Spirit: Ezekiel
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 16, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

May God bless you beloved children of God, I am Ezekiel of the Bible. It is not often that I come to this Earth plane to speak to the children of Earth, for I reside high up in the Celestial Heavens. Though my prayers are for all upon this plane of suffering and challenge, I am not one of those angels who is readily involved in your work. But I come today to assure you that God has you all gathered in light and that all around your Earth plane, God is continuing to gather His children into Circles of Light, placing upon them a cloak, a structure of protection and love and light so that they may find shelter from the storms of your earthly life and that in time, God will ensure that each of these beautiful souls find a link of light, a strand of love that unites them with others, blessed with His Great Love and guidance, awakened and uplifted in truth. 

Though they may not resemble your Circles of Light, indeed God has many ways to bless His children, to guide them and to touch their souls. So they may not have your experience or reflect your thinking, their souls are indeed connected with God and are receiving the blessing of His Love. They are all lights, beloved souls, and you will come to open your vision, your ability to see them as such, for it is important that you recognize the door that is open to you to reach out to humanity and to bring the message of love to every soul. 

God prepares you as He does many. God’s plan continues to unfold for the awakening of humanity, so the journey continues for the evolution of humanity towards light and harmony and peace and truth, and you will find yourselves called upon to speak of your truth, to bring as God’s instruments, the manifestation of God’s Touch upon His children. Each of you are capable of being such an instrument. As you continue to grow in this gift of love, so your souls begin to awaken, so your gifts begin to express their light and their beauty. You will be surprised, my beloved friends, how quickly God’s plan will unfold in your lives and how powerfully that plan will be manifest in your lives. Have faith in your relationship with your Creator. Be strong in your faith. Trust in the gifts that God has given you and the ability that God has provided for you as He has for every soul, to be in close communion with God’s d Soul. As times proceed and events unfold, so you will see your way upon a path of service and bringing light to many, of being guided by the angels and being blessed by God. To serve and bring greater light to your world, it is necessary that you put aside those obstructions within you, those worries and those fears. To put aside all that is of error and to walk in the purity and truth of love, of light, of God’s Will. You will find that each day will be guided and blessed deeply, that you will not have doubts or confusion, you will not walk in fear, you will not see with the distortions of the mind, but know with the vision of the soul. 

These things may come to you as you pray and I urge you to pray earnestly for the gift of the Father’s Love. If you do but one thing in your day, may that be your efforts in prayer to be awakened and uplifted, to be healed and to know, to truly know your true self, the great soul within you. In this way you will contribute to the salvation of humanity and bring the light of truth that is needed to awaken your brothers and sisters. You will come to know God’s plan with each day as events will unfold and service rendered as you pray and beseech God to serve in love and truth.

My beloved and beautiful friends, there are many who you are yet to meet, many lights who are being prepared and blessed and awakened as well. So you will come to know them and to honor them as your brother and sister in the light of God’s Touch upon each soul. You will see yourselves upon a great road accompanied by many, all in harmony, all acknowledging one another as God’s children. Allow all that is meant for you to unfold in harmony, with ease and with love. Truly be a child of God and know your place with God and all else will follow in God’s great plan for you and for all. 

God bless you beloved souls. I am happy to speak to you today. I am Ezekiel and I come with my love and compassion for all upon this world. God bless you. I come to bring a light that will help uplift your souls and open your faculties and bring you strength. May God bless you thus upon your road of light. God bless you, God bless you deeply.