Spirit: Abdul Latif
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 11, 2020
Location: Monroeville, Pa.

God bless you, my beloved brothers and sisters. I am Abdul Latif. I have come again to speak to this dear daughter (K) who continues to have extraordinary experiences and sensations in her prayers.

As you are aware, my daughter, you continue to experience phases of development of what you call psychic gifts. As your soul continues to grow in the Father’s Love, so we marry the two together, this strong propensity towards psychic manifestation and the faculties of the soul. The openings of these gifts that are very much material in nature must coincide with the opening of your soul which is of a different nature. As you continue to pray, I would urge you, beloved daughter, to focus upon your soul, to focus upon God always.

Allow yourself to embrace these experiences in a way that they are not the key or the focus, but merely an addendum to the experience of the soul. In this way your priorities will be in harmony with God’s priorities. For God wishes you and all His children to awaken in His Love. That this is the primary goal. This is the desire of God, to be in harmony and in alignment with God, with His great Soul. As this happens and becomes more in harmony with his Laws of Love, so these gifts will emerge and manifest in ways that are harmonious, in ways that are in alignment with the soul’s awakening.

Because, my dear and beloved daughter, your experiences in your prayers are often quite materially-oriented, it is difficult, as you have mentioned, to know the difference, to understand all the complexities and experiences that you have in your prayers and development. But you will come to know your soul as separate from these physical manifestations within your body and these spiritual outpourings and shifts within your spirit body.

You are young upon your journey and so it is difficult to discern. You feel what is most evident and surmise from this perception and experience. Yet, there are many other aspects of your being that are moving and shifting that are also an important part of this journey that you have, the awakening of your soul. All of these things, these layers and aspects of your being which are harmonizing together and responding to the power of God’s Love flowing into your soul will come into focus and will do so with a clear understanding and perception of why you have these intense experiences in prayer.

As your soul’s perceptions come alive, as your intuitive perceptions begin to emerge and awaken, so the understanding of the many aspects of your being, of your gifts, of what is indeed your unique self, will be seen and recognized and in some ways controlled, so that one does not dominate the other but becomes a harmonious whole, an integration of these parts that are moving and evolving and are being developed by your guides, angelic helpers.

Yes there is a plan, my beloved daughter. There is a plan that will encompass many experiences, travels, interactions in the world. For every instrument of God is precious and God desires to use every instrument and soul who is willing to bring through the Truth, to help your brothers and sisters to understand the power of Love, the redeeming qualities of His Love.

This time upon this Earth plane of yours is a crucial time. It is a time of great change and upheaval. It is a time of great opportunities and possibilities as the children are stirred awake by the disruptions of the world and in this wakefulness so the avenues are made available to each one of you, to teach, to demonstrate the Truth. You, my daughter, have great gifts and blessings that may manifest many things of the spirit. You will be used in this way. 

As I have said you must harmonize these experiences with your soul to make the awakening of your soul the priority, the focus. For when this is in ascendancy then all the other gifts come into harmony and fall into place in this expression of your powerful and beautiful soul. It is the mind that tends to fixate upon specific things and experiences. It is the soul that encompasses and embraces all. It is the soul that is your guide and your anchor to truth. Allow your soul to be that predominant force within you. Your soul in relationship with God will guide you along the right path. The mind must acquiesce, relax, and be obedient to the Truth and wisdom of the soul.

This is a great challenge for all who live in this world, to allow the soul ascendancy over the mind. Yet, with the empowerment of God’s Love, so this is made possible and is accessible to you and to all who are upon this journey of God’s Love. It is a discipline and a need for all to allow the soul its ascendancy. In this way God may communicate with you, that you may be directly guided by the Creator. In this way you may fall in line with the plan, His plan for the salvation of all. This is what each of you desire. This is your purpose. You have come into this world with this purpose. This seed that has continued to grow, be enlivened by the Father’s Love, and is now ready to break through the surface of your consciousness and become alive and active. An active agent within your being, your understanding of life, your understanding of your own personal life, so that this alignment between you and God may be realized and awakened in ways that are undeniable and indisputable. So that when you step forward, you do so with strength and a clarity and a sense of peace and joy as you express your gifts, as you are guided by God along your path, that unique path that God has forged for each of you.

So much awaits you, beloved and beautiful brothers and sisters, seeking for the light, seeking to serve God in the light, that your eyes barely open, your understanding fresh and continuing to be forged within your minds, your souls strengthening and bathing in the Love of God. All these factors are determining much in the near future for each one of you. It is important that you listen and pray, that you be at peace and acknowledge that your future is being informed by God’s relationship with your soul, that this relationship that grows with each day, with each prayer, will strengthen and emerge into your conscious understanding.

All will come within the timing of God’s Will and desire and plan. Nothing is wasted, beloved souls. Each experience, each opportunity, each time you consider truth, you consider your experience with God in prayer, you consider the guidance that has been given to each of you, you forge a new way, an opening that is powerful and beautiful upon your Path Divine.

May God bless you, my beloved friends, keep you upon the way of Truth and Love, nurture you with deep and abiding waves of Love and Truth that will inform your thoughts and desires, awaken the many gifts that are within each of you, and transform those gifts into a great flow of service and love for all of humanity. May your eyes be opened, your mind at peace, your souls excited by the Touch of God’s Grace.

God bless you my friends. I am Abdul Latif. My love and blessings are with you. God bless you.