Spirit: Mark
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 20, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

This is Mark and I wish to reassure you that your work with this church of love will continue and build. The work that has been accomplished as you have dedicated your time towards fostering the Light within this church and guiding it along in the material sense, has brought about already a great shift of thinking, expressions and opinions in this church. Yes, there are some who are detractors and continue to hold on tenaciously to their ideas and their desire for this church. Yet, they become much fewer in numbers as those who are not satisfied with what is expressed here are inclined to move away to other places that suit their needs.

Beloved souls, continue in your efforts. Now is the time of building Light, to continue to bring in Truth, to do so unwavering and dedicated, to be a channel of Love and Light for those who are drawn. As you have seen, God continues to uphold this church and provide for its needs, that you continue to be guided and upheld in your efforts. Dedicate what you do to God and it will not seem a burden, but a blessing. Put aside your sense of these obligations as something that continues to interfere with your regular routines in life. Rather say, “I do this for You, Beloved Father, I do this for You.”

My love and dedication to support your effort, for this church is a place of Light, a Centre of Light, and this will continue to build. The coming year will bring in more beautiful souls, seeking souls. It is for you to embrace and greet them with love and accept them in whatever journey or expression that they have in life. All seek for Light. The soul seeks for fellowship. The soul opens to the blessings of God, bringing upliftment and healing, assurance and peace. His Love continues to pour upon this place.

There is nothing holding you against the Will of God in your ministrations and dedications towards this church. Be assured, beloved souls, that all is well and all will be well. Indeed, on your Earth plane there are negative forces, individuals who will attempt to derail the efforts that you have made and God has made within this place. But I say to you, God’s Will is stronger. Your light and souls are more than capable of dealing with these obstructions. Do so with faith and love with the sure knowledge that your efforts will build, continuing in this place and nothing will stop these efforts. For, this is truly part of God’s Will. God’s Will is to awaken humanity to the Truth of His Love. You have been given the great gift of a platform from which to speak of these Truths and you will continue to do so.

As time goes on and as conditions change in your world, this sanctuary will be important to many and will sustain many spiritually, giving them the strength to meet head-on the changes that are coming in the world, to be in harmony with God, to understand what that means, to know the power of His Love, and to truly embrace this Truth. These things are important, very important. Do not concern yourself with those who teach otherwise and who are a part of your church. They too fulfill their duties and are dedicated to their ideas and expressions of truth. Do not contradict, but merely embrace those around you who are working in their own way to bring Light and enlightenment to those in your world that seek this gift. You will add your piece to all that is being taught in this church. Do so with humility and strength, sincerity and love.

As time progresses and you become stronger, clearer in your instrumentalities, the predominant message will be of God’s Love within this church. Even those who have a great deal of resistance towards it, will come to that place of acceptance and embracing the Truth that you carry. It is in your persistence and your consistency and your loving actions and generosity towards this church that will sway the minds of many and express the Truth with a clarity and a strength that they cannot deny. All these things will come, beloved brothers and sisters. All will come in the flow of God’s Love for His children and those who come to sincerely seek the betterment of their own souls.

May God bless you upon this journey. Rest assured that His plan for this church continues to unfold unimpeded by any forces that may detract from this. You are strong, beloved souls. You are given such a gift of this place as a reflection of your strength and love, your wisdom and your Light. Beloved souls, may you carry on and be true to what you are meant to do as God’s instruments in the world.

God bless you. I am Mark. My love and presence is with you very often. Many angels come to bless those who are seeking, who listen, who desire truth. Many angels come to this place of Light. God bless you. God bless you, beloveds.