Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 2, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

…God’s Love pulses towards you beloved souls. I am Andrew. As you open yourselves to this Gift, so God pours His Nourishment through the Holy Spirit into your souls with the desire and the expectation that your souls will absorb and be transformed by this Gift, this Love, this Essence of God. As you continue to surmount all that is of resistance, all that is not of love, all that reflects the human condition that is not in harmony with God’s Laws, so you come closer to God, in alignment with God so that you may truly understand and know His Being, His Presence, the wonderment of His Creation.

God wishes for you to know all that is in your relationship with the Creator. God wishes for you to know a deep and abiding joy that comes with the power of His transforming Love. God brings to you gifts, so many gifts, that you may be adorned within your soul with many spiritual expressions and instruments to benefit not only yourselves, but for all of humanity. God desires that you may know the deep wisdom of your soul in alignment with His Great Soul.

God does not hold anything from you beloved souls, but will give unceasingly. This does not bring anything that takes from His Soul, for His Soul is infinite and cannot be drained by your earnest prayers for His Blessings. Do not feel undeserving, but know that all awaits you, a great feast of blessings, of spiritual awakenings, of soulful Truth and Love unceasing, glorious joy beyond your reckoning. This all awaits you and it continues to pour upon you. The openings towards these gifts and blessings grow and expand with every prayer. As you come together in this way, so you help to open the Portals of Light, the Blessings of Love for your world.

Your efforts are important. Your prayers are important. Your desires to serve in love are important. Do not lose sight of this, no matter what conditions may prevail within your world, know that you are deeply loved, that God wishes to give to you all that is possible to be received by each of you. As you receive these gifts, so you emanate a Light, you are channel for God to bless others, and you may walk in the world as this Light, His instrument of Love to bless many. As you walk in the world, so God uses you to touch many other souls, to seed in them the desire for His Love.

May you come to know your true selves, the beautiful souls that you are, and be in harmony and alignment with God and His Laws of Love. In times to come, you will see how your efforts have created a great strength within you, a great channel of Light that will assist many of your brothers and sisters as this world continues to change and be transformed into something more in harmony with God’s intentions and creations of this world.

God bless you beloved souls. I am Andrew, and I work with each one of you. I am with each one of you. Whether you are awake or asleep, I come to assist you, to uplift you, to help you to come to this great spiritual awakening which is your soul transformed with God’s Love. God bless you beloveds. God bless you deeply. Andrew loves you and I am with you. God bless you.