Spirit: Moses and Joseph
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 8, 2020
Location: Monroeville, PA

Children of God, I am Moses. I led my people out of the dangers and turmoil of the darkened conditions of the world during my time on this Earth. God will call upon each one of you to lead children into safety and security with God. So you must be strong, you must be strong and of great faith and with God. In this way, God will give you the strength. In this way, God will give you the insight that you need in order to lead and be clear with your vision.

This comes with the great transformative power of God’s Love continuing to work within your souls. Have faith in what God has in store for each one of you. Have trust in what is meant for you. Be joyed for you have been chosen. I know it is difficult to see what is coming or how you may be a part of a great transformation of your world, but as you pray with each day, as you continue to open yourselves up to God, to walk with God, so the sense of a destiny, a purpose will come to each one of you. Within your minds, as it is with all who are called, there is doubt, some confusion and fear. For it is difficult as you well know, to be a leader in the world, to walk in a way that makes you stand out from others. Some of you are more fearful than others. Some of you doubt more than others. Some of you have a desire to turn the other way, to not take God’s hand and be led.

These are all human conditions and ways to be in the world. This humanness, these thoughts and desires and fears are what has brought humanity to this state of darkness. The tide must be turned,  the tide must be turned. Who will point to the right direction? Who will point to God? Who in all humility and grace, strength and steadfastness, will point to God and say “This is the way to all the solutions, to all the problems, dissolving the dilemmas of your daily life, taking to heart all that is of harmony and love”?

When you return home from this gathering of love, consider what you might do to bring greater Truth to the world. Consider what God would have you do in order to fulfil His plan for the salvation of mankind. God needs all of you . Yes, one man can lead and bring change but in these circumstances that are coming, it needs many, many souls who are willing, who will sit in prayer and ask for guidance, who will walk in light with each moment and put aside any conditions that are not in harmony with this light.

It is time to not indulge yourselves in those thoughts and conditions, those feelings and energies that bring you away from God. It is time to continue to build that solid foundation of the soul, to continue to allow the awakening of your soul with each day and to be attuned to your own soul. It is the strength and gifts of your soul that will inform your leadership in the world. It is not what you have as the capacities of the mind, although they are indeed involved, but the core of your work is that which is within your soul. The strength to move ahead in leadership comes from your soul as your soul continues to forge its link with its Creator. In this link, this Portal of Light between your soul and God, comes all that you require to walk in the world with your head held high, your light shining forth, love pouring from you, wisdom bubbling forth from your soul that you may speak, that you may indeed be an active agent of God in the world.

Each of you has this potential. Each of you continues to grow in the Father’s Love awakening gifts and potentials that you have had no idea exists within you. The strength will rise up, The strength and leadership and power of love will inform every breath, every action in your lives.

God will guide you. Be humble and listen. Be strong and clear. Be at peace and know that you are a child of God. Allow His gifts and blessings to pour upon you. You will find yourselves in situations and positions unimaginable at this time. As long as you allow yourselves to be guided by God that road that you take will be blessed.

May God bless you upon that road, beloveds. May you come to know your true selves, the strength, the beauty, the love that you carry within you blossoming forth in joyful abandon, a sense of true self. A knowing of Truth as it is in Heaven, so it will be yours on Earth. May God bless you. I am Joseph and Moses, and all who lead with you. We have come to speak, to give you strength and understanding of what is meant to be in the world. So this instrument has allowed us to speak together to you, beloved souls.  May you feel the upliftment of our presence. May you be strengthened by our presence with you. May you be within the great flow of God’s Will which informs for all this journey of service, of wakefulness, of love. God bless you. We are with you.