Spirit: Mary
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 28, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am Mary. I come to uplift, to love, to embrace you all as you continue in your resolve to pray and dedicate yourselves to the awakening of your souls with the Father’s Love. So each of you are uplifted and blessed. Each of you are a part of a family of Light that is indeed blessed by God. Special blessings come to you, beloved souls, because of your commitment and desire, because you wish to be uplifted in Light and Truth, because you wish to be in the flow of God’s Love.

So, you are mightily blessed with all gifts that the Heavenly Father may give to His children. His Hand rests upon each one of you bringing to you protection, a Light, a beautiful condition of Light that is of God. So you draw to you the Angels of Light, the Angels of Love so to reinforce your journey, your commitment, your efforts. So God uses each one of you as a channel of Light in the world, for you are each needed, beloved souls, each are needed. As you travel on this road of Love, so you become beacons of Light, beautiful channels of Light and Love.

Beloved souls, I am with you often. Many angels accompany you. As such, you are a Light and the Light of the angels that are with you help to magnify this condition. In this way, God uses you as His instruments to bring greater Light to the world. So we collaborate together, beloved souls. We collaborate and pray and seek to be used by God to bring the blessings of Light to the souls of humanity. In these times that bring stress and fear and doubt to many, you are being used in many ways; ways that you are not well aware, but ways nonetheless that help to bring comfort and healing and love to your brothers and sisters. Know that each time you pray, each time you come together in this way, you create a great Portal of Light that is being used to help wash the darkness away and to help bring comfort and peace to many.

Rest assured beloved souls, that you will continue to be used as God’s instruments of Light and Love, that you will continue to have with you the beautiful angels from the Celestial heavens. You will find your way to greater Light and Love and will be awakened more fully with each prayer, with each time we are together and you are with God. So the blessings flow and shall continue to be within the great Power and Will of God to awaken to you, to heal you, to bring His Love within you and for you to be His channels of Love.

May God bless you, beloved souls. I am Mary and I love you dearly. I love you so dearly. Each of you precious to my heart, each of you a beautiful light in the world. May God bless you, beloved souls. Mary loves you. God bless you.