Spirit: Michael Collier
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 11, 2019
Location: Fitzroy Falls, AU

I wish to commend you on your efforts for the last few days. I wish to commend all the angels that worked so very hard to bring in those who were meant to come to these Circles.

There is a great work ahead for you, my beloved friends. So much more awaits. I know you worry about your physical capacity to assist in this work. I want to tell you that God will provide you with the energy and the means and the ways to accomplish the tasks that God sets before you. God will never overwork you nor bend you so far that you will break. No, my friends, God indeed wishes for you to assert yourselves, to listen to your guidance and to respond accordingly. You know this to be the Truth, that your souls have awaited this time in your life to serve in this way, to be active, clear, responsive and loving, humble channels for God. I know you think to yourselves, “Why couldn’t I have done this twenty years ago when I was younger and fitter?” But, it is the accumulative wisdom in your souls and the Light that is within that has made you fit channels today and will make you fit channels for tomorrow and the next and the next.

God will not abandon you, my friends. God is right beside you, so very close, His Hand resting upon your shoulder, His Love pouring upon you, His Light uplifting you, His healing comes to you. Though there may be small issues that cause you some problems, you are essentially fit for service. Service will indeed be your mantra, your daily lot. There will be times of rest, times to recuperate and regenerate, and times that are very intense and busy. As you have experienced in the last few days, do you not exult in this beautiful service and opportunity to bring love to your brothers and sisters? This will grow and expand in surprising ways.

Strangers today will be well-known to you tomorrow. God will orchestrate the opportunities to connect with all that are meant to come. The angels are working very hard for you, my friends. There is so much that they do behind the scenes. You are not aware nor do you need to be. But I say that you have a whole army of angels who continue to help open the doors, rouse the sleeping souls, and urge them to come together in this beautiful place of light. You are all in God’s Hands. You are all deeply needed. You all play your part in this great symphony of Love and Truth.

Know that I am happy to work with you, to continue to be close, to continue to help guide others towards this beautiful Circle and Centre of Light in the world. You will find, my beautiful friends, that all will be taken care of. There is no need to worry, to fret, and to over-extend yourselves. Be moderate in your actions. Be loving always, simple, truthful, caring, humble. With this, all will come to fruition and bring about some remarkable experiences, together in prayer, together as the Light grows both within your souls and within this place.

May God bless you, bless you deeply, awakening every part of you, your souls resplendent in the Light of God’s Love, your minds bedazzled by the Light of your soul, your experiences with God intense and full of joy. God bless you. I again thank you for the opportunity to be here, to work with you, to assist you in this effort. Indeed, the work that you all do is spoken of in Heaven. The angels know and have great praise and hope that there are mortals on Earth who are willing to bring the great news of the blessing of God’s Love for all.

God bless you, beloved souls, and keep you. May His peace be with you always and His Love a constant flow within you. God bless you. I am Michael. My love is with you.