Spirit: Mark
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 9, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

I thank you for your invitation, dear daughter. I am Mark. Indeed, you have dedicated some time and effort for maintaining the light and physical strength of this Church. Your prayers have brought healing. Your words have brought wisdom. Your efforts have brought Light. This will continue, my beloved friends. This will continue to be so, for the work just barely begins for the transformation of this place to a place of great Light, of refuge from the darkness where God’s Love pours forth upon all and souls are touched and awakened with this Love. Those who will come to speak, to minister, to bring Light, will do so powerful and beautiful ways awakening many souls, bringing comfort to many lost souls, bringing healing and peace. 

This is a function of any church upon your world. To do so is fulfilling the mandate of God which is to create a place of light and healing, comfort and love for all of God’s children. So I urge you, beloved souls, to be that channel of love, that issuer of light and truth, that individual who sees the good of all above their own personal good. For when you enter into service for God and you enter into place such as this which has been touched by God, it is important that you are in the alignment with the Will of God, with the intention of bringing healing and light and love to all you meet in this place. 

Monitor your thoughts and your intentions. When you feel downtrodden or that you are not able to serve God at any particular time that you are here, say a prayer, ask for help and assistance, ask for the blessings of God to be with you and you will be upheld, my friends, you will be upheld. For those who are witnessing, who speak to the membership, who speak spiritual Truths to those who come to listen, say a prayer for them that they may be inspired to speak Truths that that higher knowledge, that greater Truth may come through their lips and impress upon those who listen and uplift and inspire. 

There is much work to do here, my beloved friends, much work indeed. Know that we the Angels of the Celestial Heavens are here to assist you, to help you in every way so that this beautiful place may stand in light, may stand strong, and may indeed be a channel of light and acceptance and love for all who enter. God blesses this place and God blesses you all. Live up to what is given. Express these things in loving ways. Be pure in your thoughts. Be powerful in your words. Be humble in your actions. May God bless you, beloved souls. I am with you. I am with you. I am Mark. God bless you.