Spirit: Joseph
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 28, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am Joseph, father of Jesus. God wishes for you to know all the guidance that may come to each one of you to support you and to bring you into greater harmony in the world. In fact, guidance streams to you constantly. It comes from God and it flows to your soul. His sweet and small voice speaks to you, wishing to uplift you and to show you the way. It is for you to hear when you open your ears in faith, when you open your heart to God in prayer, when you walk upon this path of Light and seek to be uplifted and blessed. That His Love may indeed flow into your soul is a constant gift that you may be transformed and awakened by this gift of His Love.

In this way, as you become more aligned with God, you will come to know the guidance that is whispered, for it is clear, it is deep, and it is powerful. It will come as you need and require this information, this sense of knowing, this guided truth to come into you and be a part of you. For, this comes through your soul and it comes in a flow of Love. It comes in the expression of God’s intentions for each of you individually and for all of you, His children.

Seek to know God’s guidance for you. It is yet another of the gifts, the benefits, the blessings that come as you seek for the Divine Love to awaken your soul. It is this conduit of Light and blessings and guidance that has built with your prayers between your soul and God’s Soul that will widen and become unobstructed by your minds so that you may truly know and understand this gift from God, this way lit by Love, this peace and blessings that are given and flow constantly from God.

Though you are upon this path at different places, each of you are capable and will in time know this guidance and will be confident and act with confidence with what is given. God intends for all goodness, all that is in harmony, all that will encourage you and guide you towards harmony to be given to you. Nothing is withheld, beloved souls, nothing, but all is given in accordance to your receptivity, your willingness to receive, your efforts to clear away any obstruction that would curtail hearing this guidance and knowing it within your minds and souls.

So it is for you to strive for that which is of Light and Truth, that which is of God’s Will for you. In your striving, your prayers, your contemplations, as you build your faith, as you build the Love within your soul through God’s blessings therein, so all will come into alignment, all will come into harmony. There will be no guessing or doubt or fear or misunderstanding. Clarity, beloved souls, clarity will come with the further awakening of your souls, the accumulation of God’s Love within. The faith that will indeed move mountains will open all that is meant for you. Daily you will know God’s guidance. Daily you will act upon it. Daily you will be used as His channels of Love and Truth and blessings for others.

This is what your souls desire. This is what is meant to be for each of you, provided you are in alignment with God. So the power of His blessings will manifest for each one. The beauty of His Light and Love will flow through you and about you and affect and bless those around you. His guidance will be given in its simplicity, its clarity, its power, and its harmony. So all will come to you, beloved souls, as it is meant to be.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am Joseph and I have come to reassure you that in times to come, in situations, no matter how extreme, God will guide you, God will protect you, God will awaken those faculties within you that are required so that you may know what direction to turn, what steps to take, how you may assist your brothers and sisters. This is all part of His plan. You, provided you are willing to be a part, will be in the flow of His plan. God will use you in wondrous ways.

May you be guided, beloved souls, blessed deeply with His Love, awakened thoroughly and expansively within your soul so that all that is meant to flow through you, all that is meant to come to you, all blessings, all truth, all knowledge, all wisdom and understanding will be yours. God bless you beloveds, God bless you.