Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 8, 2019
Location: Sydney, AU

The Grace of God is upon you, beloved souls. I am Jesus and I come to bless you and support you in your efforts to bless the children, the lost souls, the hungering souls, those who are weak of body, those who are confused within their minds. But all hunger, all hunger for the Love of the Creator, beloved souls. I come to bless this place that you all may awaken in the Grace of God. That His Love may be here in great abundance. His healing Touch may comfort and make whole those who are in need. 

The manifestation of God’s Presence in this circle, in this room, for the time that you are together will ignite the peoples of this land and bring many more into your midst, beloved souls. The power of God’s Touch will be felt in this place. Do not doubt this,  but know that your efforts are guided, that your souls are bright in Love, and that you come together as God’s innocent children awaiting the benediction of Love and that God’s Grace will indeed be with you. His Love will pour upon you. God’s Great compassion for each soul will be felt and a deep peace will blanket you all, that you may release all conditions, all that is not in harmony with love. That God will lift you up, beloved souls, beyond this Earth plane to a place resplendent in Light. Feel the Living Waters refresh you and nourish you. 

You are blessed and those who come shall be blessed. The angels are with you. God’s Hand rests upon you all. You are my brethren and I come to be with you and shall be with you on the morrow. The mighty Touch of God will have its mark upon your souls, awakening and healing and bringing all that you require to be in God’s Grace and know God, to truly know your Creator. Blessed are you, beloved souls. Blessed are we all in the Grace of God. 

God bless you. I am with you, beloveds. I shall never leave and I shall walk with you for all eternity towards at-onement with God. Allow the Holy Spirit to touch your soul and bring the gift, the gift of Love. God bless you. I love you all, my brothers and sisters. God bless you.