Spirit: Confucius
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 14, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am Confucius. God bless you, beloved souls. We have opened the door of communication for you, beloved souls, so that you may be encouraged upon your journeys. We wish to inform you upon that journey. At times it is your minds that hunger but know, beloveds, most importantly it is the hungering of your soul that we wish to encourage and to nurture and direct you towards.

Know that all is given in love. Contemplate our words but most of all put what we have told you into action. Make it truth in your lives, make it a truth that is active and effective in your own soul’s growth and in your own expression of love in the world serving God as a channel of His Love, beloveds. You will come to know all truth in time. God does not keep secrets from His children but you must be ready and you must be willing to receive. You must not cast aside the pearls that are given but utilize these pearls of truth and make them truly a part of you. Your souls understand this, beloveds, your souls truly understand.

God bless you. And we say good-bye for this time with our love, our gratitude. We say good-bye. God bless you. God loves you. God bless you.