Spirit: Orion
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 03, 2023
Location: Sechelt, B.C.

… May God bless you with the Divine presence, my friends. I am Orion. know that God has gathered us all together in the light of His presence, holy, beautiful light, light filled with love, light filled with peace. We are gathered together to receive and bask in this light, to know this light more fully, to be truly children of light. How many in your world know of this blessing. How many realize that they too may have the upliftment, the opportunity to be blessed deeply within their souls. The very essence of their being blessed in such a way that they can follow a road that is eternal in its progression. You know this, my beloved friends. You feel the momentum of it, the pull of its touch upon you, and thus, you are fortunate, indeed, in such a world as this. 

In our world, we know no pain. We do not suffer. We are born into love. We live in an atmosphere of love. We grow and evolve in the light and momentum of love and this we desire for you, your entire world, that it too may bask in the glories and beauties of the Divine touch. It is there, waiting for you. It has never left you but it requires your invitation to have it come close for this pure and wondrous energy and blessing to envelope you, to truly be a part of you. And so, I urge you, my beautiful friends, to continue to make efforts, to struggle towards the light, seek it out with every breath. For as you get closer to light, as you are the light so you make the possibilities open for those around you to know this as well. For it starts with one, does it not, and another and another?

 Wherever you are upon the planet, whatever your life entails, if it is a life of light, if it is an expression of truth and love, then you are opening the portals of possibility for others to experience this blessing. For you are consciously aware of it. You continue to walk within it and you are an example for those around you to follow. If they inquire as to what that light is, why are you radiating it, why are you joyful in such a world as challenge as yours, and you may give them the key, point the way. You may sit and have a prayer with them and say do you feel it too? Do you feel the grace of God’s touch upon you? For this is the source of light. This is the way of light and it is simple. It does not require great explanations. It is a law that come into play as you ask to receive, as you seek out this gift. 

May you touch many souls, my friends. Be a channel of light and love for many. Put aside all that which is in you that is not of this light. For the time is now for you to be fully  within the light, to put aside those human things within you, old and forgotten, unnecessary and not of the new way in which you are prescribing and accepting in your life. Put aside the antiquated and embrace the new, that which is of greater harmony and joy, love and light. It surrounds you this very moment, the energy is palpable, is it not? The feeling is upliftment, the soul responds eagerly to drink of these waters, this nourishment. And so we shall, my friends, in quiet contemplation. So we shall be immersed and drink deeply in this great beloved light from God. God bless you. I am Orion, my love is with you always forever more. I am with you as your brother, as your friend in the truth of God’s love. God bless you. God bless you.