Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 1, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved children, it is Andrew. You pray for those who are lost and in darkness in your world, and this darkness has been proliferated for many, many years, almost from the beginning, and it has grown and grown in breadth and depth in your world where none can escape the influence and effects of these dark conditions. None are able to resist the influence that draws them into the error that has proliferated in your world. This view of the world that is based on materialism and on objectification of everything is a great detriment to all, and it creates such inequities and lack of love. So much continues to grow and bring its dark influence to the children, to all who are vulnerable. So God continues to intervene, to help make for a place of Light, to right the wrongs, to balance inequities, to bring Love to the world. So you have attuned yourself to this great flow of God’s Touch on the world. You come together in prayer, you come together to support one another in your efforts to be in the Light and to be a channel of Love and Light in the world. So God is touching many souls, influencing and encouraging them to come into the Light, into Truth, into harmony.

This is God’s plan for the salvation of humanity, and you are all part of this great plan that continues to unfold moment by moment, day by day. You will find yourself compelled to speak the Truth, to be a Light, a comfort, to have great compassion, to embrace your brothers and sisters. How else can love be brought to the world but through those who are willing to express love, to manifest love in their lives, in their thoughts, in their actions, in their prayers? So you must teach how to pray for Love. This simple prayer is the key that will unlock the unfolding of God’s plan. There are many keys that God will make available to humanity, but this very key is the most powerful of all.

So to bring this Truth to the hungering souls, to those who search and those who are within their souls, desiring to be of service, to bring Light into the world, if they but carry this key with them and practice this Truth, how many times their efforts could be multiplied. How many levels and layers and depths can their instrumentality be used to reach many souls on many different levels. It is the multi-dimensional aspect of this Gift of Divine Love, the power of God’s Essence that reaches through many barriers and many layers of resistance to the soul. And once the soul has had this spark, this Touch from God which may come through you, beloved souls, as His channels of Love, then there is movement, there is a stirring of the soul, and in this stirring will come a desire for change, for upliftment, for love.

So each of you are integral in this plan. For you carry the keys and you understand the power of God’s Love to bring transformation and healing to the world. Now it is for you to pray and ask that God may use you to bring greater Light to the world, that God may inspire you to speak of the Truth in words, in expressions, in examples, where others may hear and know and see what it is that you wish to convey, what a Light that you are, what a Truth that you carry. So much is dependent upon those beautiful souls in the world who are willing to enact change, to be the Light, to be examples. So you are spoken to by the angels, encouraged, inspired, influenced by us who are part of God’s instrumentality and change agents for your world, and we enlist you, beloved souls, to join us in this great effort.

May you continue to awaken in the Father’s Love. May you continue to see the beautiful creatures that you are, your beautiful souls, and to understand the great potentials of your soul so that you may step forward in Light, that you may demonstrate Truth, that you may be a powerful channel of Love for your brothers and sisters. Many opportunities await you, beloved souls. Much is fomenting and manifesting in your world to bring change. Even those who are angry and are creating problems in your world are expressing a sort of stirring of the soul. Though their expressions may be misguided and misdirected, yet they feel the need for change. They know that things cannot remain the same and so they continue with their protestations, expressions of frustration and anger.

Have compassion for those souls who are beginning to awaken and to see the reality of their plight and the reality of the plight of all of humanity in these dreadful conditions. No longer can they be acquiesced with comforts and material gratification. They begin to yearn for something deeper, something that is lasting, something that lays a foundation for Light rather than that which continues to encourage them to sleep and be unaware. Change is coming, beloved souls, in many different ways upon many different souls. So you must step forward and exemplify the Truth of Love, the way of Love, the way to God and His Love.

Continue in these efforts. Continue to pray together and continue to ask and be open for God’s guidance, to be His instruments, His servants of Love. May God bless you upon that journey, beloved souls. We are with you, our love surrounds you. God’s Love continues to pour into your souls, awakening, awakening, beloved souls. This is the beginning, and the flowering of your soul will continue to emerge in the Light of God’s Love.

God bless you. I am Andrew and my love is with you all. God bless you, beloved souls, Lights of the world, holders of the key to the salvation of souls and reconciliation to God. God bless you.