Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Location: Gibsons, BC
Date: December 5, 2020

[Coughing] How at times speaking through a body has its limitations and surprises. May we begin again? You have been contemplating the idea of God speaking through an individual medium, the voice of God heard in words clearly and succinctly broadcast out to those who will hear. God speaks to every soul, but God’s language, His way of communicating with that soul, is not in words and comes as a flow of thoughts and loving expressions towards that soul. An awakened soul may easily hear and understand the way in which God speaks and communicates with it, and this communication is valuable and important for the progression of an individual soul, especially one that has within it the Great Divine Love of God. His Essence opens the doors for this communication. Indeed, much may flow towards that individual as the individual awakens with the inflow of God’s Love, its faculties coming forth alive, vital, and clear, so these aspects of the soul may bring what appears to be a direct communication from God. In truth, these communications must percolate through the mind, and as such, words are applied. Though the essence of that communication may come through the individual medium, it is merely a mindful interpretation of a truly and purely soulful experience. 

In this way, I do not mean to denigrate the efforts of any individual who attempts to bring forth communications from the Creator. Yet, it must be understood that it is not God overshadowing the individual and communicating through that individual in the way that a spirit or Angel may do so. It is a reflection of the experience of that individual in their communion with God, soul to soul. I know that this delineation does not confuse the issue, nor does it invalidate the communication. It is important to know that when an individual claims to be an instrument of God in the way of communicating a message, indeed it is of a different quality and form than that in which I am communicating at this time.

If God were to overshadow a soul as we overshadow a soul and form the bonds with the mind and the brain in order to communicate information, the soul would be so overwhelmed by this direct connection and contact with God that the faculties of the mind and the brain would be short-circuited as you might say, and no communication would be possible. What may come through a soul that is well-aligned with their minds is of value and reflects a deep connection with God and an experience with God that flows through directly into the mind, where the mind applies words and commentary to reflect this experience. 

There are some who are greatly gifted in this way. There are some who have written many passages, reflecting this experience. It is not that God speaks the words directly to the individual, rather the individual applies words and ideas to the experience of this connection with God. The great prophets of old were gifted in this way, and there are those in the world today who have the potential for this gift, and they express this gift. It is important that one delineates between these two expressions of communication and understands, as with any expression through the mind of an individual, that it is highly subject to the biases and filters of the mind.

For those who believe that they have heard the word of God through an individual, unfortunately they have received a reflection of God’s communication through a medium, who with all sincerity and love, has allowed such a communication to take place. And thus the true words of God are wordless. The true blessings of God do not require the mind’s touch upon it. Rather, it is the experience of the soul with God, and in this way the language of the soul, which understands God is invoked. That language, then, is transmuted into words and sentences that reflect the experience and understanding that comes with this communication or communion with the Creator. 

It is important to discern these things. Not that you may discount the communication in this effort to communicate, but rather to understand that each may in their own way have such experiences and conscious understanding of them as their soul’s faculties awaken. 

I urge you not to turn to another for such an experience. Rather, to make your own individual efforts to receive and know the guidance from God, His sweet whispers to your soul. These individual experiences forge the relationship between yourself and God. It is important that each soul may make their concerted and eager efforts to open the way for this communication. 

And for those who have brought forth a message that is purported to be from God, may those who listen appreciate that this is a reflection of the experience and an interpretation that comes from the mind through their lips to the individuals who are listening. This is indeed a valid example of such an experience, and the individual may be commended for their willingness to be open to such an experience and confident enough to express it in the way of words, giving a message. As mediums open and grow, so many things are possible, this avenue of communication that is opened and clear and fluid may bring forth many different forms of communication and give important facts and blessings though that individual directed towards others. 

Much in terms of these aspects and faculties of communications and mediumship is unknown to you. Indeed, as you progress together and avenues are opened, faculties are refined, and aspects of the soul awakened, there are many ways in which blessings may come through an individual. Honor these instruments and honor your own selves in the ways that you may communicate with God and with the Celestial Angels. 

There is a concern, that rather than each individual forging their own relationship in the ways and avenues of communication, they become dependent upon another. This is not meant to be, but can be a difficult lesson for those who are abdicating their own responsibility and desire to forge this intimate relationship with their own soul and with the communications that come from God and from the angels. There is much to learn and I know as you struggle to progress in this earth plane that it is of great value that there are those who may communicate the words of the angels who support your efforts towards light. This is not contrary to God’s laws, nor is it out of harmony. But it is only one aspect of the journey, one part of the great efforts that God and the angels are making to assist you in your own individual awakening soul and forging a relationship with your Creator. 

Every individual must strive for maturity, for establishing a consistent routine in prayer, in going within themselves to truly align themselves with their own soul and with God. These times in individual prayer are most important and crucial to the awakening of your soul. Though you may receive great benefits in your Circles of Light and prayers together, it is of the utmost importance that you set aside time in prayer with God, seeking His Love, seeking to open up the avenues of communication with the Great Oversoul and your soul, seeking to come close to your angel friends who are eager to be with you in prayer, to help guide you and to understand your own individual progress and development of the soul. There are few in your world who are open to this, and who benefit by these great efforts to awaken your soul. Thus you are precious to God and to the angels as every effort will be made to help you to awaken to that which awaits you, the great potentials of your soul, the beautiful flowering of your soul. 

For each one of you there will come a time when you eagerly await this communication, for it will come in great waves and revelations and blessings. God does not withhold anything from you, beloveds. God is eager to share the wonderments of His creation, the power of His Love, the great insights and knowings of truth that come with sincere prayer, of releasing those roadblocks of the mind and opening fully to the experience of the soul in communion with God. These are the things that are of utmost importance, and crucial to the awakening of your soul. It requires great effort, great effort indeed, to come to that awakening. 

We urge you to listen to the whispers of God, to listen to the knowings within you, to be aware that there is a deep and wondrous aspect of your being that is eager to come forth, that is eager to join with you in a conscious way so that the wisdom of the soul, the faculties of the soul, the capacities of the soul may inform your daily life, may inform your views and perceptions of the world, and may be utilized by God as channels of love through you to many. We have spoken to you of this many, many times. This we have urged you many times to do. I urge you once again to continue in your individual pursuit of God in prayer, in contemplation, building your faith, building the strength and capacities of your soul through prayer to receive the Great Divine Essence of God, and all else will fall into place, will become evident, and will come in the timing and flow that is a reflection of these efforts. Much is coming, beloved souls. Much is coming. 

God bless you and keep you in His Love. I am Seretta Kem and I am happy to speak of these ways and means of communicating with God, the wonderment of which is eternal. The ways of doing so, are not so much a mystery as a revelation. May you continue on this path and awaken to all the aspects, faculties of your soul, knowing great joy, knowing great fulfillment, knowing your true self, and the truth of the universe. God bless you, beloveds. God bless you.