Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 2, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

It is your teacher, Augustine. You see how the world will change, beloveds, one to another, one prayer, one effort, one shift of thought, one act of love. This is how God will enact His plan for the salvation of mankind, through each of you and through many more. The great efforts of God’s Touch and blessing upon this planet will continue to grow and strengthen through each of you and through all of those who continue to strive to make those changes within themselves, within their lives, within their communities, within this world.

You are all called to continue to strive for the Light, to awaken in Light, and to release all that is of darkness or greyness or error, to be the soul that is in harmony, greater harmony with God. This is your challenge with each day. As you set forth with the desire to do so, God will bring to you what you require: the strength, the blessings, the angels, all that you require to step forward in Light and Love.

We wish to thank you all for your efforts together. There have been many great blessings, a great washing of Light and Love that has come through you to this world. I know it is difficult for you to see and understand the power of a Circle of Light, but I say to you my friends that you have brought change to your world, a blessing to your world, a touch of comfort to your world and love through your prayers, through your time together, making efforts, setting aside your daily concerns and routines so that you may come together in this way. Beloved souls, if only a small fraction of humanity would do so at various times of your year, this world would be changed. This world would feel the impact of your efforts as a channel of God’s Love and Light.

I urge you all to continue to come together in these ways, in whatever way is possible in your life to pray for this world of yours, to pray for your own inner world, your souls, to pray for Light, to pray for love and comfort and harmony for this world. Beloved souls, you forge the path. You make the effort and you will reap the rewards of these efforts.

We thank you, beloved souls, and know that we are always with you and that God’s Love continues to pour upon you. May you rest in the comfort and joy and peace of knowing that you are in the Light and will continue to grow in Light. As you do so, so you will be guided. So the awakenings will come, the knowings, the wisdom, the capacity to love, the capacity to do God’s Will. All these things will come in the stead of a prayer to receive this Gift of Love.

May God bless you as you journey forward and God will surely keep you in His Light and protection and Love. Thank you, beloved souls. Thank you for your efforts. Thank you for reaching. Thank you for being and trying to be a child of Love and Light. You are blessed. You shall be blessed. Much is coming to each of you and much will be manifest through each of you.

God bless you, beloveds. I am your teacher Augustine and my commitment to your efforts and the efforts of those who strive for Light in this world continues. I shall be there, helping, supporting, guiding, as will many of my fellow angels, for this great work to heal this world and bring harmony and peace and love. God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you.