Spirit: Barbara Davies
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 14, 2023
Location: Sechelt, B.C.

God bless you, it’s Barbara. God‘s work is not something specific, God’s work is that which is infused in everything you do, so that the Divine Touch may infiltrate all that you are and all that you do. In this way what you do in the world brings greater harmony and light. It’s not that God has a specific task at hand at all times, rather as you live, move and breathe in the Grace of God, and continue to grow in the Love of God, then the manifestations of your gifts will influence and open with the many things that you do in life. 

Yes, there are many things that God wishes for us to do, whether we are in the world of spirit or in the flesh. With the infusion of God’s Love that becomes so much a part of you, you cannot be anything but that child of God. God’s work, Will, and desires, will not manifest in harmony with His laws without your soul in alignment with the Creator. So as each of you continues to grow, change, evolve, and transform with the Love of God, indeed God’s Will will manifest through you at every moment of your lives. This manifestation may reflect a specific task that God has for you, a specific gift that God has given you, but it is only one part of many parts that make up your being and your work. Every situation can reflect the touch of God. Even those who are poor and deprived, can manifest God in some way. It is the willingness and openness to allow God to manifest His Light and Love to come forth through you. 

Whether you are making a meal, or walking with your children, or at work, or in any place, if you walk in faith, if you act in love, if you are a light, then God’s work is manifest through you. It happens in the simplest and most subtle ways, and it can happen in big and recognizable ways, but for a true channel of God’s Will and Love, it must happen in every way, at every moment. This is what you are learning my beloved and beautiful friends, and you continue to learn this. When you are manifesting God through your life, then you are happy, there is harmony, there is peace. 

When you do not manifest the Light of God’s Love in your life, when you hold back in judgment, fear, and confusion,  there is a heaviness within your heart and a desire to escape, to be free of this heaviness. The challenge is to implement these things in everything that you do, the beauty, the Light, the Grace, the Joy in everything. It is more readily accomplished when your life is simplified, and the demands upon you flow in a harmonious and regulated way. When a life is filled with chaos and these things way heavily upon you, then how can you be at peace, how can you bring God into these things? It is possible, but the probability is slight. Instead, you must find balance. you must find yourself within the chaos of life, and find your bearings with God so that you are a rock, an expression of Peace and Light in a chaotic world. In this way you can be guided, and many blessings may manifest through you. But you must first find that place of harmony, and balance, and peace within yourself. 

I was not a perfect example of this. For I had waves of fear and judgment and anger, those human things, this condition that reflects the world. Yet, I found my bearings each and every day in prayer, and I was with God each and every day through my prayers. So, there were times when the human condition got the better of me, but more often than not, I was in that place that I am describing, which gave me  peace of mind. This is why so many were drawn to me. I was an island of peace and love and it emanated within me, around me, through me, and this was my most joyful time when this was the case. In this way all things made sense and my perception of the world was clear and purposeful. I understood my place within it, my instrumentality upon earth, and so I was able to accomplish many things in my life. If I had lived without this great blessing, without the power of the touch God within me, I could not have done these things. I would just be another, as I jokingly called it “a West Vancouver housewife”, doing my life as all others did, often in a meaningless and shallow way.

 Each of you here and many more, do not wish to be in that position. You desire to be channel for God, to be purposeful, to have meaning in your life. And so, you are and shall have meaning in your lives. It will have great meaning, it will intensify into great purpose, iand t will grow. You will find yourself in great light, peace, and love, and many will be drawn to this, a beacon in the world. Do what you can do best for them as each of you have particular gifts and abilities and provided you express them fully and do so in faith and pray that you may be God’s instruments, so these things will manifest in harmony, they will come powerfully, there will be many blessings that will ensue from your prayers and desires to serve.

Now that you are on the road, that road leads to many wonderful and surprising manifestations of God’s Will, and expression in your life, much will come unbidden. Often when you do not have great expectations and focus upon these gifts and manifestations, they come because you are not directing your consciousness on them. They come because you are open, and innocent, to whatever God wishes to give to you. So I urge you not to focus too intently on the opening of your gifts, rather, focus intently upon the opening of your soul to receive the great gift of God’s Love. For as you have been told countless times, as you seek this, all else will fall into place.

My beloved and beautiful friends, my son, my daughter, my dear friend whom I know well because we communicate often in your sleep state, I urge you to continue to seek the progression of your soul, continue to express this progression, this manifestation of your soul, in all that you are and everything that you do. In this way there will come the fulfillment of your deep soul’s desire to be God’s servants. God’s servants often express the Will of God through humble things, simple things; a touch, a smile, a prayer, an embrace, or some material act, that upholds and assists another. There are many ways that God may manifest through you, and most of them you are not aware of, but some you are. You will come to know these things more fully, and you will come to know the subtleties as you grow in God’s Love and your awareness grows as a result of this.

My beloveds, my beloveds, how I love you. How I am eager to see you grow and to continue to serve in whatever capacities are suited to you and are in harmony with the will of God. From my position now the picture is so much bigger and brighter. This motivates me to continue to be by your side, to help in any way that I can, to pray for you, to bring blessings to you, and so I will, all the days of your lives, I will. 

I am Barbara, and I love you. Oh, how I love you. God bless you all in the peace of God’s presence, in the grace of his touch, in the expansion of His Love within you. May God bless you always, in all the ways that He can.