Spirit: Joseph
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 17, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, may peace be upon you. I am Joseph. God’s Hand rests upon each one of you and will bring to you a strength, a steadiness, a Light and Love that will nurture your soul and help you to navigate life in Light, in wisdom and strength. Every mortal upon your world would benefit from these blessings and needs these blessings. For, when your Light shines and that Light comes from your souls imbued with the Father’s Love, then you cannot do anything in life without this influence and protection and blessing bringing to you that which is in harmony with God’s desire for you, His Will for you in life.

Though you may stray from your course and walk away from this Light as a result of conditions in your life, I say to you, beloved brothers and sisters, God will draw you back. God will maintain the Light for you and bless you accordingly as you come back to Him in prayer. You will not stray far. As you continue to pray for this gift of His Love, as you continue to apply the Truth and knowledge that you know within your lives, many blessings will be yours. You will indeed walk in Light, protected and blessed, as the angels minister to you. As God continues to send His Holy Spirit to bless your soul, so you will walk in Light. You may rely upon this gift and blessing to sustain you, to protect you and to guide you.

How many in your world are so blessed? How many in your world know of this great gift? How many walk in the world vulnerable to the dark conditions that prevail? You know and apply the Truth of God’s Love to bring greater blessings and Light upon you. With each breath you walk in this Light. Continue to pray, even if it is for a moment, for this gift of God’s Love. Ask God to guide you, beloved friends. Ask God to continue to protect you. Ask God to strengthen you. Ask God to help you, assist you, in your efforts to grow spiritually, so to make those choices both of mind and soul that will bring you to greater Light. As you do so, you become a beacon of Light in the world, a world so bereft of Light. You become that beacon in the dark conditions often without even realising how you assist God and assist your brothers and sisters to bring these blessings forward.

You are His children. As long as you walk in faith, in trust, in prayer, in desire, God will use you accordingly. Whether you are aware or not, blessings will flow. You will bring Light, healing, peace, wisdom, love, to those in your life, to all those that you meet, and their souls will be touched by your Light as God uses you, His beautiful child who reaches for Him and is responsive to His Touch, His Love. He will use you to be a channel of Light for others. It is so simple, my friends. It is so very simple. All it requires is your commitment to God, is your choice to walk with God and your desire to receive His blessings, His Love. It is so simple. So little required, yet so many benefits and blessings and gifts given to those children in the world who seek His Light and Love, His Touch upon each one.

There are those in the world who are not aware of these gifts and blessings, yet within their soul is a deep desire. These too are God’s Lights in the world. There are those in the world who yearn and long for something more than their lives lived in the human condition. These are the children you need to reach, and you will do so because God will guide you to them. God will find a way to open the door that you may befriend them and be a channel of Love for them. This will be so in your lives. As you continue to grow in God’s Love, so these opportunities will multiply, so your Light increases, so the opportunities to serve God will be magnified and multiplied according to your Light.

Walk with God, beloved souls. See that you are truly in alignment and will walk in Truth and will be a channel of Love for the lost souls, for the yearning souls, for many souls. This gift of Love burning bright in your soul is what will change the world beloveds. Add Light, add Truth, bring hope, and bring change.

May your Lights continue to shine, your efforts continue in the direction of serving God in alignment and strength, in all the beautiful gifts and blessings of your soul. God bless you, beloved souls. I am Joseph, father of Jesus. I come to encourage you, to uplift you and to strengthen you upon this journey that is not all-together easy, but it is simple. Be with the Truth, uphold it, apply it, and all gifts that are good and wondrous and powerful will be given. God bless you.

God bless you, beloved souls. My love is with you, as is my son, my beloved partner, and all the angels of Heaven. God bless you.