Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 30, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

The river of God’s Love continues to carry us, does it not?  My beautiful friends, I am Seretta Kem. Indeed its sweet waters nourish us and carries us forward as we put our trust in God’s Will, as we allow God to guide us forward.  

So this flow takes us to many souls, many who are in need, many who benefit from your instrumentality and gifts. God encourages us all to be an instrument of truth, to be a channel of love, to bring through the healing and comforting lessons that God has to give. May we continue to allow this flow to be the potent and beautiful focus of our lives for it is in allowing the love to flow through us, and for us to be immersed in this Love that the work of the Heavenly Father may be accomplished. We are all His servants. We are all His servants.

When one is immersed in this flow, the unfolding of the various aspects of your material life that are in need of your attention and in need of engaging in order for your life to work and be manageable, come readily and easily. There is no effort that is beyond your capacity. There is nothing asked of you that is not in harmony with your soul.  There is nothing given to you that does not reflect God’s desire for you to assist Him in whatever matter is presented before you. In so doing, you receive in greater measure for yourself love, wisdom, understanding, and truth. Many blessings come to you as you enter this flow of God’s Will and Love.  

Continue to walk forward, beloved and beautiful friends. Continue to allow God to use you and to allow His guiding force to inspire, uplift, and inform your soul.  May you be open and focus upon your soul for this is the most important requirement as God’s instruments, for if you walk without knowledge of your own soul and knowledge of God, you are only immersed upon the shore of the river. You must wade deeper so that His currents carry you forward and bring to you all that you require in order to be an instrument of God’s plan in the world.

Have faith, beloved souls. When you feel the current carry you, do not resist but have faith and know that within your soul is great joy and great desire to carry on, to move forward, and to be an ever clearer instrument of God’s Love and desire to minister to all the children of the world.

Each day you make your commitments, your prayers, put forth your desires, and open yourself up to God’s Will. Each day brings another part of the journey into your life. So it will be a continuous journey, a continuous opening, a continuous awakening where your thoughts and your inclinations and your perceptions are of one thing and one place in your life, know that these things will change. As the transformative qualities of God’s Love continues to awaken you and change you, so your thoughts, your desires, your perceptions will change with it.

This journey will never be boring or tedious, for God always brings a gift, something of interest, a challenge, an opportunity, another blessing of His Love, an understanding that comes with the soul awakening. These things bring with each day deeper qualities of wisdom and truth and love within you, and help you to put aside the mind’s inclinations to be dominant. Instead, the soul will expand and envelop all that you are and become the great truth and underpinning of your life. This continues to be the case. It continues to strengthen and grow as you journey forward on the river of God’s Love and Will.

May God bless you as you continue to serve, to grow, to pray, to become in greater alignment with your Heavenly Father. As you well know, we are with you all and continue to accompany you upon this journey, to help reflect to your conscious self that which is happening within you and all about you. We are in this flow together. Feel the Love of God. The love of your angel friends. The love of one another.  Be assured that you are upon this Divine Path and the ever flow of Divine Will and Grace and Love.

God bless you, I am Seretta Kem. I’m happy to be with you today. I thank you for your service, beloved souls, each one being used in their own unique way and flow. How beautiful this is. How reassuring that all unfolds in harmony with God’s Will.  

God bless you, beloveds. God bless you deeply with His Love, keep you in His Light, and wrap you in peace, uplift you with His healing Touch, and awaken you with His Great Love.  God bless you.