Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 20, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

God bless you, my beautiful and beloved friends, I am your teacher Augustine.

This medium is used to making a rapport with a Celestial angel and in the process of making a rapport, he senses an increase in light around him and he feels the power of Divine Love increase as a sort of atmosphere that surrounds him. These signals indicate that a Celestial angel is present and close. This is a very simple indication of our presence and for those who are attuned to it, it becomes a readily recognizable condition which will predicate our desire to communicate.

If an individual who believes they have mediumistic qualities and desires to utilize those qualities to bring forth communications from Celestial spirits does not experience this condition and does not have a consistent and readily accessible sense of the presence of an angel, then in all likelihood they will not be channeling an angel, rather a possibility of a bright spirit from the lands of spirit which are different from our lands, the Celestial Kingdom.

Desire is very important, my beloved friends. So you desire to be an initiator of Circles of Light, so you desire to bring the truth of God’s Love forward to those whom you have made a connection with and whom you desire to share this truth with. Indeed, it is not a difficult scenario to bring people together in harmony and peace and prayer and this must be the motivation of each individual although they may stand upon a path of light which is different from your own and may not be progressed well along this path. Still within them there is something that yearns and longs for the truth and their souls have brought them there. If they have come because of mental curiosity, a desire to see for themselves that which you speak of, often they will not experience what they are seeking and their minds will not be satisfied with what you have to offer and consequently leave your circle. But indeed you have done your work by opening up the door to them, warmly greeting them to participate and be a part of a Circle of Light. It is not your responsibility to ensure that they stay within that circle and participate as a full member of it. Your responsibility lies within bringing the opportunity forward, explaining clearly and simply what is available within that circle, that it is their choice whether they may participate and open themselves up to what God wishes to give.

When you create a Circle of Light you are intensifying the energies, the light, the conditions so that those who are present may more readily be attuned to these conditions. But as is so common in your Earth plane, the barriers of the mind will often preclude the opportunity to experience fully or readily these Divine blessings upon them. But indeed, if you pray earnestly and prepare the room, prepare your own spiritual condition, ask for our assistance, ask for God’s Touch upon your efforts, so the light will shine upon you all, the blessings of God will pour forth. At times even the most reticent will feel the shift, the change, and the touch within their soul.

Because of your earthly conditions, there are days when this is more readily attained than others. There are days when you are more spiritually attuned than others. There are days when you are greatly challenged by the earthly conditions and by the individuals who come into your circle. You must pray for the cloak of protection for all who enter therein, for negative forces will readily utilize these opportunities to sabotage your efforts. You must be cognizant of this and be prepared in light. Prepare yourselves, prepare yourselves with each day in prayer.

When you sincerely commit yourself to bring together a Circle of Light in your home, or wherever that may be, know that God and His angels are by your side and that God will guide those individuals to you. In many cases this will be a surprising turn of events, that individuals may come to you in ways that you could not predict or in circumstances that are not so common in your life. But you will be guided, beloved souls, for if you are sincere God will guide you forth and open the doors for these opportunities. And within these opportunities you will learn as much as those who are with you. You will have the deep blessings of God upon you. God will open that door, that portal of light within your room and pour forth all His blessings of Love and Light, peace and joy, healing and all that comes with God’s Touch upon each of your souls.

Be strong, beloved souls, know that when you enter into this agreement with God, that you will serve, that you will bring the truth forward, that you will come to be used as God’s instruments, channels of Love and Light. So many blessings will come to you and to those who are with you. Be strong in the light and seek God within your souls. Pray for the inflowing of His Love to enter therein and awaken you more fully, so that the great gifts within your soul may be awakened. In this awakening you will draw those to you who are in need, who are God’s children, who are seeking truth, seeking upliftment, seeking light, seeking relief from their pain.

In your efforts, many will come though often the beginnings are humble indeed and you may find yourselves praying alone at the designated hour. But know that there are many spirits who are drawn as well and who will gather about you as you pray and will learn from your prayers and your light and the presence of your angel friends and God’s Touch upon you. So even though you may be singular in your efforts, you will have many from the spirit world who are thirsting and hungry for the spiritual truth that you have come to know and be a channel of its light.

God may use you in many ways, beloved and beautiful souls. Be attuned to God’s Will and know His Will. In this way what manifests through you and about you will be in the harmony and blessings of God and in this way, much can be accomplished and many souls may be touched. Though you may not see for yourselves the outcomes of your efforts, know that when you do God’s work and God’s Will much may come in the stead of your commitment, your efforts, and your prayers. Know that God requires each of you to open yourselves to the light of truth, to be a channel of truth and love, to be a channel for His Will. In this way all will be well and all will unfold in harmony.

May God bless you on that journey, beloved souls, I am your teacher Augustine. And yes, I have laid forth many things for you to consider. In some ways I have contradicted some of your speakers who say that a Celestial speaker will not tell you what you must do and yet I have done so. But know that if you do not listen to any of my words, if you contradict what I have to say and reject what I have to say, know that I do not love you any less nor does God. Indeed we will allow you to find your own way and to do this work in the way that is compliant to your own personal will. What we offer you is a clear road, a road of light, possibilities that are of the highest inclination and expression. In our teachings this is what we offer to each of you, the possibility of sidestepping many pitfalls and errors in this journey of service and to come forward with a clear slate so to speak, to put aside the ambitions of your mind and to accept with the knowings of your soul. As you walk upon the Divine path, all is accordance and in alignment with God and that as you express your beautiful souls, the potentials that you have within you, so the road will be cleared and the opportunities will be many.

May God bless you upon that journey, may you come to know with your souls what is truth, what is love, what is God’s Love for you, and may you see this without hesitation or doubt or fear but with joy, embracing all that is given. You are lights, beloveds, you are lights. Please consider with each breath that you are lights in the world and ask God to use you in ways that will bring greater light to the world. God bless you beloved souls and keep you in His Grace. May His Love continue to flow into your souls and awaken all that is within and bring all into harmony and alignment with light and love and truth. God bless you. I am your teacher Augustine and my love is with you all. My love is with you all. God bless you, beloveds, God bless you.