Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 29, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

God bless you beloved souls, it is your teacher Augustine. How these bonds of love that you share together creates such a powerful channel of Light, a Circle of Light in the world. How you have shown that through your efforts and intentions and love, you have built such a beautiful light amongst you that God may indeed use you as His channels of Love in the world. Together, you have become a powerful channel. Together, you have forged such bonds of love that if these conditions were to spread in the world amongst your brothers and sisters, there would be no dilemmas and disharmonies. It is love that brings harmony. It is love that forges an eternal bond. It is love that brings the power of healing, the Blessings of God’s Touch to your world.

May the love within your souls continue to burn bright and be expressed in your world. In this way, you will travel as God’s channels of Love around the world, for we utilize this power, this Light, to touch many other souls, to bring comfort and blessings to many souls. Though for many of you, you feel you are praying for yourselves and for one another, and this is enough in your efforts and desires to be in the Light, I wish to assure you that there are many other dimensions to this effort, to this Light, to this Love, that are being expressed in the world at this very moment. God utilizes this Circle of Light for His Own purposes to bring blessings to others. Know that you are serving God at this time and in this service you are also being blessed, that much pours upon you and through you for the benefit of many. Continue to pray for your brothers and sisters. Continue to look beyond the material vision to the great expanse of the spiritual, the knowings of the soul and your relationship with your Creator.

So much flows as you have opened the doors, the floodgates with your love and desires. So much power is built in your prayers and your acknowledging of one another in love. As you progress forward, you will understand bit by bit, those avenues and expressions of the soul that are continuing to grow with these prayers. You will see how your souls respond to this great blessing of the Father’s Love. You will come to know the works that you do to be far reaching and touching many souls. As the faculties of your souls continue to unfold and to expand, so your understanding, your vision, your knowing, your capacity to love will grow accordingly.

May God bless you all beloved souls, beautiful lights in the world. God is with us at this time and God’s Blessings pour upon us. May we drink these Living Waters that we may drink abundantly, that we may drink so that our souls may live and flourish in this Light. God bless you beloved souls. I am your teacher Augustine and I pray with you, as do many, from my side of life. We are all together in a Great Light that is God’s Blessings upon us. God bless you. God bless you beloved souls. My love is with you.