faith in the blessings that can come in prayer. You are all aware of this and you all practice this to some degree or another. And I urge you forward, that you put before you all your desires, all your efforts, your sincerity, the longings of your souls to God. In this effort, in this time of prayer filled often with sorrow, often with confusion, often without a true sense of what is firm ground beneath you, I say to you, it is the power of your faith and the power of your prayers that will bring you into harmony, that will bring you to a place where you may feel and know and experience the great blessings of God. Because you are human, because you live within the human condition and all the intractable conditions that bedevil you and challenge you, it is difficult to be in that place of peace, of surety, of faith, of trust.

Yet you understand deep within you that it is a powerful Truth that God will answer your prayers; God will find solutions to your dilemmas; God will carry you upwards out of the darkness into Light. And this is not so because of a belief or an idea of the mind, it is the power of your soul to reach God, to have faith that God indeed is listening and knows your plight and knows your needs. God will indeed find a way to answer these prayers, to bring to you peace and comfort, to make sure that you have shelter and food and those basic needs that every human must have on the Earth plane. With prayer, these things will be given. With faith, these things will be given abundantly.

Do not allow the burdens of the world to overcome you and squash you into a place of despair and worry and to be forlorn and lost. This is not the way of God, this is the way of the human condition that continues to bring suffering to so many. The way of God is to find harmony, to bring truth, to bring love, to bring all that is required for a life that is in the light. Provided each of you continues in your prayers, you will meet every challenge that comes to you. And I wish to say that many challenges will come to each one of you as the conditions of this world continue to worsen and the situations of your particular nations and cultures will be disrupted. That which you have come to rely on will not be possible nor will give you a sense of stability. Yet, there is always a way, beloved souls, there is always a way to find stability, to find that need to be in harmony and to have your needs met. This is the power of prayer. This is the power of a soul yearning for God and God’s response to each soul. It may not be as you would like, it may not be easy, it may not be of total comfort and ease. No, God cannot change the conditions of the world overnight. God cannot bring every problem to resolution in a blink of an eye. But God will lead each of his children towards light. And provided you are willing to listen, to allow God to guide you forward, you will find the solutions. You will be blessed and doors will open.

We understand your suffering. We are understand that this world is full of suffering and that all is not as God intended. Yet God continues to work, to strive to bring greater harmony to the world, and God wishes for His children to listen, to open themselves to God’s Will so that they, in their own way, will find solutions to their dilemmas and problems.

There is always time for prayer, not just a prayer uttered by the mind through the lips. No, it is a yearning and a longing of the soul, something deeper and more profound. And often it is in the suffering, the difficulties, the challenges, that these prayers find their intensity, their longing. It is not that God wishes for his children to suffer. No, my beloved and beautiful souls, God does not wish for any suffering within the world. God wishes for harmony, for peace, for tranquility, for love. As you continue to reach out to God, forging this bond with your Creator, so you will find the ways, so the solutions will be imparted to you as God continues to send his angels forth to guide you and counsel you, to bring to you the understanding and the clarity of mind and soul that will lead you to solutions and harmony.

Utilize the Laws that you know  that will work in your favor and bring what you need and bring harmony to your lives. It is not impossible, it is very possible. Given faith, given trust, given true and sincere prayer and desire to be in harmony with God and the Laws of God’s Creation, so much will come on the heels of prayer. Much is given as you continue to open yourselves, to know your own vulnerabilities, your anguish, your suffering, that which you are lost and cannot find, these things come in a simple prayer and the longing of the soul.

May God bless you thusly, beloved souls. I am your teacher Augustine and I continue to speak and counsel you. You are my charges, each one of you. Know that I am with you. Know that I shall whisper guidance into your ears that you may know what way, that you must tread to find harmony and peace. God utilizes His angels for your benefit. May you find this benefit with each prayer and each blessing. God bless your beloved souls, my love is with you. I am with you, many angels are with you. God bless you.